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The dilemma of every week: don’t you know how to get on your team in O’Rei Juan Miguel oa RDT. El coineño del Betis est tocado por una varita, pero Raúl de Tomás por ahora le lleva un gol de ventaja en la carrera por el Zarra … La difícil elección se le presenta al seleccionador español Luis Enriquebut also the miles of football players fantasy que preparan sus escuadras cada jornada para sumar el mayor numero de puntos posibles.

Hasta la fecha, la startup malagueña Perfect Day disipaba sus dudas personalmente, una por una de las “tres o cuatro mil fácil” que les llegan los viernes, último día antes de la jornada. Now, this company is located in Polo Digital and created Automanageran artificial intelligence device – the example of the type of reference in Spain – which analyzes the statistics of every player and recommends the use of a queen line in his virtual jornadas.

“We have passed the test of the algorithm of the criterion and the knowledge of the world of fantasy. It is based on the results and data, and the idea is to work on our diary work”, explained in conversation with EL ESPAÑOL de Málaga el CEO of Jornada Perfecta. , Javier Rando.

To know how artificial intelligence works, you need to know what football is like fantasy. You are looking for a virtual game in which you can form the team of this sports “fichando” authentic players who are more than a few points like playing in the real games of LaLiga, the World Cup. Community, LaLiga Fantasy Marca o Biwenger are some of the most popular applications in this discipline, which are considered to be the most expensive miles of money in Spain.

Retoming the initial sample, this moment is exclusively the proprietors of Jornada Perfecta los que I recommend to your lecturers personally and the next line and Juanmi oa Raúl de Tomás. To make your predictions, you can only stand in the heat of the game, you also have to be in shape, against those who play, you are in the house of fire …

Now, the algorithm has an account of only these factors and more, the point of this has the account of the typical deviation of the chroniclers de los grandes diarios nacionales deportivos en sus valoraciones, que también affectan a la puntución fin la que reciben los futbolistas en el juego virtual.

“For example, a chronicler from Barcelona is very negative Jordi Alba, o con Griezmann when it was all. Mentsras, a los canteranos como Gavi les valora mucho “, explicitly Rando. Tambén esos patrones aparentemente subjetivos los tiene en cuenta Automanager.

The state of play, the regularity, the game in the house of fire, the state of health, it is sanctioned by the aperitif, other incidents with permits for paternity or selection, the convocation, the probabilities of playing by roll on the plant , the rival y las penalizaciones o beneficios por cronista son los diez factors that have the moment in the game in the algorithm.

El CEO de Jornada Perfecta explica que llevaban años con la idea en mente, pero no fue hasta que entraron en contacto la la desarrolladora de IA Abaco Developments when you end the day in the market there is a tool for automatic operation or machine learning que, por tanto, sera más precisa cuanto más se use.

At the moment only he applied a first beta -que to give the best choice between his players that he prophesied – the three phases of the hermitage that he expects to live in the cabo: “Se avecina an era of change and implementation “adelanta Javier Rando.

It is a revolution in its value for this nation in 2016, which is the content project fantasy what more rapid growth in Spain: actual account with three employees and two collaborators freelancesummed up a chico de practicas, y responden a todas las dudas de los jugadores via Twitter, Instagram, podcast, Twitch, comments on the web …

“We have a place in the market because we want it. We have a complete vacation for the user, but many of our recurrences have gone to respond to everything in the world“, explicitly Rando. Your perspective is that part of the lives of your followers will be solved in the works of the Automanager, but you will not be able to understand the human component:

By the way, since the launch in the first week of February, Jornada Perfecta has contacted an increase of 25% of the losses in your app, una respuesta del usuario “tremenda”. And the example of the potential of the fact that he had the opportunity to give him a certificate: “It’s time to mount the BeSoccer about the date and the football! We’ve got a little inspiration …”, said Javier Rando.


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