These are the main tendencies that can be found in the fitness world

The principles of the year, many people who are new to us, and between them, always have one of the most repetitive things: start or maintain a sports routine.

I believe that he deporte trae muchos benefitswe can help people in the form of physical violence, but it is also beneficial to go for a good mental health.

Hey different types of sports activitiesy, cada año, las tendencijas varían, puesto que surgen nuevas disciplinas en los gimnasios que la gente desea probar para ejercitarse.

Con ello, Francisco Pascual, responsible for the area of ​​the Fitness of the Metropolitan clubs, the gym of gymnasiums with 21 clubs in Spain, we explicitly quote the tendencies of the fitness world that marks the year 2022.

Ejercicios de fuerza

Según explican desde Metropolitan, a principio del del siglo XXI la esperanza de vida de los españoles era de los 40-45 anos. Without embargo, the term ends with a life expectancy of 80-85 years. This fashion, “against a universal sanitary system that is crucial”, but the health benefits and the level of alimony, working with me physically and the practice of physical activity activity in the regular health, I also have many beneficial benefits for them. change.

Así, explica explica Francisco Pascual, lo ejercicios de fuerza son favorables para la longevidad in the adult population, so many men as men. This expert insists that in order to realize a complete physical activity, it is important to include cardiovascular work and toning in the absence that we can only resist without force.

Getting into the heart of the world to ensure regular regular muscle stimulation for hormonal secretion and regulation, improve posture, reduce the impact of a case that can cause fractures of the eyes and keep with good postural hygiene.

High intensity ejections

From the Metropolitan insisted that other tendencies in fitness of this year is a training methodology based on work very intensively in intervals of court duration, medium or length.

These are the most in demand for your efficiency like caloriesbecause it helps to accelerate the metabolism and because it helps to improve the capacity and resistance of the cardiovascular system.

Alguna de las activadés en las que se emplea el meto de de alta intensidad son el Cross-Hiit, el Cross MET y el HBX Boxing.

Combine different disciplines to keep in shape

Experiences are also considered to be very important in combining different disciplines for training in form.

As soon as you practice some disciplines that you like elasticitycombines with others that ejercitan la firela resistance o el bienestar mental.

To have the best results, it is impressive to combine aerobic and anaerobic training, in order to improve elasticity and strengths.

Outdoor activities in the gym

Practice activities al free air in the gymnasium there is also fashion. Así, algunos gimnasios, como es el caso de Metropolitan, organizan actividades outdoors para complementar los entronos dentro del club con entrenos al aire libre, como puede ser salidas de trekking, BTT, running, o cycling.

Increase motivation with group activities

There are people who feel more comfortable with a group, and the tendency to follow. Explicitly from the Metropolitan, “train in company always bring this plus energy and motivation that you can make a mistake, and it is a form of interest in practicing sports, and that socializing is very important ”.

This is the practice practice of Zumba, Body Bump, Pilates, Tai Chi, Aqua Gym or Cycling, among other greats.

Personalized entries

It is also very common that the people who live in a gymnasium want to go to a proprietary training program and adapted to their circuits.

“It is important to personalize the training activities individual characteristics and circadiancia de cada persona con un correcto asesoramiento, ya que cada uno tiene una necesidades físicas spécíficas y una disponibilidad concreta de tempo a conciliar con el resto de los compromisos y obligaciones diarias ”, explican desde Metropolitan, quienes recie personal trainer.

Interested in the work of gluteos

For the last time, 2022 also has a special interest in eating gluten. The benefits of having an entry glute companies it is not only aesthetics, it is also possible to favor it in the endurance and health.

I have a tonic effect that can help me improve my balance, amortization and benefit to reduce lumbar pain, because of this, in addition to sports performance, it is good for living life.

Definitely, the sports tendencies vary from year to year motives for those people who have a routine of sports are always ours, go for a healthy living style and a good health physics and mentality for prevent diseases.

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