The train of San Patricio: between the allegory of the title and the advertisement for a major diffusion of the duck

Without the flames of polo feather with the organ of the national sports, the duck tuvo el cierre de su Triple Corona with the final of 79 ° Abierto Argentino quedó en manos de San Patricio, from 15-15 to an exciting part of Los Montes LH, on the 2nd floor of the Argentine Field of Polo.

He treats a sports with 400 years of tradition, many men, who, according to the protagonists, want to know how to make a public number of people. Ayer, el Abierto fue el gran cierre de la Triple Corona de Pato que tuvo la participation of 12 teams and comenzó con la Copa El Recuerdo (Estancia Kía Ora en Marcos Paz, Buenos Aires), discussed the principles of November and in the Barrancas del Salado is the champion. In the middle of November, the National Cup of the National of Pato (Campo de Pato General Las Heras, Buenos Aires) was held in the new Barrancas del Salado with the title.

The calendar is finished and the availability of the area is available for a week’s worth of queuing, which is the end of the day when you will be able to treat a lot of people. No embargo, no enthusiasm in every goal and in the celebration. Hubo colorido, invasion de la cancha y el agite de banderas verdiamarillas haciendo juego con el humo de las bengalas.

The euphoric festival of San PatricioTHE NATION / Fabian Marelli

“Palo, palo, palo, palo bonito palo eh, eeeh somos campeones otra vez”, canto con euphoria en los palenques que daban a la Avenida del Libertador. As a result of a succession of the three consecutive titles of Campo de Pato General Las Heras, the team of 40 goals that integrates the Germans Nicolás and Facundo Taberna.

“It’s a sign that we are very close to the pandemic, the last time Abierto was killed in 2019 and we are going to have a team of 40 goals with the salvation of three champions. For a beautiful triumph ”, contou la LA NACION Nicolás Taberna, que a su vez lamentó el día en que se realizó el partido decisivo: que vos te rompés todo y no ganás un peso. The idea of ​​a series diffuses to empathize with the most chic. Además is not for sale on TV channels, can be played on Youtube and all over the world has Internet access. I have a taste that tastes good to me for what is deporte, which is so beautiful, sweet ”.

About the moment of activity, explicitly, realistically: “I believe that with this pandemic I have suffered a lot. We want to have more power to comment, transmit to provide sponsors and support. It’s a sports car and an amateur, with the best of all numbers, ”said Nicolás Taberna.

The event was broadcast on the YouTube channel Puro Pato and on Instagram, and it was possible to revive the next domino on the night of America Sports. But the protagonists need a great mayor in the diffusion, as Juan Juan Storni said: But we have a lot of people, many friends who help us a lot. And this is what the duck has to do, which makes a lot of people want to give it to me ”. And most of all the allegory for the title, a major organization for which the deportation of the cross: We want to be the most professional we can. We are very dispersed and very complicated. We don’t have reunions of referees with players, but there are reunions between them to find out how to collect a game on the other side ”.

In action, Tomás Healy for San Patricio
In action, Tomás Healy for San PatricioTHE NATION / Fabian Marelli

In relation to the diffusion that is needed, there is a lot of strength during the week and the presence in the final of Barto Castagnola, the last champion of the Argentine Aviation of Polo with La Natividad: play practices with him in Cañuelas. Tenemos buena onda. El Ganó el Abierto y siguió la onda del pato, nos vino a ver ya jugar praktias en la semana con nosotros. It is very important to be present, and it is a holiday and wine and a gift for us “, said Storni.

The attack of Juan José Storni, in a final match before Los Montes LH
The attack of Juan José Storni, in a final match before Los Montes LHTHE NATION / Fabian Marelli

“She came here Barto, 10 goals, a lot of help. He knows how to submit a photo with him who knows how to make the most of the final games, ”said Tomás Healy, sobrino de Nicolás Taberna and most of the team members. But to the best of preferences, the final one is a game of the week: “Demasiada is a wine, but it is not for you to make a fuss. A sabado o a domingo podria llegar a venir más gente y conocer el deporte ”.

If you recognize the variations of the question to remember that the deportation is something but one of them to support in practice, I will find the allegory for the title of consecration in the Cathedral. “It’s amazing, I’m happy with life, for me, for my friends, for my family, for my friends,” said Juan José Storni. “The truth that is a treasure of an enormous allegory; enzima, play with my body and my friends from Las Heras. I don’t know what all the chicos of la edad mía se les dé esto ”, said Tomás Healy, famous for the championship and for the victory of the duck.

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