The sports and public service, a duality that defines the vocation of Rafael Lozano de la Banda

HBN. Know that people who work in the public sector will be able to move on vocals forever. We have to look at the quality of the people we have to serve our service and offer a warm-up. We know the figure of a component of the CSIF union in Huelva, Rafael Lozano de la Banda.

Natural of the Cuenca Minera onubense and 49 yearsRafael Lozano de la Banda is a graduate of the University of Huelva, a post-university university in sports training and psychology of the Faculty of Psychology in Madrid and licensed by the Ciencias de la Actividad Física por la Universidad de Sevilla.

The actual consistency in the orientation of the CSIF trade union in the local administrations of the province of Huelva, but left the media life to the service of the city. It is clear that the world of sports and public service are their great passions.

In front of the union world, Rafael Lozano de la Banda works in the public sector in the penitentiary center of Huelva, in the area of ​​treatment, and as a technician for the management of sports activities. There is also a docent of formative courses that led the Andalusian Union to the sector of sports formation in the FPO. In 1999, Huelva’s support was included in the deportivo de service, but it was permanently closed. Without understanding that the curriculum is complete in the private sector, where it works with various associations, sports federations, clubs and related relationships with promotion and sports practice.

Let’s talk with Rafael Lozano de la Banda for which we have more information about the trajectory and labor actually within CSIF.

– How do you like the public sector?
– In 1996, he worked at the Ministry of the Interior, in particular at the Huelva Penitentiary Center in the treatment area and as a technician for the management of sports activities. In addition to the formative courses that the Union of Andalusia has led in the sector of sports formation in the FPO. In 1999 I was included in the Huelva City Council in the sports service until the permanence of the fire. There are also professional experiences in the private sector with associations, sports federations, clubs and related entities with promotion and sports practice.

– Do you always have vocabulary for public service?
– Mi vocación desde joven ha sido el mundo del deporte y el de la formación. One day I was invited to the public service and as a guest of the promotion of health benefits to different administrative administrations. I will also be able to promote sports activities in collectives that need special attention (barricades, young people, young people, third age, people with special needs or special needs, etc.). The perfect formula in which I felt reflected in my example of work, at the Huelva Penitentiary Center, and at the Deportation Service of the City of Commerce in the penitentiary area of ​​the Penitentiary Center, which I consider to be professionally qualified. I am interested in collecting collectives with special interest rates.

En mi vida laboral, como empleado publico, he podido experimentar la transscendence que tiene la depractica del deporte en collectives que basan su día a día a día en otros intereses que son a menudo poco saludables. It is very interesting to see how the promotion of activities is worthwhile to change the type of internship in the country, the deaths of barricades that are difficult or young without recurrence. In my opinion, the Administration has the obligation to comment on health benefits and all the specifics and special interests of the collectives or persons who have more difficulties to accede to the practice of sports. The administrations should be supported with more recurrences than the number of activities available to special collectives.

– How do you miss the trade union world?
– My father was the Engineer of Minas and his union was active. Soy de la cuenca minera i las reivindicaciones de derechos laborales eran duras en los años 70-80, las viví en mi familia en primera persona. From the incorporation of the Huelva City Council, I am interested in the defense of the rights of the workers and the views of those who accompany me with animation, presented with CSIF in the trade union elections. From the members of the Committee of the Huelva City Council, it is 17 years old.

Haciendo balance of these years in my work in the public sector, in the private and in the union world, he can find a common factor: work to offer the help of others to improve your health, social and laboratory stability.

Working in the union world is complicated and many times you are very busy. I have a lot of time for dedication and responsibility and, in the past, a little recognition. My implication with the labor union of my life of character and responsibility against the injustices in the law of rights. I consider a persona honesta y fiel con los que necesitan ayuda. Nunca le dije a nadie lo que quería oír, sino lo que debía saber con objetividad; a partir de ahí, si la reivindicación es consecuente, iré hasta donde haya que ir apoyando al compañero o compañera para hacer justicia.

– Accounts for trajectory in the CSIF union.
– 12 years ago, the CSIF visited me with more dedication and support for different areas and loads in the union structure: Delegation of CSIF staff at the Huelva County Council, Secretariat of the Local Administration Sector, Secretariat of the Social Action of the Provincial Union de Huelva, member of the executive body of CSIF Huelva and in the relevant department of the local administration of Huelva and member of the local administration council in Andalusia. We are required to orientate the CSIF trade union action in the local administrations of the province of Huelva (all localities, diputación, mancomunidades and local public enterprises).

– What is the labor union in your area of ​​action?
– We support collectives and savers such as local police, bombers, administration, services, culture, sports, social services… todos los trabajadores public. Currently CSIF has the Local Administration of Huelva with more than 130 delegates and I coordinate their trade union action with its administrations and the attention of the affiliates of the sections of the trade unions of Huelva. It is a mission completed by the diversity of problems that are planned and by the variety of collectives that we agree with, but CSIF is constantly creating all the years of representation and affiliation. Our attention to the work of the Local Administration is very varied, there is a technical and legal advice, the agreement of the authorities, the agreements of RPT, OPE, VPT, the consultations and the rights of the convention authorities, and the administration of law. .

– é Qué es lo masás graftante de su labor sindical?
– The most gratifying of the labor union is without duda ver cómo se hace justicia cuando una reivindicación llega a buen puerto. In the past, the workers have the sensation that the trade unionist has the obligation to commit all and every one of the re-appointments without knowing that our work is difficult and that we have to do with an administrative administration. The labor union has been working hard, affecting your life and including staff who will be involved in the administration with the whole machine shop. I have a lot of responsibility when you have a job with a politician and represent the work of workers and your future laboratory. When everything is good and helpful, it is important to have a good union.

– What experiences did you see within the union?
– Durant todos estos estos años que llevo de representative of los trabajadores he tenido experiencias de todo tipo, desde la amgugura de ver como se hacían EREs en ajuntamientos, impagos de nominas durante manyos meses … Hasta buenos momentos como firmas de convenios historikos, recuperación de derechos perdidos o victorias judiciales después de años de reivindicaciones.

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