The project ‘VitalEdad’ and the school of Piragüismo, new initiatives of the Diputación

Diputado carscar Moral, in the presentation of the planning of the Unidad de Gestión and Promotion Deportiva. / EL ADELANTADO

The service of Sports de la Diputación he has accounted for up to 2,183,563 euros, of which 300,000 people are destined for staff and 600,000 for the financing of various infrastructure infrastructure in the provinces, integrated within the province. Plan of Ayudas and Municipal Investments. There is a sample in the moon of this moon in the area of ​​the area, Óscar Moral, inside the plan of la Unity of Management and Sports Promotion.

Between the news of this year, the recuperation of la White Week y la puesta en marcha del proyecto ‘VitalEdad’ and the provincial school of piracy. These initiatives are marked within the activities of the most representative of the service Sports like his Sports Schools and el Deporte Social, que agglutanan 4,200 y 4,500 personanas respectivamente en los 169 municipios de la provincia en los que se desarrollan.

In this manner, the normalness of the two years is restored «Complicados, pues aunque la institución provincial apostó ya el año pasado por mantener todos sus programas, no ha sido hasta este curso cuando ha podido volverse a las cifras de participición que se venían registrando hasta el initio de la pandemia»recognition Morality.

Dentro del Deporte Social, in the continuous development and activity of the activity, the new program has been created ‘VitalEdad’, which consisted of the contribution of personalized personal plans for the persons involved in some of these modules, in addition to an application for mobile phones. In the first instance of implantation, in the form of a part of the middle of the middle of the persons, mayors of the sixth year, in many municipalities of the province, “With the end of the end of the world, keep the physical form and preserve the health”.

This program is free for users and followers Morality, the idea is «Instaurarlo en el resto de municipios, ya que consideramos que sus ventajas son evidentes, y además, es un proyecto serio ya se han coordado el conocimiento y la experiencia de un equipo integrado por medico, fidoscados físicos, universitas professors projects that bring to the initiative an extraordinary quality and solvency for execution and follow-up ».

Activities and circuits that are continuous

Además, the provincial institution of the continent is a compromise with the provincial circuits of Ajedrez, BTT and cross roads. For other people, the service Sports follow the promotion of the provincial circuit of the paddle, the golf school, the hippie, and offer a new activity for the period of the festival as the piracy in the pantanos of Las Vencías, Linares y Ponton Alto “for all those who want to follow the style of our Olympic David Llorente”. Además, “To emphasize, and promote our different circuits and provincial schools, we will organize the final of the Padel Experience Tournament by Madison on March 11 and 13 and a PGA Circuit Tournament on the golf course at El Campo de La Faisanera on September 1 and 4 ”.

In the wake of the rural sports campaigns, which are expected to be suspended in 2020 and 2021, the deputy confided in “It is possible to live in different municipalities of the province of Verona, in the manner that the cavalry can combine the eye and the diversion with the deportation”.

Help and clubs and sportsmen

Ultimately, the Diputación is secured by the support of the clubs and deportees of the province with the deportees and subsidies of the clubs of the province, for a value of 130,000 euros, 30,000 euros for the bees and 100,000 euros for the subsidies. In this sense, the institution which is the premier exporter of aquellos deportistas de la provincia que destacan a nivel internacional, habiendo salido de las Sports Schools de la Diputación, with a new economic line of apoyo a David Llorente, Marina Muñoz, Ángela García, Carlos Baeza o Jimena Velasco, between children.

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