The polo, a sports with a pasado, present and a great future

It is elegant because of the reality and the sense of sophistication is indisputable. Princes William and Harry practiced. Además, one of the men of the world, the Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah, is passionate about this sport. In the building of the palace of 1788 rooms, including an exclusive sector with air conditioning for its 200 cables.

In the actuality of the polo tiene plena vigencia y es acclamado en los lugares most exclusives of the world. But, this sports has a history that overhauled at the year 500 AC, in Persia. However, the cavalry units of the Jinetes were in this practice, which was known as “Pulu”, which means a pilot in Tibetan.

The registers of the existence of Persian art exhibit the veracity of this information and that it is possible to find the practice of polo in antiquity.

In exchange, other historians killed in the tribe of iranians that exist before the reincarnation of Dario I el Grande (521-485 AC) and the Foundation of the Second Empire of Iran.

Hakīm Abul-Qāsim Firdawsī Tūsī, one of the poets and historians most relevant to Persian history, is proportional to a series of registers of polo tournaments on the end of Siglo IX. Además, the author mentions specifically a part of the Turanian forces and the followers of Syavoush, a legendary Persian prince.

This information is supervised by a poem that relates very ingeniously to the abilities of Syavoush for this game, and also in the evening of the emperor Sâpour-II, who wanted to play polo with only 7 years.

China is also the protagonist of the history of polo. All, it was the turn of the reyes and the fire that lasted a long time. El deporte llega al país de la mano de la nobleza iraní que se encontraba buscado asilo tras la invasión de su imperi por parte de los arabes. The registry of this practice can be found in a series of shorts of Chinese weapons in which you can find polo balls.

The epoch of the hour of this game is due to the end of the era of classical culture of the Chinese emperor Hsuang-Tung who developed all kinds of external activities, and he found out about the pain of sitting next to the master of youth playing polo.

In this brand, the relationship between the pole and the nobility, is a union that data from the words of the Nativity of Christ and install the lodge as a practical practice with the high social status.

When was the polo match at Occidente?

In the script of Manipur, a state of northern India where a representative of the British government is interested in sports, he came to play and in writing an article that has a great repercussion in the country.

The English abrazaron el polo, el cual no solo practicaban con caballos sino also with elephants. In 1875, the Hurlingham Polo Association of London created a regulation that led to the day of the Hoy. Luego, el polo llegaría in América y tendría un gran desarrollo especialmente, en la Argentina, where you will find some of the best players in the world. In the country, the classic example of desarrollaría los años ´40 de la mano de dos equipos, El Trébol y Venado Tuerto. Between 1939 and the decade of ´50 the parties in Palermo desataron great passions between the Argentines that colmaban las tribunas de este club hippico. For these entons, the figure is more relevant and talented than Carlos Menditeguy, who only has 10 handicapped goals that he is a virtuoso in golf and as a corridor of cars.

Argentina is a protagonist country in the practice of sports. In the year 1924, in the Paris Olympics, the Argentine team conformed to Arturo Kenny, Juan Nelson, Enrique Padilla and Juan Miles won the gold medal. Además, in Berlin in 1936 the local delegation was given a second visit.

The virtuosoness of the Argentine youths persists in the day of the war, and the variations of generations have been tested by efficiency. In the news in the world there are only 10 players with 10 handicaps and 6 Argentines: Adolfo Cambiaso, Juan Martin Nero, Pablo MacDonough, Gonzalo Pieres Jr., Facundo Pieres and Marcos Heguy.

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