The physical activity is deporting to the pandemic

The dream is open, in front of the adversary, the senses with which any person can access the physical activity in free form and in public space.

Lo que no te mata, te hace más fuerte ”is a phrase written by Friedrich Nietzsche. A reason to be able to apply for physical and deportation activities in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Elaboration by the Social Observatory of Sports, created by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation and School IDAES of the UNSAM of participating professionals, technicians and academics of institutions, universities and CONICET, presented the first part of the National Survey on Physical and Sports Activities (ENAFYD) is the main final determinant of the impact of the SARS COV2 pandemic on ambassadorial physical practices.

For ENAFYD, the activity is physically active as the most active conscientious actions. Dicha pracica persigue el objetivo de mantener, desarrollar o mejorar las condiciones físicas, tales como caminar, correr, andar en bicicleta, bailar, nadar, yoga, pilates, tai-chi, spinning, musculación, crossfit y otras.

The deportation is also defined as the combination of individual or group actions (by teams), of human character (with characterization of the game), realized with a fine formal or informal competitiveness, based on determined rules that are proprietary and characterized by discipline. deportivo como tal. En encuesta fueron considered the athletics, martial arts, basketball, boxing, football, golf, handball, hockey, football, paddle, rugby, tennis, volleyball, water sports, motor sports and children.

The ENAFYD 2021 is a covid-19 pandemic. However, those who wanted to report on physical activity between the pandemic in March 2020 and the moment of being interviewed in July or August 2021, will be considered as active practitioners.

The percentage of persons who practice sports and physical activity in this category is 50.9%, which is due to the number of interviewed persons. The access to the practice shows similar levels between sexes and sexes, but it helps to make the person with the educational level tend to realize the DyAF that the mayor has the level of education.

The motives that the people of Señalaron impulse for the realization of DyAF were mainly three: the place, the corporal aesthetics and health, destandose that the crows appealed to the most frustrated women, who said that he was going to play sports and act. para la salud ”en mayor percentaje que los varones.

The places are more elegant than the “free” spaces and the specifics specifically for the practice of sports and physical activity (plazas, calles, parks, etc.) and the hogares. About 60% of practitioners think that sports and physical activity can be realized in some of these spaces. They are located in institutionalized places, such as private and public sports facilities, in the middle of nowhere, the clubs. The second election will be a variation of the practice of provoking the pandemic, generating less activity in public spaces and the mayor’s activity within the world.

Those who declare that they perform sports and physical activity keep a constant frequency: 81% of practitioners have had two months of training. In relation to the number of hours of practice, 36% of the people in the field and 22% of the people, but 40% of the number of people in the week of the week. Así, el promedio general de pracica fue de 2 horas y media semanales.

When it comes to the form of sports access and physical activity, the practice of practitioners dieron made only free form, 42% of the day paid and 8% of the remaining ambassadors.

In the course of sports and practical activities, the most important thing was to “walk” with the final recreational or transport (65%), the second “correlate” (50%), the third “go on a bike” as frustrated for the transition to play (50%) and play football (37%). This ultimate sports killer is the most practiced in Argentina: most of the varones and one of the only young football players, followed by fitness (24%), yoga (18%) and baile (17%).

Casi la mitad de las personas que no hicieron deporte o actividad física fue producto de la misma pandemia. Finally, 27% of the declared members have only been able to do physical activity due to physical education classes.

The dream is open, in front of the adversary, the senses with which any person can access the physical activity in free form and in public space. Answer the importance of the school as the ultimate bastion of physical activity in the classes of Physical Education, a space that should be resigned only by the recommendation of the OMS for the realization of a movement of people in the field of information, because of the lack of coordination and fineness in the girls.

Other data release: mayor education, superior is the desire to physically act and the concourse of health care.

Hoy se sabe que el ejercicio es liberador de miokinas que protegen la funcionidad del teido muscularne, regulando su metabolismo, la hypertrofia y procesos inflammatoryata. We also know that with physical activity, hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin, essentials for oxygenating the cerebrospinal fluid, ester liberals and contributing to spiritual equilibrium are activated.

For the sake of physical and sports activity, it is a great sum of small revolutionary revolutions in front of an alarmed time of impulsive feelings and emotional emotions.

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