The new Punta del Este: de la Saint Tropez Latinoamericana a la tierra prometida del wellness aggressive

Punta del Este, a destination that reunites green ecosystems, huertas and contact with the pure air

Punta del Este will always be the queen of visitors. From the Punta hacia Laguna de Garzón, costa esteña se abre con un abanico de opciones para turistas de todo el mundo que, desde fines de los 80, eligen este lugar para vacacionar y hasta tener una casa de verano para visitor el resto del año. For the Argentines, it is a paradise that always attracts attention to the world, the quality of the people and the diversity that offers a holiday and gastronomy.

From here to now, here is the area of ​​the Barra that can be used all the way to the game of combining play and night activities I know how to become a postman of a great age. The offer was extended, diversified and, in the right shape, keeping the times in order. Despúles del desarrollo de Manantiales, apareció José Ignacio, el lejano pueblito de pescadores que en ese entones ofrecía un poco más de calma al ruido de la Barra. Hoy, José Ignacio ya no es tan lejano y tampoco tan tranquilo. If you keep the aggressive air of your friends, you have competitors who have more than anything, you have it, like Lagoon of Garzón.

In the last years, he was dismissed by the hosts who are oasis friends for the most tourists. Now, the new variable that dominates the world, the camp and the chakra. Hay playa, claro. But also impose the huerta and the caballos. “Punta del Este va hacia lo agrete y eso tiene que ver con que hay una vuelta necesaria a las raíces”, dice a Infobae Sebastián “Toti” Gattas, a conocido real estate developer of 56 years that the nation all and pudo attestiguar con sus propios ojos el cambio y su desarrollo.

“Sin dudas, the expansion of Punta del Este is hacia el este y el noreste. If the area of ​​Solanas has been created, the great expansion has taken place. La Barra, luego vino Manantiales y Punta Piedras. Now, between Punta Piedras and José Ignacio, there is a montón de desarrollos en lo que es Balneario Buenos Aires. La Juanita creció un montón, Santa Mónica también, is like an annex by José Ignacio. But the entrance area José Ignacio y Lagoon of Garzón to follow through with beautiful restaurants in the woods. There is a lot of land to lose and a good taste to keep. Hay un montón de lugares vírgenes de Rocha que van a seguir creciendo y con estos puentes que hay ahora, es todo muy cercano ”, explica Gattas, quien nacio en el Sanatorio Cantegril en 1966 y vivió su infancia en la Parade 7, a barrier that has fallen off. Gattas se refere al primer barrio que se desarrolló en Punta del Este, Pine Beach, y que hoy sigue vigente.

El Sup Yoga, one of the activities that was created in the evening of this year
El Sup Yoga, one of the activities that was created in the evening of this year

“I want to take the money in the evening of the train, place it next to me and go to the Punta walk. It will be more safe and direct here ”, says this man who with 18 years of age is working in various ways that will be in the throes of the 90s.

“In 2000, a group of young architects commented on the changes that would lead to a tendency in the zone. All with technology and amenities that make you feel like you live in your place in the world. Everything says that you will find your place in the world. People living in Monaco with chacras aca; parisinos con chacras acá, y así con italianos, franceses, holandeses. All parts of the world, enamored of places and divinations. Ahora se vive todo eso, en medio de lo aggressive. There is a restaurant in José Ignacio in shorts. This is a simple life of life that, with class and good taste, is a wonderful combo ”, says Gattas.

Point of Est and aggression

The Costa Estene offers a lot and only a lot of “lose” to discover the unique places where the green, the sea and the silence are part of an ecosystem that loves. A place that, without dudas, has everything Fasano Las Piedras. In total son 480 hectares with private airport, Arnold Palmer 18-year-old golf course; Polo field; Ecustre center; River Club and Boat House; Club de Campo; Organic huerta; Club de Niños; Finca Las Piedras y el Hotel Fasano Punta del Este con toda la estructure de services internationally recognized names.

Fasano Las Piedras, a paradise place
Fasano Las Piedras, a paradise place

It is a case in point and unanimous descent in Uruguay at a counter with a private airport that is inaugurated this time. Positioned as a premium destination, Punta del Este is one of the focal points of the developers to encourage the combination between the hotel and the real estate.

The property is located in the interiors of the beaches of La Barra, Península and José Ignacio, the bordea area of ​​the Maldonado Arroyo within 3 kilometers. In a new phase of expansion present new lots, residences, villas and chakras.

Wellness workshops, yoga and pilates

For those who search for the free spirit and the connection with nature, you are the keys that you will find in Selina Hotel, that the nation of the tithe by celebrating the style of life of the nomad: experiment with the most important places on the planet, build communities and invite them to relate to locals and other travelers, to work and enjoy new adventures.

Wellness workshops, yoga, bar, pilates and some other activities to enjoy
Wellness workshops, yoga, bar, pilates and some other activities to enjoy

Different installations of renowned artists help create an ideal atmosphere to install every moment. From semantic musical events and acoustic sessions to chicken eagles, Selina offers wellness workshops, yoga, barre, Pilates mat, between other activities.

For the night of the true propone cine al aire libre. For the most adventurous, surf and skate classes. Además cuenta with a selection of ideal products for travelers and nomads by the premise of helping the environment and concepts of well being.

This hotel offers a space co-working para los viajeros que tienen que trabajar aún en vacaciones. The premise of this place is to bring everyone to life a global access to facilitate the style of life. When inviting guests, automatically feel like a house. The design is sophisticated and comfortable to invite everyone to walk long hours of charming, working and compassionate with them.

From musical events and seminars and acoustic sessions to chicken eagles, Selina offers wellness workshops, yoga, bar, pilates mat entre otras activities.

Cabalgatas, paintball, arborismo and tirolesa.

Las Garzas it is definitely a space planned for the natural company. Ubicado en Rocha, Uruguay, has designed a unique chakra style and New Year’s camps, but with the differential of its exclusive playgrounds 2 kilometers of extension.

In the Garzas there are cabalgatas, paintball, arborismo and tirolesa.
In the Garzas there are cabalgatas, paintball, arborismo and tirolesa.

It is located in a single area, only 15 minutes of social and gastronomic life of José Ignaciowith a completely paved access and direct connection to the bridge of the bridge.

De sus 240 hectaresthe city corresponded to the areas of the commune and the rest was divided into lots of 2,700 m2 in the middle, with exclusive views from the sea of ​​natural terraces. This ambience is natural, preserves the spirit, exclusive, but preserves the tranquility of the zone and the beauty of the natural landscape: the sea, the forest and the autochthonous fauna.

Introduce Las Garzas to introduce the natural autochthonous New Year’s Eve aromawhere the earth waves, the myths of the mountains and the sound of the sea transmit the majesty of an inhumane landscape.

The amenities are specially designed for every day of your life: beach club, chicken for adults and children, jacuzzi, ester room, restaurant, massage room, sauna, infantry playroom, beach service, deck about the sea, gym with vest, bicycles and tennis courts. Además, durante la temporada es posible rasprutar de diferenci actividades para todas las edades, tales como yoga, cabalgatas, paintball, arborismo y tirolesa.

Puestas de sol y cabalgatas

Las Cárcavas it is a real estate accident in front of the sea, which is understood 16 bungalows to enter the lava en mano, y 24 chacras marítimas (lots of input 9,000 square meters each). With views of the ocean on the spectacular Costa de Rocha, the complex is just 15 minutes from José Ignacio and one hour from Punta del Este International Airport.

Las Cárcavas offers an elegant and sophisticated style of living among forests and forests
Las Cárcavas offers an elegant and sophisticated style of living among forests and forests

Las Cárcavas transmite naturaleza, paz y tranquilidad. With level primers, a beach club and a solarium in front of the sea, there is a natural tennis court. There is also a swimming pool to relax and a garden to walk around. The most adventurous ones could not be fooled with the puesta del sol.

Las Cárcavas offers a harmonious and sophisticated style of living in forests and forests. All, the flora and fauna of the native are interspersed in a particular landscape, eroded by the weather, cuyas grietas conforman las cárcavas de la costa uruguaya. This simple selection of simple equipment includes: beach club, tennis court, outdoor chicken, barbecue house, beach service, palenque, games for children and preferential conservation service for customers. It is also close to the design of the construction of three new bungalows and the aperture of the public restaurant.

On the line with your slow spirit, Las Cárcavas offers to visit visitors every moment in contact with nature. Assuring this concept, the construction of the bungalows incorporates suitable materials that are integrated into the surrounding circulating spaces.

Caribbean aires

Posada Tamarindo it is a place that is desolumbra by nature. With the name of an African orange tree, he was placed in the heart of José Ignacio.

Located diagonally on the traditional beach, on the headlights, of the rocks and of the locks. Con aires caribbean, la posada is rodeada de grandes palmeras y abundante vegetación en sus espacios de circulación.

It must be the roof top with an uninhabitable view of the lighthouse, the ocean and all the people. The Argentine architect Javier Gentile, radiant in this many years ago, who designed the project even outside the level; the swimming pool and bungalow area; like the interior: 12 rooms in a suite and a villa. Admission of architectural aspects, decoration in general; the furniture, luminaries, adornos, textiles and non-fueron designed or specially selected.

Además, la posada ofrece diversas amenities para toda la familia. Its services include outdoor pool, outdoor swimming pool, pool bar service, beach games, massage sessions and organization of special events between children. When visiting Tamarindo, you can relax and spend time in nature, the arena and the sea in the most comfortable suitcases, repositories and camastros. A place to feel real vacations.


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