The new novels by Cormac McCarthy are published in Otto

Barcelona, ​​9 March The new novels of the writer Cormac McCarthy are published at the same time, he announced the announcement of the Vice President and Executive Editor and Editor of Alfred A. Knopf, Reagan Arthur, informed the Random House Literature. Agent Amanda Urban of ICM Partners has published the documents and books of publications, including the United States, the United Kingdom (Picador), Spain (Literature Random House), the Netherlands (Arbeiderspers), Germany (Rowohlt). , Italy (Einaudi), France (Editions de l’Olivier), Sweden (Bonniers), Norway and Dinamarca (Gyldendal), Finland (WSOY) and Brazil (Companhia). The works of Cormac McCarthy are published in 48 pages of the whole world. In Spain and Latin America, Literature Random House publishes the titles in a single volume at approximately November 10th. The short stories, ambiences with a lot of different eyes, the great history of the Germans Bobby and Alicia Western. The editorial Knopf published “The Passenger”, the first of the novels, the 25th of October, and the second, “Stella Maris”, the 22nd of November, together with a volume of ambo volumes. “Knopf está encantada de publicar dos nuevas novelas de uno de nuestros escritores más célebres”, ha dicho Arthur, quien ha recordado que, “durante casi seis decadas, los libros de Cormac McCarthy han cambiado el panorama de literaores y hanido influ and artists “. Según Arthur, estas “extraordinarias novelas” no se parecen en nada a lo que Cormac McCarthy había escrito antes, y “aunque Ambassador deben leerse y experimarse por separado, representativean dos caras de una misma moneda narrativa”. In the words of the vice-president and editor of Knopf, Jenny Jackson, ambos libros presentan “an emotional trauma and very stimulating from the point of view intellectual”. Y añade: “We have a plane crash, a treasure trove of gold entertainments in great depths and spikes in cobras, a violin singular that escapes, a petrol platform left behind in the ocean and an Italian carriage Hacienda “. In the text of the novel’s ambassadors, he authored “the realization of reality, the existence of God, the history of mathematics, physics and philosophy, and a history of love so pure as a child”. “The Passenger” is the story of a buzo of salvation, torn by perdition, tempered by the depths of water, persecuted by a conspiracy that is more than a compression, and an angel of a death that can not be reconciled with God. In “Stella Maris”, the author seeks a retract between the intimacy of pain and nostalgia to share the story of a young boarding school in a psychiatric center that treats the existence of propia. The short stories of the essayist Cormac McCarthy have received numerous literary prizes, including the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award and the National Book Critics Circle Award. Between his adaptations to the film, there are all the beautiful white horses, “Carretera” and “No país para viejos”.

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