The final of the Female Apocalypse of Polo: the best of the year and the dolphin recovered the crown

Nina Clarkin regress to Albert Feminine after two years, ratification that is the best player in the world and the title of La Dolfinawhich you can earn from the first versions of the certificate, she will have to go to the doors in 2019 and 2020.

The English Clarkin anotó 7 goles y fue la gran figura para darle el tercer titulo a La Dolfina en la victoria por 12-5 ante El Overo Z7 UAE in a final that was repeated in a single version of the Cincinnati Feminino version of Abierto Argentino and that he had won a lot of times.

The team of La Dolfina wanted to join the original formation, con Mia Cambiaso and the Germans Milagros and Candelaria Fernández Araujo junto con el regreso de Clarkin. Enfrente, the best south of Argentina, Lía Salvo, in the company of Hazel Jackson, other English, the best winner in the world level in the last years, most Clara Cassino and Millie Hine, estuvieron lejos de su mejor nivel. Cabe aclarar que el primer año Cassino, Jackson y Salvo representaron a Ellerstina.

A triple son of La DolfinaRodrigo Nespolo – THE NATION

In the neighborhood El Overo arrancó mejor, presionando las salidas y llevando el juego a los mimbres contrarios. Without embargo, there were three penalties in the initial and two counter-attacks by La Dolfina.

With the result of his favor and the great work of Clarkin, who has a couple of anthological goals, in addition to an obvious superiority in caballada (with el acostumbrado aporte de Adolfo Cambiaso).

También collected a labor force from the back of Candelaria Fernández Araujo, the menorah of the hijas of Milo, while the German Milagros marco un golazo al inicio and Mía Cambiaso, hija mayor of Adolfito, apparecio en la segunda mitad tambiasno con a parne .

Nina Clarkin, the point of launching the bochazo with your taco
Nina Clarkin, the point of launching the bochazo with your taco
Rodrigo Nespolo – THE NATION

La Dolfina’s place to live in the first half of Abiertos, Carina Vestey de Clarkin se tomó un año sabático para tener a su tercera hijaFlorence Rose Tine Clarkin, who was born in April 2020. The year has passed, the pandemic is coming to Argentina.

It was difficult to find online, but I didn’t want to make powder, with the baby the first year and the second pandemic. That’s what an allegory is to be seen here”, Said Clarkin to La Nación con la Copa en las manos. “It simply came to our notice then, but we knew the difference. Mi objetivo era jugar bien, y creo que cumplí y las chicas jugaron en gran forma. Play with some horses that are also part of the Cambiaso también that makes everything more easy. Some people are looking for pure caballos. ”

In his absence, La Dolfina saw how the archives were celebrated. Rebound and push the things in place.

I have experience, I have to work hard to be here, and I love it”, Said Nina, the wife of the neocelandist John Paul Clarkin. “I have three houses and the extras, but the hamburger and the determination make it stand. Me quedan unos pocos años más todavía. I want to be an idol, I want him to live. ”

Clarkin naturally got along with the MVP and termino el certamen con 21 goles, uno menos que la goleadora Milagros Sánchez, de La Irenita, campeón de la copa subsidiaria. His V8 Feliz won the award for the best cabal in the AAP, while Dolfina Get Lucky, Mia Cambiaso, won the AACCP award. The revue of the Norwegian American Hope Arellano (La Irenita) and Millie Hine took part in the Fair Play award.

A final scene
A final sceneRodrigo Nespolo – THE NATION
Pictures in the valley of La Dolfina
Pictures in the valley of La Dolfina
Rodrigo Nespolo – THE NATION

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