The city of Alicante is the capital of the Spanish capital, which is the end of the week

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More than a million judocas are arguing over the week in the pavilion Pitiu Rochel de Alicante la Judo Super Cup ‘Isabel Fernández’ for category cadet and infantile, tanto in masculino como en femenino.

The cadets compete on Saturday, at 9:30 a.m., watch what infantile lo haran el domingo. In the event, there will also be some competitors from Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Israel and Finland, among other countries, which will be considered an international competition and classifier.

El concejal de Deportes, José Luis Berenguerthe show is especially satisfactory for the organization of this event of the sports base “because of what you need to do, tendrá sus frutos mañana”.

The event, recognized with the second prize of the Empren Sport Marca award in the year 2020 as a tourist sports project, reunite in Alicante durante los dias de competition of one 10,000 persons, ya que a los competitidores se unen sus familiares, los 170 untrenadores, 35 arbitros y otros tantos voluntarios.

For the celebration of this sports day he collaborated on the concepts of Sports and Tourism in the Valencian Federation of Judo, la Real Federación Española de Judo, el Club Atlético Montemar, la Escuela de Judo Isabel, Diputación y Generalitat Valenciana.

Remodeling of Pitiu Rochel

By the way, the Alicante City Council informs you to initiate the month of April to remodel Pabellón Pitiu Rochel, from the approbation in the municipality of Gobierno del plan de Seguridad y Salud.

Assimilation, external rehabilitation of the installations of the pabellon, the repair and actualization of the facades and covers, as well as the change of pavement from the central runway, and create an accessory of all installations.

The works, impulses through the concepts of Infrastructures, which are conducted José Ramón González y la de Deportes, con José Luis Berenguer al frente, las ejecuta la mercantil Doalco con una inversión de 2.056.163,53 euros y un plazo de 10 meses.

Ambos ediles de Infraestructuras y Deportes han señalado que esta “es una reforma muy importante y necesaria orientada a poder condondicionar tanto el interior como el exterior del pabellón, con el objetivo a su vez de realize a new redistribution of space, for adaptations and allowances to the current events of the workers such as the number of usable diaries of the installations “.

In particular, the areas of application consist in the formation of a fourth entry in Pabellón in the condition of the taquillas zone. The pavement of the central runway is being renovated and includes accessories for sports facilities.

Según los ediles de Deportes e Infraestructuras, con esta inversión de más de dos millones de euros “se logra modernizar y poner en valor una instalionases muy utilizadas por los deportistas de Alicante diariamente y que, a la vez, son un referent del deporte provincial” . The pabellon account with a built-in area of ​​4,675 square meters and a capacity for 1,800 spectators.

It is also important to follow the reform in the external part of the pavilion and the covered ones, to correct the filtration rates, humidities, grievances, investment restrictions, here as to renovate the image of the building.

The edifices of Infrastructures and Sports have made it clear that they are contemplating “the creation of a new canteen space, emblazonto junto al acceso principal, con doble entrada interior i exterior para mayor funkcionidad, así como renovación del pavimento de la pista central, incluyendo accesibilidad para elementos deportivos “.

En la planta baja se va a habilitar para zona de vestuarios

Assimilation within the remodeling is a great way to redistribute in the red plantation to habilitate the area of ​​†‹вЂ‹ warehouses, accommodation and differentiation rooms. Y, for other people, to give more amplitude and light to the press room will be applied to the amplification of the facade game y the substitution of 15 existing winds for the two open apertures.

For the maintenance of the existing facade the existing vegetation is discarded en los puntos donde la misma causa daños en la edificación, y se substitute the metallic elements that cause corrosion and defects. In the case of the covered ones, the continuous lights are replaced by the cover of the polycarbonate polycarbonate sheets.

The goods are allowed create an accessory for all installations, new equipment and ventilation will be installed in the facilities of the warehouses and the remodeled offices.


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