The best rehabilitation for a man, a man or a man

La mano, el codo y el hombro son fundamental foundations for our diary activities. This fashion, the lesions in the superior area can occasionally occupy a series of functional tractors which will be reflected in our social, laboratory and sports routines.

Every day we realize miles of movement with our superior superiority, which is due to the extension of the braces and the subdivisions (man, child, son and grandfather). As you can, you can read the type of lesion in this articulation a period of autonomy very significant.

The legions in the superior room are one of the most frequent motives in medical consultations, ya sea por accidentes, movimientos incorrectos o repeticiones. Habitual, this type of pathology should produce a laboratory incapacity for whom the fall.

Importance of rehabilitation

The pathology of man and superior member, by completeness and specificity, requiring a deep foundation and a special dedication. In the last years, thanks to the new technologies, he has made great advances so much in the diagnosis as in the treatment of these legions.

“The concept of rehabilitation is amplio and is constantly evolving”, said Dr. Eva Guisasola, head of the rehabilitation service of Quirónsalud Valencia. It is fashionable, when we refer to a rehabilitation service engloba the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of persons with some disability process.

The legions in the code can provoke a period of autonomy in the patient. ED

According to Dr. Guisasola, “a good rehabilitation service should integrate three basic pilasters.” This includes sanitary education for the prevention of legions; el study, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders and of chronic and chronic pain; y, for last, la preparation for reinsertion laboral o deportiva.

Pathologies that can require rehabilitation

All of them superior legions benefit from rehabilitationone more time with the lens to avoid the maximum surgical intervention and, in other cases, as a complement to a surgery to enable the best functional results.

“With her, we can take to avoid the step by quirófano in the case of tendinitis, instability of articulated men or women; or retrain in the case of degenerative processes such as rhizarthrosis, the tendinosis of the rotator cuff. Last time, I also want to go to surgeryya que el éxito de las mismas va a depender en gran medida de una adecuada rehabilitación ”, detalla la doctora Guisasola.

It’s fashion, an inadequate rehabilitation a surgical intervention by this type of legionnaire can condition that the final result in the sea is waiting. In this sense, the current techniques of arthroscopic techniques of man, mother and child – as well as the endoscopic treatment of nervous compression syndromes – he is conditioned that the treatments of functional recovery are always in place.

Specialized service

In 2018, the hospital Quirónsalud Valencia can open a specialization in the rehabilitation of the man and the superior member, the example of these characteristics of valencian private health. This service is integrated in Unidad Mano and Miembro Superior de Valencia, conducted by el doctor Vicente Carratalá.

El Servicio de Rehabilitación de la Mano y del Miembro Superior de Quirónsalud Valencia est dirigido por la Dr. Eva Guisasolaa medical specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, who is able to indicate and implement a life-saving treatment for each of the treatments.

“Our rehabilitation service is essentially a child give support to all musculoskeletal tractorsfrom the cervical and lumbar frequencies there is a great variety of tendinitis, severe traumatic injuries, fractures and neuralgias ”, the details of the rehabilitation service department.

In addition to this unit, Quirónsalud Valencia offers a functional evaluation based on the part of the rehabilitative doctor, who realizes a personalized treatment request for each type of specific lesson. Además, also realized individual training sessions for the training of a qualified physiotherapist in the material, with the lens to reduce the maximum recovery time and to make the mayor work possible.

“The university offers timely and individual attention, precision in the techniques of use and updating of therapies for the most recent,” said Dr. Guisasola. Between los services that offer this unit provide manual therapy for the team of physiotherapists, kinesitherapy, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, pressure therapy, puncture, dry neuromuscular sales, confection of personal orthoses such as manual therapy and board and can be used for facilitators and staff.

For other people, take it easy this service works in a coordinated manner University of Traumatology, with the end of the commentary “on the manner of special physiotherapy indicated for each patient and to offer the best results in the treatment of this type of legions.” derivatives of the accidents.

Ultimately, the implantation of new surgical techniques can be carried out by specialization units in the rehabilitation of professional professionals to maintain a continuous and specific formation to apply, posteriorly, these techniques are new in the form of exitos. “Rehabilitation is a living specialty and in constant evolution,” said Dr. Guisasola.

Time of recovery

The recovery of the lesions in the superior area varies, in a large number of cases, the process of rehabilitation that has happened to the patient.

Recovery in legions is determined by the rehabilitation process. ED

“The time of recovery varies depending on the type of lesion. What is clear is that an adequate functional recovery to be essential for the patient to reincarnate in normal life with the desarrollo de sus cotitianas lo antes posites. This is where the rehabilitation of a primordial paper comes from, ”said Dr. Guisasola.

As you can, with the help of a specialized rehabilitation service, you can recover the completeness of the affected area and return to the routine habitual previa of the lesson, with total independence.

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