“Show of the show, all. Chronicle of a spectacle”, the MTE communication about the operation in La Tosquera

On the show, everything. Chronicle of a spectacle

La Tosquera is a popular barrier, recognized by the humedals and barracks area, lined with a wide open sky, 6 kilometers from the urban hut of the city of San Pedro, in the north of Bonaire. The rural and Icelandic region, with a tradition in the animal kingdom, can be released in the informal laboratory, living room, with an urbanization stage and intent to make the lack of planning and the presence of the Genuine State.

La mañana del jueves 10 de febrero, a megaoperative police with more than 400 effectives, ingresaron al barrio para secuestrar caballos. Without mediating the information provided to anyone and the majority, and to guarantee the practice of animal care, there are 52 cables: those who establish themselves in the bathroom, those who establish themselves at the door of life, walking the children who set up, including courtesy of the plots of land where the most guarded animals are. The property of Cristian Suarez, the maximum authority of the rural police of the region described as a “dispatch operation for the superiority, with distinctions of police and police officers”. Front to the surprise of the families, the mother of children, children and children, the official train: “Let’s take control of the animals”.

An absolutely irregular procedure, which is not in line with the presence of SENASA. Tampoco con una denuncia previa, ni se labró ningún acta, al punto que ni siquiera se medió palabra ante los reclamos de las y los vecinos.
Unica respuesta fue que los caballos estarían en un corral para control y que, con los correspondents papeles, se haría la restitución. Respuesta que in la praktica fue contundentemente desmentida ya que un cordon policial inédito en el barrio cortó todo tipo de komunicación pobilica s las las toridades del operativo.

I Who determined the state of the animals to find out how to find out and how to find out the current operation in the context of spectacle, brutality and misinformation?

¿Existían caballos lastimados, sick? Why didn’t the public get information and exchange a publicity video in front of it, but what was the point of living in a bar that lives in absolute informativeness in the face of public policy?

¿What is the operational class that is available in the manner of making it possible to move the queens to the ship for safety, and to use them to continue to be included in the risk of animals as the life of a horse that caes why are you persecuted by the police, and did you have to go to the bombers to get rid of them?

In the context of impotence, we consult the municipality of San Pedro, which is open to the operative. Magicamente muy pocos vecinos fueron alertados la noche anterior al decembarco de las fuerzas provinciales, y otro dato que desconcierta fue la presencia de empresarios ligados a la rural society et al propio ministro de seguridad de la provincia.

The Chief of Operations, Guillermo Calviño (Subsecretary of Fiscalization and Police Control of the Ministry of Security of the Province of Buenos Aires) and Natalia Rama (Director of Rural Coordination) received Emilio Peiró, construction contractor, and Raúl Victores of agro, historical president of the Rural Society of San Pedro.

If you do not have a judicial order for the animal sex, or denounce someone else, you only have a megaoperative of the Ministry of Security to control health, for which you have civilized civilians with a lot of contact in the air, and to be within the operational operations when do you want to press here?

More than 400 effectives, chambers and drones of the Ministry of Public Administration, the state of abandonment of animals without the gift of a single test, and of course, paving at the height of the state of desperation of veterans and veterans before the consultations about the destination , and their care.

A Chronicle who lives so well. A lively streak of blood and the desire for animals, for the sake of their cavalry and vulnerabilities in front of the state of power, which is brutally fucked with the devils of death, but it is incapable of demonstrating against them. As a trophy of war, show a show that only subscribes to the stigma of a barrier that has recently been scorned by the lights of the spectacle that lejos is resolving the problem of security that is so important to the popular barriers.

Tosquera es un barrio minado de famileas que esperan mejorar su calidad de vida, y nuevamente fue blanco de salvajadas institutional, destratos de un Estado que arremete sin preguntar, muchos menos, informar.

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