Shackleton, del Endurance al Polo Sur

Aquella mañana from 1914, the announcement published in the periodical commenzó a correr como la pólvora. Todo Londres hablaba de el y comentaba su osadía, o tal vez locura. .

Sir Ernest Shackleton, who, for the sake of popularity as an explorer, made a public decision to decide on a new goal in the white continent, Antarctica, with the intention of attracting him, for example, from the wedding of Weddell to El de Ross, passing by the Polo Sur. One mile from 3.300 km.

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History and Life

In the middle of the day we advertise in the diary pretend to reclaim your trip. Corrían times of war. In Europe, the tensions between the nations and all the borders of Gran Brittaña, a great temperament, acabaría entrando en la Primera Guerra Mundial. But, además, from the principles of the sign he had another light in the market: the battle for the conquistador de los Polos.

Last but not least, he was the one who started the conflict, the explorer, with a trip of 27 men and 68 dogs, he ended up on the board of Endurance. Without embargo, the expedition is a fraction. The adventurers don’t want to go to the mainland to pretend to attract. Just 160 km from the destination, the boat is located between the mountains of the Weddell sea. Once months gone, destroyed by the pressure, acabó hundiéndose.

The 'Endurance' huntiendose entre el hielo in 1915

The Hunting Endurance in 1915

Public domination

On 28 men terminaron in tres pequeñas barcas sobre un iceberg a la deriva. To share this moment is the adventure of adventure, the resistance of the front to adversity and supervision. With the conclusion of a stage of history, the Heroic Hero of the Polar Expeditions.

The marine merchant

Ernest Shackleton lives with the story as a first person in the mysterious white continent. For this, in the footsteps of the fathers of their father, who aspires to study medicine, participation in the number of commercial translations of East Asian and American Asia. Accumulated many things about the sea, in 1898, with only 24 years, waiting for the captain.

In 1900, at the end of the Permian period in London, they were able to do so. Captain Robert Falcon Scott is organizing the National Antarctic Expedition. Shackleton wrote in the voice of the soup, four days later, presented himself in person with the officials of the expedition. Quería ir al Polo Sur y no cejaría en su empeño.

The Shackelton boat is 3,000 meters away

The Shackelton boat is 3,000 meters away

First of all

Consiguió parter junto a Scott en la histórica expedición del Discovery, but the adventurous adventure for the life of the journey: against the scorching and cayo gravely ill. Scott has a view of the house and the mandarlo de vielta de vuelta a casa en otro barco.

Sin embargo, a Shackleton no dejaba de rondarle por la cabeza la idea del Polo Sur. With the determination of the Alcanzarlo, the principles of 1907 included in the passages of the Real Sociedad Geográfica, en Londres, para solicitar su apoyo y el patrocinio del rey. But no matter what the English captain is, he will be able to find the Norwegian Roald Amundsen and Fridtjof Nansen in the aquella.

The British explorer Ernest Shackleton

The British explorer Ernest Shackleton


Nimrod: second intention

In March 1907, in an article in el Geographical JournalShackleton desgranaba su objetivo: alcanzar el Polo Sur geográfico y el Polo Sur magnético, para lo cual en el viaje le acompañarían tres geólogos, David, Mawson y Priestley.

Con el apoyo del industrial Beardmore y de la Real Sociedad Geográfica, Shackleton partió en julio a bordo del Nimrod. In the year 1908 he returned to the sea of ​​Ross and converted to the first boat in the village of Hazaña without being hired in hell. Pero la euphoria que hasta aquel momento los había accompañado se esfumó al llegar a bahía de las Ballenas. La gruesa capa de hielo y los peligrosos y gigantescos icebergs a la deriva les detuvieron y les cortaron el paso hacia tierra firme.

With the state of the boat being more lamentable, Shackleton decided to take the rum to the west, to the beach of McMurdo Sound, and to wait to pass the Australian winter and improve the atmospheric conditions. With the spring of the expedition, the expedition was launched. Shackleton, Adams, Marshall and Wild conducted the Polo Sur on a journey of 1,700 miles, between David, Mawson and Mackay, in a record of 1,260, treating Alcanzar at the Polo Sur Magnetic. The teams are corrected and very distant.

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History and Life



Ernest Shackleton Expedition (Photo by Ernest Shackleton / Getty Images)

Otras Fuentes

In September, the expedition led by David, without experience in polar explorations, took part in the Polo Sur Sur Magnetic and Alcanzo with a lens in the evening. At the Shackleton team, in exchange, more experienced, the things in the fire are so good. La viscilia visibilidad dificultaba el advance, y además los hombres debían ir sorteando las grietas que se abrían repentinamente en el hielo.

Dos meses después aún les quedaban por delante 205 millas hasta el Polo Sur y estaban debiles, humbrientos y con las extremidades al borde de la congelación, por lo que en enero de 1909 decidieron emprender el camino de regreso. Al menos habían registrado el punto más lejano al sur alcanzado por el ser humano, 88º 23 ‘de latitud sur y 162º de longitud, a solo 97 millas de distancia del Polo.

The final final

“From the point of view of sentimentality, it is the ultimate great way to become poorer. It is important to know that it is important to go to Polo, and to create a correspondence with the British nation to lead the Cabo y del Polo Sur. Queda el viaje más largo e impresienante de todos: la travesía del continente “, Shackleton’s writing, which is considered as a recorrer of Antarctida in the grass of Polo, apart from the historical value of the gesture, a series of important sums for science .

Tendrían que atresvesar unas 1.800 millas, 3.300 km, la primera parte de los cuales, des el el de de Weddell al Polo, transcurriría por territoriesu unexplorados. Ernest pretended to be a team formed by glaciologists and geologists to study the formations of the hielo and the montages of the Tierra Victoria and to realize magnetic observations.

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Xavier Valls Soler


The preparations for the 1913 commune commune, but he was not in public since the middle of the year, when Shackleton was included in the announcement in the periodical. Today you have received more than 5,000 solicitudes, and you will be able to find only 27 people who will accompany you on this mission.

Consciente de la repercussion que había tenido la dokumentación grafica de anteriores exploraciones antárticas, fundo la compañía TransAntartic Film Sindicate Ltd., con cuyos derechos pretendía financier en parte su expedición. Ernest was in contact with Australian photographer Frank Hurley, who took part in an expedition on an expedition to Antarctica conducted by Australian explorer Douglas Mawson, and contracted to document the trip.

Ernest H. Shackleton (1874 - 1922)

Ernest H. Shackleton (1874 – 1922)


And in August 1914, just the day before the Primera Guerra Mundial, the Endurance, the new command of Shackleton, the port of Plymouth, the port of Buenos Aires and all the islands of the island of Georgia del Sur, donde tuvo que detenerse durante un mes a causa del mal tempo. In December, the game will be held again. Shackleton was awarded an enclave and the endurance pussy rumbo sureste. Advance with the sum of laziness, I want to say that I can count the blocks of blood that in the case of the impedance of the impediment of the pass and the obligation to vary the route.

The principles of 1915 arrived at the Land of the Coats, which was not yet something that was enormous by the fact that it was 20 meters from the height of the hills, which made it impossible in December. The medica that is sure to reach your destination, the hell is going on every day with a lot of money and hope, that in the end of the week the Endurance that is completely added to a place where you are about the wedding of Weddell and comment on the weight of the derivative in this mass ice cream.

Lo peor estaba por llegar. The expeditions also dreamed of finding the extreme conditions of the Australian winter, in the spring, the free waters formed for the great crestas of pressure in the halo of four meters of altura that awaited the appointment of the new and exterminator. In October, in front of the record of the disaster, Shackleton ordered his trip to December. Poco después, el mar engullió por completo la nave, tras 281 días atrapada en el hielo.

Ernest Shackleton

Ernest Shackleton


The 28 men established a camp in the middle of the endurance ship. The Llamaron Campamento Océano. Some of them were reunited on the market in a new, very frustrated way, because the house was unmistakably pale and impossible to advance. Tuvieron que acampar hasta que, al cabo de dos meses, se encaminaron sobre la banquisa a la isla de Paulet, a 346 millas de distancia. Arrastraban consigo los tres botes que lograron salvar del naufragio, por lo que la travesía fue muy lenta. For some time, Shackleton took the opportunity to sit on a large mass of ice and to see that the marines of the condolences were going north.

But the water that made the huts of the barge commented on the fragmentation of the spring of 1916. The expeditions of the tuvieron entonces that the water of the boats rumbled on the island of Elephant. There are many destinations for navigating your destination. Shackleton knows that he is always a bad loser. Ninguna nave llegaría jamás a aquella pequeña isla para rescatarlos, así que urdió un plan: escogió a cinco experimenos marineros para que lo acompañaran en busca de ayuda a los centre balleneros de Georgia del Sur y convenció al resto de hombres para quela quedaran en aquel beautiful beach.

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Alexander Stevens, knowledge of the expedition to the 'Aurora'

In May, this December expedition led to the salvation of a beach on the meridian of Georgia del Sur. The front landscape to your eyes is spectacular: iced and glazed pizzas; to the other side, the Stromness Bahia and the ballenera station. And just a few months ago, in the finals of August, in the border of the chileno Yelcho, Shackleton consequently finished the Elephant Island. Medica que se approximaba el barco, Ernest contaba en silencio a los hombres que se arremolinaban en la playa. When you say goodbye: “Are you all right?”. “All right, all right!”, The respondent. Habían sobrevivido en la isla 105 dias.

Possibly, this is the most important adventure you have ever seen in the Poles, and you also know the history of navigation. The Shackleton expedition was a disaster, but it did not report any material benefits or a significant advance. But he said that all those who participated in the three of them were a triumph, a victory of man about the graceful elements of solidarity and the spirit of light.

Getting back to Inglaterra to the middle of the year, Ernest Shackleton is personally a derivative, alcoholic and bankrupt. I want to take the tripulants of Endurance with the intention to reclaim the ancient warriors. Without embargo, your heart will not support a new adventure. The Battle of London in 1921 and in the vicinity of the Rio de Janeiro, he defeated a cardiac attack from which he recovered. Poco después, en enero, con el frío arreciando de nuevo, otro infarto conseguía derribarlo definitivamente. The tripulation is the return of Montevideo. I would like to see the Shackleton body reposara in Georgia del Sur, among the Norwegian ballers.

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