Reflections on public health and periodicity

Sol Despeinada: reflections that are not bromine

Sol Ferreyra, more conocida than Sol Despeinada in the social networks, one of the 50 men. With its habitual charm and its arrogance, feminism is conjugated with humorous charms and reflections. Abordó las violencias que se ejercen sobre la mujer en la salud publica y su experiencia dentro de los hospitals, algo que conoce por su profession de medéca obstetra. “I have studied what I want to see and do not have to meet with me, but what I need to do,” said the conference director.

It is possible to advertise in the work, which is within medicine, the debate is more successful than the practice of interrupting the freedom of the embassy, ​​and at the moment many professionals from the health of the government to posture against it. “I don’t want to give the car because I have to answer that, say, I need to go to a sanatorium in the hospital, I want to go and I want to go to the hospital again. But it’s not my time, I don’t care, ”he said.

From his experience he analyzed an analysis of the violence that he heard about the women who were able to compete in any hospital. “We have children or children because of the brindaban information about what analgesic the pony”, contó.

At a moment’s time, Charla took the opportunity to talk to the public about the topics he wanted to refer to. Muchas de las presentes eran sus seguidoras en redes.

For the last time, he spoke about the disgusting sexual justice that he never debated. “What a collegiate trans jubilee of the 60’s is a sexual justice,” he said. “Let’s do justice and we’ll know what to do because we want to break everything,” said Despeinada.

Ayelén Puyol: invisibilizadas en el periodismo

Ayelén Pujol, a sports columnist, columnist and football commentator, compared a conference with the press and a dictation to a capacity to reflect on the invitations that will be given to women during the sports period and in the sports department. “What you want to transmit is the difference between violent differences that suffers from women in sports copyright and can be constructed as a sports period with a gender perspective and a feminist perspective,” he said.

Actually, when there are more women who are able to collect a roll inside the period of history, historically, always be part of the man. I want to say that evolution is coming. “We are in a time of much transformation, for us the best moment of the period of deportation to the greatness of history. We have a lot to do with what we are talking about because we don’t know, we know about it and in the last time we have time to have a place “, he said. Y dijo que antes “era imposible pensar que una mujer podía llegar a comment a football match o relatarlo y hoy son lugares que empezaron a ocupar”.

With respect to aesthetic views of those who once lived in a medium of communication, Pujol señaló que es algo que de a poco va cambiando gracias a los debates que se generan. “Public opinion empires to generate a determined repulse to these policies of communication media that oblige to be modified,” he said.

For the last time, the professional animator of all the sports periodists who are talking about the fireplace:

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