proponen prohibir la caza deportiva hasta que se recupere el ecosistema

Licensed at the Biological Sciences of the National University of the North (UNNE), María del Rosario Montiel, reunite with the majority of provinces to plan the restoration of ecosystems.

The specialist I recommend to characterize the emergency prohibition of the house in Corrientes, as well as approve the voluntary environmentalists in the plans of restoration to hold back, follow the information here

Montiel integrates the Red National of the Ecological Restoration Argentina and is accompanied by the current tax authorities to bring in the processes of ecological restoration in different ambiences.

“The prime minister’s right to the prohibition of deportation has become so superior to actual circumstance”, for one of the conclusions of the Enlightenment Center with the UNNE investigator.

Pedro Cassani, President of the Chamber of Deputies, it is clear that the proposal is in advance on the agenda of priorities in relation to the norms of relations with the restoration of the areas of arrasadas por el fuego in the province of Corrientes.

“You should have a question that the restaurant is expensive”subrayó Montiel y agregó que “Now it’s time to advance the diagnosis.”

To the point, comment “If the pastilles are regenerated only, the forests that do not have the feathers that can be found in the hot and humane way of life, need to be without the intervention of human intervention.”

About the prohibition of the deportation case, a sign that the character that revise this norm is urgent “Because of the need to protect how many animals that escaped the safe places”.

“DE ACUERDO A LA REALIDAD QUE ESTAMOS VIVIENDO Y PORQUE RECIBIMOS RECLAMOS DESDE EL INTERIOR DE LA PROVINCIA, Además de la Advertencia de la Especialista de la Unne Con La Que Trabajamos, it is necessary to plan the prohibition, through the institutional herring that corresponds, decree or law, of the deportation case in any form. But I have to say that this is the first stage of the catastrophe and I have to evaluate an area of ​​arrasadas by the fire ”plantearon desde la Cámara baja, tras la reunion en videoconferencia de los diputados correntinos y la investigadora Rosario Montiel.

The specialist hiza hincapié in la necesaria ciudadana participation in the process of restoration, exposing samples of “Tree implantation” with the collaboration of private and local organisms in the province of Corrientes, recognizing that “With el voluntariado se ahorran manyos recursos”.

Ecological health

The UNNE investigator, in an interview with the Corrientes legislators, referred to the environmental and climate change as a world phenomenon.

About the future futures, the importance of the search for “inventory” of nothing, but most of the wonders of the exotic models like the one of Córdoba; además, sugirió trabajar en una “communicación clara” y apuntar al “compromiso ciudadano”.

With respect to the great forests of the forests, it is a way of reflecting on the need to think about the truth and to make it worthwhile to change so drastically that the man has an ecosystem with his practices. Give a data release to answer the consignment: each eucalyptus tree consumes 200 liters of water.

At the moment of the consultations of the deputies, the licensed Montiel opened it “In the actual context, this is the beginning of the market”, and the “Plantation Planning”, además de la Ley de Humedales, was treated at the National Congress.

Tambéén el Centro de Ecología Aplicada del Litoral (Cecoal), dependent on the UNNE and CONICET Nordeste, resolvió reorientar líeas actuale de aktuaçion hacia hajestos de generacie de generación de informacioón que permitan determinar el impacto ambiental generado para los focos accensio incendio the ecological restoration. Compromise to collaborating on the problem board.

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