Polo. The emotion of Lolo Castagnola through his houses, the unbelievable accident of Jeta in the monocycle and the intermittent party for La Natividad

“I’m like that, I’m like that, Dad.” The train is inconfused. Faltan dos minutos para terminar la final del Abierto de Hurlingham de polo y Bartolomé Castagnola I can’t do that. Corre para la lado, para el otro, se abraza con los petiseros, gesticula. Le preguntan en pleno palenque, ya con el score 14-8 para el equipo de sus hijos frente a Murus Sanctus, y se le viene a la memoria “El Chalo”… “Es de mi viejo, simper está”. Lolo lo recuerda a cada momento, porque lo perdió en un día muy especial: el 31 de diciembre de 1998. “Estaban tirando los petardos por fin de año y lo estábamos enterrando al viejo, imaginate”, nos contó hace unos años. Every one who speaks of Chalo, of Hector, the pope, illuminates the world. And I think I can’t talk about a special day.

The champions return to the fields: Barto Castagnola, Polito Pieres and Nachi Du Plessis, exultantesSergio Llamera

Chicos, sus chijos, terminan de ganar su primer titulo de Triple Corona con una actución memorable. I like it with a fantastic act. Looking at one of the great candidates for the temporada, this is a renovation for the high handicap polo. Pokos hubieran imagina tamaña show of polo in the final, the difference of six goals for La Natividad y the global actuation of the team that reposed of the cara al Abierto de Palermo, nothing less.

Lolo se tempertó temprano. I don’t want to sleep until I’m very tired. It turns out that this is a great experience that will result in the parties from afuera and live this week to a final meeting that will not be played. Always say that “it’s very easy to play”. From the markets that are peor: the lesson of Camilo, the minor, in a particularly accidental case, the tenia of maltraer. First of all, it is impossible to play: the man who was killed was a woman. Viernes por la tarde pudo montar y taquear un poco. This thing is better. At night, the Jeta message was: “Try the man to the man (for the sabbath) and we decide.” And here it is. Search for 7.30 Lolo ya estaba arriba. Camilo tried it, he was better, and he finished the final. “It simply came to our notice then. You decide. If you play, play, you will never forget the party. If you are well, you are afraid, because you want to, ” the dijo. The answer of Camilo, with his 18 years, was found: “Game, Dad”.

Legionado y todo, Jeta Castagnola jugó y marcó 9 goals
Legionado y todo, Jeta Castagnola jugó y marcó 9 goalsSergio Llamera – LA NACION

How did he play the delantero? At the end of the day, there were 9 goals and a lot of words in Lolo’s phrase, which, invariable, is called “saving the differences …”. Su Qué suele decir Lolo del Jeta? “When I saw the veil I wanted to return to Cambiaso. When I was watching the game with the back of the years. I have a lot of bad things. You have something that doesn’t happen very well. Pero ojo eh, not compared to Adolfito. I know you have the same benefits ”. Palabra más, palabra menos, el mensaje es el mismo.

Vive horas felices Lolo. The whole family. Lleva despacio a sus hijos, trata de sacarle presiones. I don’t want to be disenfranchised. Logically, he is the representative of a political party of a familiar group that is complete with Benicio and Lola, the other parents of the couple who conformed to this very time with Camila Cambiaso, the Herman of Adolfito. Que los chicos sean como son, tengan la educación y el trato que manifeste cada momento, es referencia de lo que reciben en la casa. Lolo respira polo. “Tienen funcionamiento”, he said about the team of La Natividad. How it was formed when he was three years old in South Africa Ignatius Du Plessis see you and see you: “I want to play with your house.” For the sake of the history of a team that in 2019 obtuvo the classification for Palermo and provoked an explosion in the public that did not record the times of the times of Indios Chapaleufú, all from 1983.

“Polisha” Pieres, an unavoidable time: the elegant MVP of the finalSergio Llamera

In 2020, with the entry of Polito Pieres by Matías Torres Zavaleta, La Natividad no alcanzó el nivel esperado. You have problems with horses. But Lolo emphasized the continuity of the project. “The guys have a pie with this team. See more from Polito and Nachi. Hay que darles más tempo ”, sostuvo. Arranque de 2021 volvió a sembrar dudas, hasta que hizo click en el debut en Hurlingham ante La Ensenada, que ya lo había derrotado en Tortugas. Fue en la segunda mitad de ese partido. “Apareció el equipo”, the convencieron input cuantos. Después llegó la gran victoria sobre La Dolfina (con el tío Adolfito incluido), y ahora el primer titulo de Triple Corona, con una actuación memorable ante Murus Sanctus.

Toda la felicidad de la natividad en el podio
Toda la felicidad de la natividad en el podioSergio Llamera

“The first final of the Triple Crown and the ganamos, this is the locus! To weigh what I need to do, what can I do fast, and good. And for good luck there are many goals. Me lastimé en una caída jugando al polo en ruedita con mi hermana Lola. I think I lost time! Despeés de este Hurlingham creo that somos un equipé más consolidado. Let’s play well and now celebrate, ”said Jeta. When it comes to “ruedita”, we refer to the Electric Monocycle. It is very useful for the girls and girls from the police to entertain with the taquitos courts. In one of these actions, Camilo took the lead and the legionnaire. “It’s difficult to create what we can …”, confides El Lolo.

The Lolo Festival with his son Benicio

A few meters, Polito Pieres, elegant MVP of the final, she is exultante. No es para menos: vive una temporada inolvidable, que además korona con rendimientos superlativos como el de la final. “It simply came to our notice then. This team is fantastic and I want to specialize my family, which will always help me. I think we play a big game and we don’t have to. It’s emotional. We have a change with these chicos and the fruit with them. The half of the livelihoods as a final and last otra final is a bravo, but the pussies are the same. If we were a disaster … It was bad. Dead dead. The intensity of what we can do with the unbeatable four ”, said the captain of La Natividad. He is as famous as the South African Nachi Du Plessis, the mother of this team. “She knows she has to wait for this team. I have a lot of fun. The chicos crecen y todos estamos por la buena senda ”.

Going here and there Barto Castagnola, the mayor of the Germans. Que no hace mucho eligió por independizarse y se fue a vivir solo a La Martona, no muy lejos de la casa de la familia, donde en rigor está la mayor parte del día. In the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the series, Camila’s mother was able to comment on what was going on, but I wanted to go to the room and work … Barto is the brains of the team. Tiene 20, peroce parece de 35 y con 20 finales de Triple Corona en el lomo. “It’s all right that we live here! No podía creer lo de Jeta, pero por suerte pudo jugar y algunos golcitos metió ”, tiró en plenos festejos.

As lo vivió Lolo Castagnola en los palenques
As lo vivió Lolo Castagnola en los palenquesSergio Llamera

Cañuelas surely staying at the party. This is not for La Dolfina, as in other years, but most of them are familiar: La Natividad. Lolo Castagnola sufre desde afuera y aporta sus conocimientos, claro: cómo no lo haría si además de ser el padre de los chicos ganó 7 veces el Abierto de Palermo. You have a locker room at the regular tactical time: Pepe Heguy. But I can’t help but be euphoric. “I like to respect the rivals. We play the best and we have a team, but we are here, a team. The exploration of allegory because it is an old dream, but we need a lot of thanks and thanks to God. We don’t think we can do that. We are like locos. It’s fun, dedication, bigotry, and it doesn’t matter. We have to follow the small steps. If you create, but you don’t have to, ”lanza. Y uno sabe que no es una frase hecha porque lo mismo dice fuera de micrófono. If you are a Castagnola in these three years, you will be able to experience the heat that exists in the polo with the future of your children, which is a sign of adolescence, but that it is difficult to save an estuary. Rompieron a barrier. And they have something to do with positive passages.

“I create what a team is. The year that we live with you and the best. Accord ”, nos dijo a fines de 2020, cuando muchos le preguntaban, y hasta le cuestionaban, que La Natividad continuara con la misma alineación que no había tenido una feliz temporada. Lolo is not equivocally and certainly habrada agradecido al Chalo. Like every man.

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