Polo. Final of the game in Inglaterra: The Cambiaso against the team of one of the most beautiful women and millionaires of the world

If you like the guide for a mini-documentary from Netflix, in the style of “Drive to Survive” from Formula 1, the selection of the characters from the final of Queen’s Cup probably hubiesen sido los que se dieron en esta version 2021 de uno de los torneos de mayor tradición del polo internacional. Because it is played in the el Guards Polo Club, in the area of ​​the Castle of Windsor, with the additional ink that is the British reality. And also because of the finalists are very special. In a state, Sconecon Adolfito Cambiaso y su hijo Poroto; part of, UAE Polo Teamtambién with argentinos (Polito Pieres, Tomás Panelo), but with “The patron” and one of the most important women in the United Arab Emirates, a sportsman and a variety of disciplines and ex-Olympic representatives: Sheika Maitha M Rashid Al Maktoum. Para todos, es Sheika Maitha. Es la hija del Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoumduke of Dubai and vice-president of the Prime Minister of the Emirates.

The Queen’s Cup is one of the most traditional European polo tournaments y de la temporada británica. The other is the Gold Cup, the British Open. Games of the best of the world with their respectable patrons, emblematic companies of different countries. There is a certificate with a handicap limit: 22 goals. There are 15 teams, divided into three groups. Generally, with the top players, the patron and other intermediate levels. You can also learn about the three handicap handball teams. The game, in general, is lazy in the most habilidosos. It’s not a quadruple pole against a quadruple como se ve en el alto handicap argentino, y en ese sentido es otra velocidad. It is aggregated, in the evening, the state of the cans, in the virtue of the inclinations of the climate, something frequented in London and alrededores.

Adolfo Cambiaso ya ganó 10 veces la Queen’s Cup y ahora intentará hacerlo con su hijo PorotoGuards Polo Club Official

For Cambiaso, the Queen’s Cup is a tower with the best matches. He won 10 opportunities and with different formations, the last of them, in 2017 with RH Polo. But I always have a motive for what my special needs are. Con su hijo Poroto, de 15 años, ha ganado el US Open, el British Open, pero todavía no conquistaron juntos la Copa de la Reina. Será esta la gran opportunidad, a sus 46 años. In the semifinal, Scone tuvo a otro argentino determinant: Isidro Stradawho conviertu nueve de los once goles del equipo, que derrotó por 11-8 a Monterossoque tuvo como principales figuras a David Pelón Stirling (Combiéo de Cambiaso en La Dolfina) ya Ignacio Toccalinoaccompanied by por Mackenzie Weiss. With details, Monterosso is close to the semifinals, with a 4-0 mark. Scone, en tanto, registraba un 3-1: su única derrota fue precisamente frente a Monterosso (13-12) en la epapa de klasicación.

“It’s all very paired, you can do anything. Hubo algunas sorpresas en el camino, pero la realidad es esa: no había un gran gran favorito. At Park Place and King Power you have a lot of organization, but the parties are all very popular. Ojalá podamos ganar alguno de los dos torneos. It’s complicated ”, said Adolfo Cambiaso before the semifinals. Now you have the chance to search for the 11th title in the tournament and with your son. Record that Isidro “Gordisi” Strada has won the year after the Poroto Cambiaso la Copa Camara de Diputados and has a place in the Abierto de Palermo 2021 with the Brava team.

Adolfito and Poroto Cambiaso, in search of a new international consortium
Adolfito and Poroto Cambiaso, in search of a new international consortium@ adolfocambiaso1

In the other semifinal hubo a duel very peculiar: the UAE Polo Team teams, an organization that presented itself with great success this year. The queue in the main team team (invited, with a 3-0 record), which integrates Sheika Maithatogether with Polito Pieres, Tomás Panelo and Tomás Beresford. Venció por 13-10 a UAE Polo Team II, una formationa muy fuerte, con Alfredo Cappella Barabucci, Lucas Monteverde (h.), Hugo Taylor and the chileno Jaime García Huidobroes decir, sin puntos flojos, que venía de eliminar a Park Place (Facundo Pieres y Juan Britos) en los quartos de final.

Sheikha has 41 years, is passionate about the caballos, but also has a lot of destinations in judo and taekwondo. De hecho, to represent the Olympic representative of the United Arab Emirates: in Beijing 2008, in taekwondo. In the field of polo they have a great relationship with the Argentines and a special affect for Lucas Monteverdeex compañero de Cambiaso en La Dolfina i campeón del Abierto de Palermo en 2005, 2006, 2007 y 2009. Su hijo, Lukin, tuvo una destacada aktuación en UAE Polo Team II, que llegó hasta las semifinales.

Sheika Maitha, ex Olympic representative and lover of polo and lobsters
Sheika Maitha, ex Olympic representative and lover of polo and lobsters@ mmrm1

To have an idea of ​​the paris of the teams, eliminated before the semifinals quedaron formations with many relevant Argentine police, tales like Murus Sanctus La Magdeleine (Guillermo Caset and Facundo Sola), Talandracas (Camilo Castagnola and Diego Oaks Cavanagh, Great Lions (Bartolomé Castagnola -h.-, Guillermo Terrera and Cruz Heguy), King Power (Hilario Ulloa and Francisco Elizalde), Park Place (Facundo Pieres and Juan Britos), Thai Polo (Gonzalito Pieres and Juan Gris Zavaleta) and BP Polo Juan Martín Nero and Alejandro Muzzio).

The grand final of the Queen’s Cup will be discussed at close range. The old man, the champion of Les Lions / Great Oaks, with the Argentines Camilo and Bartholomew Castagnola (h.) And Santiago Laborde. In the history of teams, Scone y obtuvo la Copa de la Reina in 2019, with Nicolás Pieres in the formation. UAE Polo Team has not registered any titles yet.

These are the formations of the semifinals:

Scone: David Paradice 0, Isidro Strada 6, Poroto Cambiaso 6 and Adolfo Cambiaso 10. Total, 22.

Monterosso: Alessandro Bazzoni 1, Mackenzie Weisz 4, Ignacio Toccalino 8 and David Stirling 9. Total, 22.

UAE Polo Team: Sheika Maitha M Rashid Al Maktoum 0, Thomas Beresford 7, Thomas Panelo 6 and Pablo Pieres (h.) 9. Total, 22.

UAE Polo Team II: Hugo Taylor 3, Lucas Monteverde (h.) 5, Alfredo Capella Barabucci 8 and Jaime García Huidobro 6. Total, 22.

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