Persevere everything for an incendiary and organize a riff to be able to eat your horses

“No nos quedó nada, solo las ganas de empezar de nuevo”. With a profound treasure, Víctor Rey and his wife Jessica Prada are looking for the best places to stay in the summer, which, in the countryside, is located on the sidewalk of Mercedes, in which 150 hectares of 200 hectares are planted.

Prada is a port and a study of biology. Esa carrera le permitió conseguir trabajo en los Esteros del Iberá. All the knowledge of the agricultural producer of the market and, at the same time, the house. Lovers of the Knights, hace cinco años decidieron embarcarse en un impendimiento equino que no había la la zona, en su establecimiento Santa Maríalocated at the entrance kilometers of the city center.

“We do somersaults, we give courses of a rational home, we have a lot of work and care, tracks for work. There is also a hippie school for chicos and cabalgatas for tourists. We have excellent technical skills equinotherapy for the rehabilitation of children. But one of the important things what we want is to get rid of cavallos that are useful for tracking the blood as a fishing boat y que quedan en muy malas condiciones. We will take care of the camp, we will take care of them and we will take care of the best of us ”, said Prada a THE NATION.

Prada has a high school education and tease the horseGza. Prada

Viernes pasado por la mañana, a big foco se genero en el INTA local, a unos pocos metros de Santa María. Enseguida y, como el resto de los vecinos, the matrimony was conducted at the place to help. Luego de varias horas tratando de apagar las llamas en los campos del organismo, a la tarde Rey regresó a su casa para buscar más agua. When I enter the camp, I meet the fire in the place. Como todavía era pequeño logró extinguirlo.

Sintió alivio pensando que todo había acabado, without embargo, search for 21, las fertagas rafagas de viento viraron y volvieron a azotar el establecimiento. This is not the 300th majority that deserves solidarity, nor the voluntary bombers, nor the differentiated tractors and retroexcavators that the poor puddleron contains the voracity of the llamas. “It simply came to our notice then. The fire pit is located 100 meters from the house and two meters from the boxes of the caballos. To me, let’s save my house. Recién eso de las cuatro de la manana de ese sabado los focos menguaron ”, lamentó Rey.

In the matrimony of producers, the 150-hectare quemaron has 200 queens.  All black caballos
In the matrimony of producers, the 150-hectare quemaron has 200 queens. All black caballosGza. Prada

The result: 4000 meters of carbonated and calamine leaves, 150 hectares of land, more than 50 cabals that can be grown without pasta and, all together, a lot of pain and desolation. Los Rey vieron cómo su emprendimiento se hizo cenizas en un abrir y cerrar de ojos.

“It simply came to our notice then. We recommend remodeling to all agricultural producers, but this is our deadline. We live for you and the horses. It was a hot tub: we sell a cable and we have a box but we are content. This is our life ”, detail of the manufacturer.

“Pero el daño más grande es el que está por venir, take care of the winter and we don’t have to paste where we go to the animals. We have a lot to do with animals and animals in a very state. We have to do what we want to do with some of our horses, but we can save them from what we can do, what we can do, ”he said.

Having the right to marry and staying in the solidarity of the people, a Prada se ocurrió organizar una rifa para recaudar fondos to overlook the desperate situation. “We have many guests who have to endure but do not want to go to school, many of us, despise the cavallos. Sé que voy a necesitar llevarlos a box porque los de lotes de pasto están quemados y para esto voy a necesitar rollos y fardos. When I want to offer the numbers, but I can create more than the people of the country to buy me and give me a light of hope ”, detail of the manufacturer.

Prada organizes a reef to recoup funds that are destined to repair lobsters that have been bought and bought to buy cards for cables.
Prada organizes a reef to recoup funds that are destined to repair lobsters that have been bought and bought to buy cards for cables.

For Rey and Prada, as many other producers of the Mercedes zone, they have time for night vigils, tension and darkness to convert to a constant. Sin embargo, frent the tragedy that lives in the region, take care of the situation.

“Let’s celebrate the new world. We can’t get our dream through the board. We want to follow the best, about everything in the invisible gender, where there is a hambarder who will offer us the right hand to pick up the perimeter of the camp ”, finalized Rey.

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