‘OmegaFit’, ‘LinseedOil’ and ‘ProteinPlus’ complete the range of Pavo supplements

Three new products to optimize the health of the cables.

Pavo, leader in food support in Europe, complete with a range of supplements with Peacock OmegaFit, Pavo LinseedOil and Pavo ProteinPlus. Three new products to be developed to optimize the health and benefit of middle-aged cabs and extra extra fatty acids Omega and protein.

The new one Pavo OmegaFit is a member of the Union of Europe, thanks to the fact that the company of animal nutrition has a company with Natures Crops International (NCI), provider of special ingredients for dietary supplements, foods and products for personal care, for the distribution of Ahiflower®, an essential component of OmegaFit. “As passions of the cavallos, we buy profoundly for the better, so much as animals of comparison as athletes of high yield”, declara Andrew Hebard, NCI Executive Director. “By the way, we have a lot of information about the establishment of the Ahiflower administration® with Pavo ”.

For their part, in words Joaquim Clotet, a product of Pavo for Spain and Portugal, “Our mission is to develop, produce and offer high quality food for cables, contributing to health. Now, with OmegaFit, on the base of Ahiflower®, a multitude of cavaliers are benefiting from a single profile of bad acids. We are enormous by the fact that this new product is added to the actual range of Pavo supplements ”.

The natural power of the Ahiflower aceite®

Pavo OmegaFit is working with Ahiflower®, aceite 100% vegetal, cultivated and produced exclusively by NCI, which offers the option of complete and equilibrated conocida of fatty acids Omega-3-6-9 in a very strong. These are great mistakes that criticize the biological processes of the knight and their contribution to the health of the general animal. Además, Ahiflower® he demonstrated to offer a superior palatability before fishing, as a superior efficiency to other highs of the market.

All repercussions in sold amphibians for supplements with Ahiflower®. As, the principal benefits reported by Pavo OmegaFit are an optimization of the general health, as well as the health and safety, better in the immune system and inflammation, and an optimal mobility and health of the joints. In addition, Pavo OmegaFit is very easy to use in addition to the dosificadora function.

LinseedOil and ProteinPlus

In addition to OmegaFit, Pavo incorporates more products into the supplement family. For a load, Pavo LinseedOil, lily-of-the-valley vinegar that favors a special and brilliant dish. This time is also due to the high content of Omega 3 and 6, which is the same as OmegaFit, proportional to LinseedOil anti-inflammatory properties, helping the immune system of eagles cavallos, which are included in periods of time. , the months of winter.

For other people, Pavo ProteinPlus it is extra protein to optimize the health of the caballo. This supplement supplements the withdrawal of protein from low-quality, high-fat diets and cereals, in the case of high-quality cavalry, which requires a high protein intake, such as gestation and lactation. , mayors and young people. Asi, ProteinPlus offers high quality proteins with extra extras of essential amino acids for adequate development and animal breeding.

Acerca de Pavo

Pavo is the leader of Europe in the maintenance of caballos, working with the owners of the caballos, searching for nutritional solutions adapted to their needs and the needs of their animals. The investment and innovation of the concepts that better define the corporate culture that are the main concern is the health of the caballos. More information www.pavo-horsefood.es


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