ocho referentes del deporte femenino rompen los techos de cristal

It’s too late director of technical skills of the Olympic Games within the Madrid Federation. His palms included 8 national gold medals, two European medals and the first place in the world ranking (2006). In 2020, the el Premier Mundial de la Mujer y el Deporte.

1. Una de las principales dificultades que me encontré al initiu fue que en el club en el que practicaba yudo (empecé en yudo y luego me pase a la lucha libre olympic que es donde tuve mis mejores resultados) I have a lot of women and in the end I will always train you with girls. At the same time, this is not the only way to achieve your level and your way of reacting differently.

At the same time, the competition does not involve training with a girl who works with a girl. Looking for the training that can be done as much as possible. In a championship, a beautiful woman against other women of weight and weight. I have a group of women’s numbers that are as homogeneous as possible, which is the most powerful sea and the evolution of the sea mayor. But this is a problem that must exist. In a situation of training, it is normal that you are the most men who die, even though it is evolving.

In addition, it is easier for children and adolescents to train and develop national and international competencies and friends. If you don’t want to travel alone and have friends like you. For the extravagant girls who are not a problem, you can do it for your team.

Other things that he saw in an international championship in Poland, he has one hundred years ago, that he was a very strong tournament, to enter the medals name in the luchadora more guapa. Era una sueca y esta chica, muy indignada, dijo que no quería ese premio, que she has to go to the gym and don’t have a beauty contest.

2. The free book of women in the 2004 Olympics. Without embargo, the masculine categories are the principle. It’s an enormous design, I have a lot to sell. To celebrate so much in all countries, it is easy to spend on our international level and classifications.

As our deportation is new and we have no references, we will be able to invest in the economic level to form, to travel and compete internationally, and to experience experience, to win medals in order to have a respect and level and to support the right of the federation and to help and help.

These are the differences between us and the pioneers because we have no references and because of the feminine light of the Olympic era, but we have lost our part, we have received a great deal of support with the help of a series of programs.

At the international level, we also have a number of women trainers and a number of directing women, but this time we have changed more and more. At the national level we are one of the most beautiful female trainers and the truth is that it is a good job. We have the technical skills of a vice president, I am the technical director, I recommend advances. We also form part of the International Commissions.

A laboratory level, for example, he formed part of the Commissions and I am in the Mediterranean where I am the only woman and I believe that my friends treated me with a lot of respect and as a friend. It’s not so much a generational challenge, it’s just a hassle and a demonstration to work with you.

The important thing is that they pioneered each other and got their hair done.

3. I love all the young people to make sports, first of all health, to feel good, and I want to play sports to bring you many things as a social level as mental, to be very beautiful. Yo, thank you for the sports, you can know a lot of people, people and I can’t afford to live. Aporta valores a la hora de trabajar, sentimento od responsabilidad, compromiso … El deporte te da muchísimo. It is a style of life, to help you improve your time, your energy, to improve your motorways, to make you feel better, to support you very much.

In our support there are no deadlines. Always have new techniques, nothing is cyclical. Cada rival, cada lucha es diferente. It’s fun, it’s creative. Every day you get new lenses for getting ahead, getting better and getting competitive brands with your motivation, good luck, supremacy and great happiness.

4. Hay que celebrate el 8M. For me is a homage to all the pioneers who have an open fireplace, that we have facilitated the life of those who came to us, y el que hemos abierto nosotras a las que nos siguen. It is a day to celebrate and to record that we are here and that we follow with more fuss and with more ganas.


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