No violent machista, Sí a la diversidad sexual y al poliamor ¿Hacia donde va el feminism juvenil?

The battle against the violence of the genus and those of the niegan, the revival of sexual diversity and polymorrhosis or the interests in the center of life as a social value. If we talk about a simplified result, we can simplify the battles of the battle of feminism among young people, this is a place where you can find the most important things in the world. In a moment that the abyss between them and theirs is a nightmare, the feminism of the juvenile is looking for a representative of all things designed by the planter and other forms of relation to all monogamy. And with a transversal revision: the need to abandon the men and hegemonic masculinity to open other ways of feeling and being in society.

“One of the great preoccupations in feminism among young people is sexual violence” explains Lidia Arroyo, researcher of Genera and TIC of the University of Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and activist. “Our preoccupation with the generosity of the genres is due to the institutions that are still working to talk,” lamented Adriana Rodríguez (19 years old), a student at UAB and an activist.

The feminism of juvenile is due to the monogamy and the plan of polyamory

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Y es que aún hoy hay demasiados jóvenes que no reconocen la violencia de género -un 20% según el último barometer de la Fundación FAD Juventud-, una negación que va en aumento auspiciada por la emergencia de emergencia de discours the culture of mass. As many as 74% of girls say that sexual violence is a “very grave” problem, every one of the 15 and 29 years old considers that there is no FAD information. These are the son of Mar Venegas, a sociologist and professor at the University of Granada, “sweeteners” and lament that the discourse of ultra-justice is “hot”.

Me Too and many privileges

And this vision is different from one of the social issues that is more preoccupied with the fact that it is polarizing. Mintras que las chicas cada vez detecttás mas violencia y los comportamientos machistas, una “importante porción de chicos” siente “mayor presión” ante el feminismo y se reafirman en sus actitudes machistas por miedo a “perder privilegios”, explica la investigadora de la UOC. For Arroyo, the lack of a system of penalties and public responsibility in front of the houses of “extreme sexual violence” makes the girls feel insecure in the relationship that revolves around the freedom of the nocturnal space and in the streets, traditionally from male domination.

Anna Sanmartin, sociologist, sub-director of the Center Reina Sofía about Adolescence and Youth of FAD and one of the authors of the barometer, laments that she is only the girls who are more sensitive to the specifics and the generosity of gender. It is clear that he identified himself as a violent person with the exclusive “physical aggression” but that he was advanced and young and had the ability to identify more “mothers”. Sanmartin recognizes the lack of commitment to being a “minor of chicos” that “is not about anything” and that it is “a heartbreak of feminism”.

Sexual diversity and custody of monogamy

The monogamy is one of the questions that most debate in juvenile feminism, Arroyo explains. Y plantea el polyamor para dejar fluir el deseo sexual. “We want to be aware of the obligatory heterosexuality and revive the distinctions of sexual orientations and distinctive relational models more than the monogamous one,” said Adriana Rodríguez.

“Hay una tendencia muy general al individualismo”, details Bruna Álvarez, anthropologist of the UAB: “Nadie le dice a nadie lo que debe sentir”. “Nine words to include gender diversity due to feminism juvenile pone muy en cuestión el binarism hombre-mujer”, explica. In this context, the tendency is to write a scenario of “many more fluids, liquids and diversions”. Something that can save the dialogue and the inclusiveness.

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Asi, the feminism of juvenile is due to the monogamy, explicitly Arroyo, and the plan of polyamory for the sake of sexual desire. Seta trata, explica Isabel Domingo (20 years old), a student of the UAB of socio-cultural studies of the generation, of the person who wants to be and not of the “tradition of tradition”.

And in the context of the girls he “opened his thoughts to his wife” with a femininity in the country, said Lidia Arroyo. However, bisexuality is planned as the flexibility of “being able to do more than waiting for you to die”. Y intenta “visibilizar” mucho la bisexualidad fuera de la “heteronormatividad”, asegura Àlvarez. Mar Venegas insures that feminism has become “sensitized” to other difficulties among those who find sexual diversity and that one of the battles of the battle between young people is a different way of interfering with relationships. Also, there is a tendency towards bisexuality that is homosexuality, a study elaborated by the University of Granada between universities. Venegas explains that when you have a tendency to “orient yourself to a person who has sex with a person”. Y todas estas demandas del feminismo entre jóvenes se ve fundamental abrir un espacio a la inclución de la diversidad.

The guards like social value

One of the aspects that the feminism of the young men wanted to keep on the agenda is their care. Para pedir que se reconozca y valore a aquellos sujetos que los llevan a cabo y también para reivindicarlos como “un valor social fundamental igual que lo es el trabajo”, explica Arroyo. According to the investigator, there are studies that suggest that the persons born after the year 2000 will be able to work out the results of the most important life of the laboratory. Además, this issue of the Tamburitza Mountains is also a revolutionary place “before the capitalist logic” and is an “important” commitment among young people, as well as because of the “other feminist perspectives” you can look back on. . For Arroyo, the pandemic has aroused more of these aspects and creek that is a revision of the level of the laboratory “los cuidados no serian tan problematicos”.

The differences between femininities and masculinity ‘rigidity’

“In this society, when there are more opportunities for women, but in the case of men there is a lack of profound debate and that” emerjan “the models of men who want to see who can be a man without being able to be a machinist,” said Arroyo.

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For Álvarez, there are differences between mainstream and academic feminism and consider what the example of the old “failure” is. The anthropologist says that feminism can “include a social change” and insure that there are many people who are also discriminated against, but also by example for example in their life, but not in this type of masculinity of “barrel sense” . He confesses that feminism should be profound in the space to give space to all the masculinities that do not represent the heteropatriar stereotype. Para Àlvarez esto es fundamental si se pretende un cambio real mientras que Sanmartin explica que “ellos están en el lado positivo de la balanza” y que esto no ayuda a que den el paso. It is for the sociologist one of the retorts of feminism: to break with the masculinity of “rigidness” that comes with an attack that replaces the pre-stable.

Para Adriana Rodríguez hoy el sujeto del feminismo es “toda aquella persona que esté bajo desigualdades socialia”: personanas racializadas, el colectivo LGTBI, personas con diversidad funcional… Y en este sentito, considera que los hombres como “sujetos privilegieados permanecer ahora en un segundo plano y permitir que otros colectivos silenciados a lo largo de la historia hagan ahora sus reivindicaciones.

The importance of sexual education

In addition to the great mobilization, the pandemic “ha hacho daño al movimiento”, recognizing Arroyo, also insures that the advances in feminist material have been so important that the fireplace is uniquely possible. And at the point of optimism in the future, all the consultants recognized that there was a lot of trouble to make and that “we are sleeping in the laurels” because it was too much to learn a lot of affective sexual education with gender education, said Sanmartín . The weight of everything, she and Venetian creen that she is at the time of “educate and sensitize”.

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