More than 3 million corrieron women in “Running Femenino” Neuquén Al Instante

Monday, March 07, 2022

Bajo el lema “Igualdad de género hoy para un mañana sostenible” propuesto por UNU para commemorar el Día Internacional de la Mujer el proximo 8 de marzo, maś de 3 mil mujeres neuquinas participating in the career “8M Trail Running Femenino” organized by the Legis in conjunction with the Municipality of Neuquén. The activity is based on various provisions in the legislative area, such as RCP courses and conferences on the health of women. The jornada cerró with music and live music by Susi Blú and MC Fara TMPY.

The activity is free and free of charge with the distances within the participation of 1500 women in each year. A competitive 8K and other recreational and familiar, the 3K. Ambas commenzaron a las 18 hs luego de una breve charla informativa y un calentamiento a cargo de las Zumberas del Oeste y Zumba Confluencia. The 8K winner won the Natalia Cardoso corridor, in the second place Vanina Namuncurá consigned and the third place was left for Patricia Sepúlveda.

Receiving the long-awaited competition and the opportunity to present the Governor Omar Gutierrez and the Vice-Governor Marcos Koopmann, the host of the event, who celebrated the great participation of participants in this first career and the fact that he was in trouble. la propuesta este año fue que las mujeres puedan adueñarse una vez maś del espacio legislativo ”. “We are following a Legislature open to the community, active, close, and in this opportunity to have the right to promote health, physical activity and culture.”

Asimism, Koopmann’s position is that “the 8M is a way to make the central and most impressive paper of women, but also to rehearse and compromise in the light of a society of equity and equality”. “Those miles of women living in the equines, we compromise to follow the fireplace that we recommend: accompany and support the women of all the provinces, so much for their social projects and developments, as for the impulse in sports and access to hello, ”said the vice-governor.

Apart from the 3 million corridors, many women with their families and friends are waiting for the Legislature to participate in the options for health and recreation activities. The Neuquina Neuquina Association of Anesthesia, Analgesia and Resuscitation implemented RCP courses in two tours. For the sake of the child, in the space of salvation the charles “Mitos y Verdades en el cancer de mama” are realized in the cargo of the Dra. Luciana Rach and “Methods of study in the mother’s cancer” with Dra. Paula Gil.

For your part, in the main script, you can learn poetry and music from the double Fuerza de Mujer de Graciela Garbarino and Patricia Mariezcurrena; of the blues of Susi Blú, band integrated by Lieza Solaro (guitar), Marianela DiMeglio (bayonet), Adriana Stobbia (battery) and Paula Mira (train). Además, in the balcony of the valley, is located in the corridors of the percussion band, Bloco ilê. Last but not least, the rapper Camila Hanglin was present, with the actual project MC Fara TMPY, accompanied by the new ballerinas Julieta Hanglin, Antonella Pozo and Jimena Jimenez, who in a show wanted to visit and find the work of the artist , thinking about the lights in each scene.

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