LEGANES Nafti se pasa a LaLiga Genuine

Mehdi Nafti has changed his team, which is not the case. Fire short. Fugaz. But intense and satisfying. “Incredible”, defined by the proprietor of the Leganés training, converted to a time in the technique of the nursing team in LaLiga Genuinethe example of competition for intellectual disabilities formed by teams associated with LaLiga. El 1 de marzo, los chicos y chicas que conforman esta escuadra tuvieron la opportunidad de ponerse bajo las órdenes del dueño del banquillo en el primer equipo. Y lejos de ser ellos los que recibieron el privilegio de estar bajo sus órdenes, fue el propio Nafti el que salió con la sensación de haber sido sometido a una experiencia diferente.

“I am just happy to thank you. It’s a pass. It is a distinctive ambience that we always have. It is another form of sports and life. Ha sido un rato que se me ha hecho corto. Fantastic ”, explained Nafti after the event in the media of the club, the mismo who recognizes him as the French-Tunisian and Pepe Bermúdez, his second coach, conductor of the swords as a session of the team team. It is also more important that it is habitually realized in the Installation Deportiva Butarque.

“I always talk about suffocation with the first team, which is a war to win a game ve ya veces hay que ver la vida de otra forma. You can train a real goal. It’s deporti, es felicidad”, Said the owner of Nafti. “It’s a sensation of constant fame,” Bermúdez said. “They will give you a lesson in life. How frustrating every moment is, ”said Nafti, which includes a mansion for the players of Leganés Genuine.

Apoyo al Grupo AMAS

The action, realized in el Estadio Anexo Jesús Polowhere habitually the best categories are, but this is the first thing that Leganés has to do with the integration and inclusion of the Genoa players.

This is my time Josemion the porch and the member, is more iconic than this group of things that the club reveled in its history of supremacy, firm name style as Leganés B to form part of the team of the coaching staff, Carlos Martínez, as a support for the preparation of guards.

El Leganés desarrolla sus equipos de LaLiga Genuine so much in football-7 as in football-median room the collaboration with the AMAS Foundationa group that is responsible for the recovery and impulse of the rights of persons with the Intellectual Disability in the Community of Madrid.

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