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The mayor’s expectation of looking for the right to play in the Peruvian football era was possible. Paolo Guerrero en Alianza Lima. The last week of the week, which led to the failure of the League 5 game, had signs of indications that the operation will take place. Y es que su llegada iba a representativear el fichaje más importante del torneo y, posiblemente, la más relevante de nuestro medio en la última dekada, solo a la par del retorno de su amigo, Jefferson Farfán in the year 2021, after 17 years.

Without embargo, the dominance of March 6 at night, the panorama of the camp and the probable contraction of ‘Depredador’, summed up with the fire of the regress of Yoshimar Yotún a Sporting Crystal. With the peculiar official announcement in the social networks, there is a video of the presentation in the Alberto Gallardo, the steering wheel of the Selection Peruana is converted into the most important thing in the championship, but when it comes to the presence alone is the final end of the phase 1 de la Liga 1 y la Fase de Grupos de la Copa Libertadores.

‘Yoshi’, también, le quitó reflectores al arribo de Cristian Benavente, que apenas tres semanas atrás era presentedado en La Victoria a lo grande, y dos jornadas antes hacía su debut con gol ante Deportivo Municipal en Matute. El ‘Chaval’ llamó la attención no solo a los hinchas de Alianza Lima, que vieron su llegada de formi positava, sino también a los futbolistas rivales, que verán en escena a un futbolista nacido en Europa con características tacticalas trajor trabajad.

In the same way, in the return of Yotún recourse to the contractors who also focused on the media and the hinchas: Rodrigo Vilca y Andy Polo a University of Sports. The first example is the return of statistics that affirm that Peru is the second country in Sudamerica with a number of ‘export’ counts and that there are three 10-term regressions on the local tour. And the second, because I lie in the eye of the torment.

Polo fue denunciado recientemente por su esposa, Génesis Alarcón, por maltrato a la mujer. That included provoked that Major League Soccer (MLS) the suspension and the club, Portland Timbers, immediately, the terms are contracted. La ‘U’ decided to center in football and even later, but I was presented with a part of the cream of the sun for this time.

In the present note, we explain that we influence every player in his respectable football teams, the importance of his contractions so much in the local tournament as international, in addition to the media relevance that he generated in the last days.

Yotún: the year of the year

With a value of 2.5 million euros, next Transfer marketYoshimar Yotún convierte en el futbolista maś caro del torneo local, delante de Benavente (1M de euros) de Alianza Lima y Christofer Gonzales (800 million euros) of Sporting Crystal, on the basis of data base. And it will be the best paid for the League 1.

Reciente champion of the MX League with el Cruz Azul de Juan Reynoso, retorna -momentáneamente- al torneo local con la consigna de ganar la suficiente continuidad para volver a salir al extranjero (tiene contrato con Cristal hasta el 30 de junio). Además, we are looking for an active role to play in the games that we have to face with the Selection of Peru, which also has the opportunity to play for a cup in the World Cup Qatar 2022.

El volante regresa al torneo local después de ocho años: su última participión fue en el 2014. Aquel año se consagró campeón con el elenco celeste, y fue dirigido por Daniel Ahmed. Eso sí, con Roberto Mosquera coincidió en el 2012, por lo que ya se conocen y mantienen una buena relación. Hecho, antes de que se confirmara su fichaje, el estratega aseguró que el Rímac “It’s your house”referring to Yotún.

Yoshimar Yotún will wear the suit 27 in Sporting Cristal, at the same time as Carlos Lobatón. (Photo: @ zonadegol1)

Entrantanto, al igual que el historico rimense, Carlos Lobatón, Yotún vestirá la camiseta número 27, tanto para enfrentar el torneo local como la Copa Libertadores (para Cristal inicia el 5 de april), donde será una pieza clave. Mosquera countera con una volante fortalecida, incluso comparable con la de Selección, cuando no están Renato Tapia ni Pedro Aquinoya que contará con Calcaterra, Christofer Gonzales y ‘Yoshi’.

Yotún’s work will connect with ‘Canchita’ y Alejandro Hohberg, y de paso mejorar el último pase que tanto le cuesta a Sporting Cristal de cara al gol. As, the ideal team of celestial celebrities conformed to: Duarte o Solís; Madrid o Lora, Chávez, Merlo y Loyola; Calcaterra, Yotún, Gonzales; Hohberg, Ávila y Liza.

Eso sí, su llegada podría dejar de lado a Goods (22 years old), who in the 5th year of the Alliance Lima wanted to play for six months before the legion, as well as Jesus Castillo (20 years) y Diego Soto (20 years). With 31 years, Yotún has taken part in the Sporting Crystal policy of giving space to his parents, he and he have had his birthday with Percy Lisa ; y Jhilmar Lora (21), bicolor option.

It is said that the rector of Yotún is playing in League 1, which empires to recruit the regress of the generation of ‘Tigre’ Gareca. With Farfán and Polo, we will continue to speak, we are very, there is also a stand in the carpet of Paolo Guerrero and Carlos Zambrano.

Andy Polo: the controversial controversy

A day before the birthplace of the book, coinciding with the 8th of March, the day of the dead, in the social networks were generated by the postulates of the entourage of Andy Polo at the University of Deportes, who can walk without him presented in the club with a dream of winning the League 1 and playing against the mando de Álvaro Gutierrez the rest of the time.

What makes a starter? Andy Polo was recently reclaimed by the Esposa, Genesis Alarcón, by domestic violence. Reason for the fact that the Portland Timbers immediately separated from the MLS and unleashed, planted to stay in 2018, but will play the game from May 22, 2021 through a legion in the front of LA Galaxy that provoked a rotation of the quadriceps and a meniscus in the pier.

The MLS suspension of Andy Polo for violin a la mujer, in the wake of the actual esposa, Génesis Alarcón.
The MLS suspension of Andy Polo for violin a la mujer, in the wake of the actual esposa, Génesis Alarcón.

As far as the context is concerned, the University considers it important to be important. Polo can play as an extreme (for amphibious friends) and as a follower. Haría su ingreso por Joao Villamarín, quien no ha tenido una actución destacable en este initio de año con la la ‘U’. For the technical team, it is possible to summarize the speed and covetousness of the gangs, the characteristics of which are the choice of the Peruvian Selection. In the MLS ha logrado dos títulos (Conferencia Oeste de la MLS 2018 y la MLS is Back Tournament 2020) y en su paso por el Morelias Monarchs de la MX League come to the finals of the MX Cup 2016-2017.

Rodrigo Vilca: great expectation

The lesson of Luis Urrutiwhat a pudo conocer Depor, take a step back from the ligaments that lie on the alley of the cans of the six months, you will be sent to the duel in front of the Municipal Deportivo for the day 5, start the alarms in University of Sports. It is as if Rodrigo Vilca is on your list of possible refunds, we have a day before the market.

Forcing the League 1 turnaround, you can walk through the English football, where you can see the Newcastle and Doncaster Rovers shorts, take off in 2020 at ‘Muni’ and be considered one of the best players in the tournament. The weight of your continuity in the United Kingdom, where you can find three goals in 28 games, the expectations of your participation in the eleven merengue son altas.

Rodrigo Vilca is located at the University of Newcastle United  Photo: @NUFC
Rodrigo Vilca is located at the University of Newcastle United Photo: @NUFC

The footballer brought in the attack, which is the account with ‘Chiquitín’, Valera, Succar and Polo, for which the ideal team of the ‘professional’ field conforms to the following manner: Carvallo; Corzo, Alonso, Quina and Santillán; Cayetano, Quispe; Vilca, Novick and Polo; Valera. A market that is based on the principle of ending and generating a lot of expectations in League 1 of this season. Now, just wait for the footballers to take the level of the local football game.

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