La Nación / Falleció Prisciliano Sandoval, reconocido periodista deportivo

The sportsman Deportizus Prisciliano Sandoval Diez is a fan of the idea of ​​suppressing a heart attack and posterior cerebrovascular accident (ACV), in the first hours of this game. It is considered that one of the most popular and popular football and radio broadcasts. These days, the health is complicated by the fact that he has a cardiac problem, which is why he was interned at the Hospital San Jorge, in Asunción, the most evolutionarily favorable one that lamentably lost his life.

His colleagues and expatriates love radio as a television set in social networks where they know how to listen to three tens of ten. Varios de ellos manifestron su pesar, luego de pedir oraciones para una pronta recuperación del communicador, desde la semana pasada; I want your family to be in solidarity with the solidarity of blood donations for the communicator.

The great trajectory and presence in the football matches of Sandoval, the periodist of the Third and the 650 AM, in the last years. El velorio will be realized in the Garden of the Paz de Lambaré, at 8:30 a.m. this summer.

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“It will always be part of your way of being, very special,” he said, lamenting his part, “wrote Julio González Cabello, a sportsman from Deportivo de 650i and Unicanal.

On the other hand, the Salvador Hicar football relay is known for its death and expressions for the benefit of its Twitter account and the record as a friend, master and companion. “We are very happy to learn a new adventure, that life and profession can give us a new chance to work together, but we have a plan and a duel, we respect each other. Pimpo querido, resanza en paz en los brazos de tu amado Jesús ”, manifesto Hicar.

Sandoval nation in July 1958 in Asuncion. In the past, the periodicity of the death of a person who was deprived of a radio and television personality was aborted. It was initiated in Channel 9, where some of the pastors from the periodical deportation within the program “Feliz domingo” started from a sports block. In the decade of the ’80s, football matches were initiated and various international tournaments were held at the Paraguay Selection and our football clubs.

The Circulo de Periodistas Deportivos del Paraguay (CPDP) broadcasts a commune of various events in Pesciliano Sandoval. “We are accompanied by triste and irreparable perdida and elevams nuestras plegarias al Altísimo por el eterno descanso de su alma. Christian resignation to families and friends ”, said the communication in social networks.

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