José María Trémor (Rfep): “The polo alone is a deportation of riches that you want to compete in at the highest level”

José María Trénor Lowenstein is the President of the Spanish Federation of Polo from September. He was vice president in the last legislature of Jaime Espinosa de los Monteros and presented himself as a candidate for the presidency of the body. Assurance that the polo is not a deporte for riches and anticipates an age in practice in Spain at global level.

Pregunta: Fue elegio presidente de la Federación en septiembre pasado, ¿cuáles son los retos y sus planes para esta legislatura?

Respuesta: The reto principal is incremental to the license number. The deporte del polo, which is not the age of being a minor, should be spent more time and also more women, which is why most practitioners. At the same time, let’s say the number of regions in the practice in Spain. We are currently in Catalonia, downtown and Andalusia. Para poder jugar se necesita acceder a caballos e instalaciones muy particulares, debido a su tamaño, y no es façil encontrarlas. Subvencionamos la creación de nuevos campos y en las escuelas deportivas de clubes buscamos que la gente joven que empieza pueda alquilar caballos para initiarse, haciendo así el polo más accesible, sin tener que comprar caballos.

P .: ó Cómo está affeando la pandemia al polo en España ya la Federación?

R .: It affected the park, for a month, it was a deportation where the children against other countries, and for others, for the mobility between municipalities. The effect is that in all sports, even practicing in the air free distances can be maintained. Además, in the case of Andalusia in particular, has given the case that it is very difficult to extort what normally competes in its origins, but it is not possible to return and enjoy its cavalry, it impulses the celebration of competencies, and in Sotogrande you have more in other years.

P .: Do you have a polo practitioner base in Spain?

R .: Everybody is the mayor. Este viernes habara cuarenta niños compitiendo en Sotogrande, mientras que el año pasado llegamos a tener ochenta. Selling little, we know that every year we have more access to the horse and free air is something very appetizing and fun. It is advisable to increase the interests of the cavallos with more tranquils, aptos para los ninjos, which no necesariamente tienen que ser los más rapidos. This manner is created by family plans, complete, where you can be a father, mother and girl. Y eso es algo que vamos a ver cada vez más.

“It is a sport that requires great space and superficial plans, and it will always be a barrier inevitable.”

P .: What are the barriers to the deportation of this sports in Spain?

R .: We compare with a country like Argentina, which is a place with a difference of respect for the rest of the world, and we found one of the Polish camps in the province of Buenos Aires, and además hay manyos caballos. It is a sport that requires great space and superficial plans, and it will always be a barrier. For other people, little to little empire to know the story in Spain, you are the best caballos of Argentina. Además, es un deporte que economically no tiene retorno, no hay competenciones para obtener un lucro economico, es un hobby.

P .: This year, the International Tournament of Polo de Sotogrande is also published in a rare number, which one?

R .: It is an excitement, a recognition for those who impulsively hate cincuenta years, the family of Mora Figueroa and Enrique Zobel. These entons have been consolidated in honor of the obligation of the polo world, in which the police officers of the world are compliant with their extraordinary conditions, with probation against the major camps of the polo world, at the level of entry in Argentina. This year, in particular, I want to know a lot of competition with the participation of the best players, which will cover all the foxes. Y va a ir a más.

P .: El polo cuenta con su propio servicio over-the-top (OTT) y LaLiga Sports TV retransmite torneos. Is there a better solution than the lack of interests of other media?

R .: The polo no deja de ser a compeción difícil de seguir por televizión, con partidos que pueden durar hasta dos horas. You have to be aware of the beauty of the TV. It is a pity that it is difficult to be able to do everything for the sake of supremacy and rudeness, aspects that alcanzan your plenary for the spectacles that are present in person. The Entrance of Pololine (OTT) is a sample of what it takes to connect and sell. It is indisputable that the number of licenses in the world augmenta year to year, crece, and the people have an interest in keeping in mind the competencies of the best players and teams at the time of the whole season, celebrating the United States, English language Sotogrande and Argentina. Pololine has seen that there are more sponsors and people who are interested in being here.

“In Spain we inspire the models of the United States, England and Argentina

Q: Is polo alone for riches?

R .: No, the test is that there are all types of games. For the high competition competition you have economic media, but professional contracts, in support of the professionals who are not rich. And there is a lot of polo, the mayor, the camp, but he is not playing in the big competitions. With the two cavallos that are very accessible and economical that somersault, can play polo. The polo alone is a deporte de ricos and you want to compete at the highest level of competing principles, such as the Copa de Oro in Inglaterra and the Copa de la Reina.

P .: qu En qué países debe España fijarse para que el polo crezca?

R .: We inspire you in the models of United States, England and Argentina. Quizás el polo mujeres es el que maş ha cambiado en los ultimos años, con un comité de handicap propio, donde pueden struggir entr ellas cuando hasta ahora símper competing with men. Además, hay que conseguir que los que empiezan tengan continuanad y accedan a la compra de caballos, incentivando la cría.

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