“It’s a reality that Uruguay can be a champion”

The Celeste team was invited to take part in the tournament organized by the Uruguayan Association of Polo (AUP) and the International Federation of Polo (FIP), following the rules of Chile (9-8), Brazil (8-6) and Peru. 6-4). The titular quartet before the incaicos fue with Santiago Stirling, Matías Carrique, Ignacio Viana and Gastón Magariños, and completaron el plantel Mauricio Sánchez, Federico Arocena, Bautista De Castro, Federico Striling, Colo Stirling and Federico Lidner.

It is a form, a goal of the World Cup, which is realized in Palm Beach, United States, between October and November.

The polo process

Este hito del polo uruguayo es el resultado de un processu que comenzó hace un año y medio.

“Para el polo uruguayo esto es algo super relevante. This is the first example that Uruguay has a classification for a World Cup ”, said Referee Valentín Martínez, President of the AUP.

Incidences of the South American

This is the 12th World Cup in Uruguay. “It has been realized in the classifiers in Uruguay, it is the third and most important classifiers,” Martinez said.

“It simply came to our notice then take Uruguay to the world level, with the repercussions that this signifies in the desolation of sports, for counters with the support of the governor, of sponsors, to generate more interest in the young, the young, the women, to be able to learn and to be in the shape of a creature more interesting and more intense all the towers ”, commented.

The process to find the classification of the World Cup has been made by a year and a half. Referee Alexis Boismenú, AUP Director and Member of the FIP Administration Council.

The World Cup in Palm Beach

“When we saw the new AUP directive, we can’t use the 2021 World Cup lens, which will end in 2022 on the topic of covid-19,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then two of the best of the world that Pelón Stirling and Alejo “Jejo” Taranco, que juegan uno en La Dolfina (el mejor equipo de polo) y el otro en La Dolfina II, por lo cual hablamos con Jejo, le ofrecimos ser el head coach de este proceso para que nos ayudara y aceptó ”.

Luego, comenzaron los entrenamientos. “We have the opportunity to prepare the selected tournaments and tournaments and practices in La Dolfina, with a great man of Adolfo Cambiasso y su familia, a quien tenemos que agradecer, fueron parte del processo ”.

The local

Además, take the conditions to pick up the tower and be local. “For the reasons of the pandemic and the well-mannered for the national authorities and the Uruguayan people, we have been allowed to sit behind the elimination court other countries in the conditions of the organizer this is a South American classification, ”said Boismenú.

The South American and classifier is a member of the AUP and FIP cargo and requires an organization with the delegation of delegations, most of them working installations of Punta del Este Polo & Country Club.

The lens now belongs to the World Cup

Además, con todo lo referent caballos ya los cuidados veterinarios durante el evento.

“AUP brindó todos los caballos that jugaron in the different teams. This means an experience of a large part of the Uruguayan police officers who stop their cavalry. It will be between 90 and 95 cables to support the teams ”, said Martínez. The distribution of equines is based on the form that all teams have to do with their missions.

Continued with the participation of Brazil, Chile and Peru, “selections of the Order of the Order, algunas that have been champions of the world”, said Martínez, ”.

Argentina no compitió to be the world champion of the world and to be classified in the World Cup.

“With this process that we want to prepare for the young players, to have a head coach like Jejo Taranco ayudando, and having the ability to be seated, all this left to him brooch oro fuera dar el paso historico de llegar al Mundial ”destacó Boismenú.

Soñar con el Mundial

Click the classification, the polo shirt and the ball to continue on rumbo al Mundial de Palm Beach and plan to plan as the 2022 selection calendar.

“Prepare for a training program, participation in various high-level handicap tournaments to improve your style”, said Martínez about what will happen in time. El Mundial tendra ocho equipos de distintas zonas del mundo, a los que se les suma Estados Unidos por ser el amfitrión y Argentina por ser el campeón mundial.
Uruguay is the first classifier of the rest of the eyes and in the March to discuss the other vacant cups. Seria and a handball tournament, with 14 goals per team. “I can’t play 10 handicap players, because the maximum player is in this tournament is 5 and at least 1. The sea that sums up a handful of handicap players has 14 players,” said Boismenú.

Do Uruguay have the strength to be a world champion? “It’s a reality that Uruguay can be a champion, the teams are all parents”, Señaló Boismenú. “Hay que ir bien preparado y entrenar, intentar jugar juntos lo makimo posible con todos los jugadores seleccionados”, agregó. “Now the lens is the world championship, something that is possible. And why don’t I dream of that ”.


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