International Day of the Dead: a prize for the Heroes of Toledo 2022 at 21 Huancaines | News

En el Día Internacional de la Mujer, a party of reflection that is commemorated today, the municipal municipality of Huancayo galardonó to 21 huancaínas con el premio Heroínas Toledo 2022 por sobresalir en su labor profesional, cultural, deportiva o como emprendedoras.

“As part of the State, it is ours to continue in a just fireplace, from the base of the construction of riches, we can dream of women and varones for a better social society, but for a reduction in gender; our light is the mayor ”, said Ana Belén Chupurgo Canchari.

In the sports category, the presence of the German deportees of Huancayo: Laura and Romina Medrano Ilizarbe. The youngsters of 20 years are dedicated to the cycling of the 14-year-old thanks to the lessons of their fathers, also deportees.

“My career was initiated when I was 14 years old, in the form of a part of the center of the high end and I am a cyclist out of tenin. The women are able to make something in the middle of what we are. We are warriors and because of them we can do this because we are incomparable ”, said Laura very enthusiastically.

Herman Romina remarked that when he was engaged in the cycling deportation, the participation of the women of the era was reduced, but this participation was incremented. “In the ultimate competence that you can observe the participation of women, I am very happy that most women are encouraged to participate in different ambitions, demonstrating what we can do,” he commented.

Inka Fashion

In the category of Economic Development, Julia Castro impulses the fashion of Peruvian at 95% of the talent of women artisans that you retain in the organization Inca Fashion Peru. This is an attempt to be affected by the pandemic covid-19 dio un plus al capacitar a jóvenes madres que se quedaron sin empleo para que puedan generar ingresos económicos.

“The development in Peruvian fashion has been carried out by handy artisans, our organization is Inca Fashion Peru. We have the capacity for women to be able to work and work and generate resources. It is necessary to follow and follow with our needs to overcome the difficulties, the women who are together and we are not doing well ”, said.

Cultural events

Andrea Bedregal Zegarra obtuvo el primer lugar en el area de Aporte Cultural. She has been working with her for years in theater themes, commentaries, murals, music and poetry in the artistic coffin En Blanco and Narices Negras Clown, and always impulses free courses.

“From here we have been working in the cultural field, working on projects to recognize talents and giving freebies. The message is that we will always be able to reflect and reflect on what we want to do, to make the most of the cultural and non-ramparts, creams in our country and we are really beautiful ”, he said.

Just like the women multiple stories of educators, police officers, volunteers in health and bombers, who celebrated their day with recognition.

En estuvieron presentes la subprefecta provincial de Huancayo, Lilibet Chupurgo; la juzaza specializada en familia, Teresa Cárdenas Puente; los regidores Lariza Rojas Rojas and Alex Sinche Espinal; el jefe de la Unidad de Transito, Erick Acosta Rojas; the captain of the Bomberos Company, Aris Torres Orihuela.


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