In San Martín the passion for the polo is alive in the woods and mountains

En el Secreto de sus Ojos, la película de Juan José Campanella, Pablo (Guillermo Francella) le explica a Benjamín (Ricardo Darín) que una persona puede cambiar todo: su cara, su casa, su novia, su religión, pero hay una cosa que no puede: «no puede cambiar de pasión». Eso sienten por el polo y los caballos casi una docena de amigos, en San Martín de los Andes. When it comes to El Desafío Resort, you can enjoy a great deal of “taqueos” and corridors about your adrenaline rush and destinations with the best landscape.

He found the time quatro de la tarde, la hora en que los petiseros comienzan a traer los caballos. If the match (religious) is a religious religion, a time when there are preparations, sales, protection colloquialism, charles, among others who have a mate and the “talent” of jintes, jeguas, and caballos.

El Lugar, a few kilometers from the city, is a mountain resort with golf courses and a polo level. The preview of the national news will be in the elegance of the Muñeco Gallardo, for making the song with River Plate. En verano pre-pandemia, los medios del país mostraron al football team train rodeados de bosques de pinos y montañas.

The petitioners lie with the cavallos in a notorious symbiosis between men and beasts, in love with love and care hacia losa animales obliga a retratarlos con enorme respeto, y admiración.

There are nice and good friends. Charlatores y de los otros. All amateurs and respectable people with people and everyone with animals. Ellos they are the fundamental hermit for which the jaines can unravel the virtues of the caballos in the cancha.

Between tacos, bowls, boards and members on the bench of 270 by 150 meters can be found by they are pure. The great surface balance is perfect, and it is possible to improve the level of practice for the practice of sports.

Photos: Patricio Rodríguez

In the heterogeneous group of friends, women of great destiny are always residing in the city, living together with people of distinction, professions and offices. The participation of an adolescent in this stage was determined: Lolo. Con su papa Tomás, en algunos partidos juegan juntos y otros en contra, pero los que saben dicen que Lolo, promete ser un polista de los notables.

Photos: Patricio Rodríguez

The game is divided by four, six or six chucks (times), every one of the minutes of duration. It is a colorful spectacle in which the passion and destinations of the jaines are apparent. But the admirable and influential is the natural fire of the cavallos that can keep the three-meter-long houses in the appendages with a pinch of segundossomething extraordinary to see.

Photos: Patricio Rodríguez

But all of the friends, the passion for the sports that we bring together to play with a lot of fun and moments of vehemence, always with the care of the security of personnel and the contingent. Fuera de la cancha, los relajados spepectadores presencian jugadas llenas de vertigo y de gran spepectacularidad. The comments and questions in the final of the match with a brilliant refresher, between jokes and drawings.

Photos: Patricio Rodríguez

Here, in Patagonia, this deporte with more than two years of antiquity has a very marketable time. In these days, create the enthusiasm and entertain the best for passionate amateurs.

Father and son of the same passion. Photos: Patricio Rodríguez

The activity of October in the middle of the month, in which it is possible to approve and fortify the new cavallos and to play games in practice to prepare for the tournaments that lead to the principles of energy and February. La Copa Desafío, La Copa la Rural (como cierre de la Exposición Rural de Neuquén) and también la Copa del Circuito Patagónico, que se juega en todos el país, son algunos de los eventos más importantes. More info:

Photos: Patricio Rodríguez

When the term día, lo petiseros vuelven al encuentro con los animales y comienzan a quitar monturas, friends and vendajes. Colocan mantas sobre los lomos para llevarlos a sus cabalerizas en busca del merécido descanso después de una jornada de entrega que asombró a los privilegeados observadores.

Photos: Patricio Rodríguez

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