In Cali open convocation to adopt retired horsemen, these are your requisites

Photo: Alcaldía de Cali

From here it will take years Alcaldía de Cali y los carretilleros vienen diskusiendo la mejor manera de acabar con el el trabajo animal, todo para que estas personas puedan seguir trabajando, pero los caballos dejen de ser utilizados. I want to take care of myself, la administración está empezando a recibir los animales y buscando personas idóneas para que los adopten.

El alcalde Jorge Iván Ospina señaló que después del effective acuerdo al que se llegó con los carretilleros, la entrega de caballos y carretillas en la ciudad se estará llevando a cabo en este 2022, razón por la que from the Alcaldía to the convocation of quienes to adopt the equines.

“We are initiating all the gestures to find the best adopters for the caballos, because we want to make a llamado to the callers and Colombians who want to adopt, saying that we are not working. These equines need to be in the period of retirement and hairdressing”, Explained Liliana Sierra Chávez, Assessor of the Animal Protection Team of the Alcaldía de Cali.

With this new phase of the process, the local authorities will be included in the meeting of the adherents who are bound to take care of the care and benefit of the cavallos. ”The interests Seran visited, enlisted and took care of the adoption protocol to guarantee the best of the animals ”, added the administration function.

The person interested in adopting one of the equines but only the one who manifests his interest in Alcaldía, also has the opportunity to demonstrate that he is an adequate person to make a cargo of animal care. It is due to the fact that the administration has planned a basic request for these possible adopters of the jubilee equines.

The requisites are:

– Be the mayor.

– Present a copy of the identity document.

– Have time for an interviewer and know about responsible adoption.

– Have time available for home visits.

– Have an adequate space for the spice.

– Demonstrate economic capacity to save animal gases.

“We want to make a llamado a los caleños y colombianos queran adoptie, acclarando que no son para trabajos, necesitan estar en retiro y hacer ejercicios menores”, insistió la asosora del equipo de Protekción Animal, Liliana Sierra.

By the way, from the Alcaldía record that, in the year 2018, the example of the process of substitution of animal traction vehicles was executed, this is a gift of compliment to the sentence C355 of 2003 Order of the Constitutional Court. In these entons, the great part of the carrietors is taken care of; without embargo, you have a minor pendent.

It is because in the year 2021, the Ley 2138 was sanctioned with the establishment methods for socio-laboratory reconstruction of this vulnerable population in all national territorieswhich fortaleció el processo that estaba llevando a cabo el alcalde Jorge Iván Ospina.

The year passed, in the midst of the dialogues with the administration, varied carretilleros manifestban at the disposal of the animals, but solicitaban to the authorities that guaranteed the right to work and legally to accept this medicine.

From the portal of Alcaldía dieron to know the version of José Rojas, who left more than 20 years old y “después de hacer la entrega de los caballos y las carretillas, el compromiso es finalizar definitivamente su empleo para el trabajo”.

On his part, the Secretariat of the Socialist Biennale, Jesus González, said that “we are in agreement with they have to have a social, educational and recurring experience to stimulate a new productive activityya sea en el campo del recyclaje, transporte o en otro tipo de sector que ellos consideren ”.

In the brand of the program of substitution of animal traction vehicles impulsed by the Gobierno Nacional, in the capital of Valle del Cauca, 798 motor vehicles were launched in 2012 and 2017, the Alcaldía de Cali.


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