“I absolutely want to increase the hours of physical activity in colleges”

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In an exclusive conversation with RedGol fem, at the request of the Minister of Sports, Alexandra Benado, the expression of preoccupation with the instincts of sedentaryism and obsession with children, children and young people; and search for the time dedicated to Physical Education from pre-school education.

Minister Benado will focus on school education in connection with the Ministry of Education
© MindepMinister Benado will focus on school education in connection with the Ministry of Education

The election of Alexandra Benado as Minister of Sports in the example of the office of the President Gabriel Boric will mark a point of departure in the Carter area. The ex-selection of football players and professors of Physical Education has a panoramic view of the sectors of the sector.

An interview with RedGol, Benado understood the importance of attacking “the problems of sedentaryism and obsession” in children, children and young people. “They are multifactorial problems, and they have to deal with sports issues, but also with social, economic and health aspects,” he said.

The head of the doctrine pretends to be the most amply: hours of work for mothers and fathers, access to sports infrastructure or security in the country “.

In this manner, Benado created that in Chile we will promote the sport as an instrument destined to improve the quality of life of the persons of the integral manner. in obedience, it generates a perverse effect that provokes exclusion and discrimination “.

More physical activity for children, children and young people

A company that is in need of a new job, and Minister Benado is waiting to work with the Minister of Education, Marco Antonio Ávila, to increase the importance of physical activity in school life.

“As a professor of Physical Education, I believe that I absolutely need to increase the hours of physical activity. Only in educational institutions, but also in infantile gardens, with the best information,” said the Secretariat of the Secretariat.

“Let us have the necessary conversations with the Minister of Education, and it is important for us to be able to do it,” said Benado, who expects that the culture of sports can be extended to adults.

“In the Superior Education there is an important respect for sports. It is important to be able to do so, for our and our deportees will be able to cycle with ease at this stage,” the minister said.

The expectation is that most chilenos have deportation. “As a country we have the capacity to enter a sports offer for all our potential deportees. In Chile there are deportees with potential and we can not afford to have access to infrastructure, professors with all kinds of disciplinary skills. football “, complete.


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