How to be a policeman for a day (without having to go to a cable)

The companies that offer this service, invite you to try a day in the field with all the attractions related to more Argentine sports.

The adventure of the time of the man, the host of the 10, and included translations. If you have a company with your specifics, the market will generally be well under the following agenda: a campground, one of the theoretical tips, one of which is a party, a match with companies, wine and wine will be on the list. to play. I want to live, I feel like a very special spectacle.

“We have all the days of the year. With this activity, the visitors are summed up in the world of polo. Empiezan la mañana mirando un partido con 8 polistas profesionales, se les cuenta las reglas del partido y, después del almuerzo, se juega a 4 chukkers (period or time of the party) “, said the diary, Celia Alfie de Argentina Polo Day.

What do you find in this day? First of all to mount a horse, which is the main thing to be able to enjoy this adventure. Luego, los instructoros explican cómo tomar el taco de polo, apuntar a la bocha y el día concluye compartiendo un mini juego de polo (casi como un jugador profesional).

To be polished for a day, this company offers trails in its beautiful camps located in the Chapel of the Señor, just 50 minutes from the city of Buenos Aires. A treat of 5 stars is served, with cans in perfect condition, where the note of dedication and love for the cavallos is taken.

“It’s fun, it’s between the chuckkers, we have the backstage, like the petites, tocan the campaign when the chuckker terminates, to differentiate the technicalities of the tackeo. experience “, added Alfie.

To live this, only hacen falta ganas. If you are a knight, this is the opportunity. This is a simple clinical clinic for beginners, it is the perfect excitement to live a day in Argentina. For this reason, there are many corporate events of this type of experience, where you can participate with 200 people. In the same, the groups, for the traditional tourist, can go to 2 of the 35 people.

La jornada, se extiende hasta después de la caída del sol, que le imprime un aura especial al campo. At the age of 19, the house is connected to the house.

El Polo Day is for people who want to learn and want to have their class hours. They have a reception reception, a reception for three passes (main plate and post entrance) and merienda. At the game, everyone is happy lo necesario para que estén equipados: casco, coderas, botas y taco “, explicaron desde Estancia Puesto Viejo, otra de las compañías que ofrece el servicio en un campo ubicado a 13 kilometers de Cañuelas. All of them also have special instructors invited to work on a cable and teach a good job.

“Our intention is to get the pole of the people. Most people have to support this sport. We fight with the paradigm of what is only for others. We don’t have the caballos or the petite, we love you. quiere venir a jugar “, resaltó Alfie, quien dijo además que cuentan con otra experiencia interesante: el Polo Night. It is considered a unique moment for women who want to play polo stars, so that this is the only professionally illuminated song. Al igual que en el Polo Day, que es una jornada más extensa, en esta experiencia nocturna, dan la opportunidad de visitor palenques y observar petiseros ensillando y cuidando de los caballos. Además, practiced different types of tacos, using tacos. The Polo Night program starts at 19:00 and ends at 24:00 and includes broadcasts.

How much does it cost?


u $ s185 / 195

by person depending on the company)

Includes everything: sweets, food, polo services.


u $ s165

by person

with everything included.


The mayor’s office is located in the town of Buenos Aires.

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