How much is it that you are depressed? How to recognize and find the addition to the church

The benefits of practicing with regularity and deportation or a routine of exercises are too much and a spectrum of variation — where a major physical health problem is mental, where the spiritual is superficial — that very often speaks of what happens when we go to the gym with the gymnasium running.

The phrase that everyone in the world can do well to keep up with the fact that a priori we have a good time. Include if you want to be treated, the act is more pure and that you exist, when you are the owner of the account that is capable of affecting the heart and blood.

How does it work in sports? The extreme and most famous is the vigorexia, a mental trajectory that can affect the practitioners of practical culture and life of fish. Ahí el crecimiento muscular se vuelve una obsession tan grande como los mismísimos biceps de Schwarzenegger. The people who are empathetic to being able to keep weight and consume proteins and carbohydrates in a compulsive manner, including the injection of anabolics and steroids, which are very important for health.

More big biceps, more deep problems.

But this is extreme, but it is unique. The territory that crosses the front of the limits is amply, but always has the space and more that cordial welcome for the new excels.

Al menos asi me paso a mí. Decidí salir de un largo y corrosivo period de malos hábitos para regresar hacia los buenos. The practice is to practice habitual and consistently and to everyone’s ability to succeed: the body of empathy to operate in a manner that is more functional and agile, with greater flexibility and strength. La cabeza, por otro lado, pareciera agradecer esta desintoxikación, y un animo más vigoroso comienza a germinar como bellas pero fragile florecitas dentro de un maloliente pantano.

But this is the problem. You are endorphins, who enter as a torbellino of energy when you can save, empiezan to taste when you have more, to the point that you need diarrhea with urgency. In the month of the month I was imposing you with a bandana and a lot of all the days.

In retrospect, this is the first example of my addiction: the bandana.

Liego viene la ansiedad, un viejo sentimiento, muy conocido, pero con una nueva form. Because it is a matter of constancy and discipline and other compulsion and obsession. They are very distracted but can be found with a lot of ease.

Todo se mezcla como un batido de proteinas y el saludable deseo de hacer ejercicio se convierte en ansiedad y ese motivante dolor en los musculos que empiezan a tomar forma se vuelve fatiga por sobre exigencia. Ganas and motivation are transformed by nervousness.

Follow the advice of a consultant with a specialist to find out when he is very emaciated and tired of being causally and consequently, as he also knows how to maintain his habitat in the land of good habitats.

Do you want someone else to depend on the level of the night? Renata Almada, a sports psychologist and panelist for TNT Sports, has been working hard to work.

The wait is very vigorous. I don’t care. I was asked: “Yes, you can be physically addicted”, he said.

But I can also understand and explain that the practice of sports and physical activity are factors that generate good and good health. “But you can be excellent,” he said.

Muchas personas realizan ejercicio justamente po esa activación biochemica que ocurre dentro de sus cuerpos. “It produces a segregation of hormones and neurotransmitters like serotonin, which relates to happiness; the endorphins that motivate and regulate anxiety; and the dopamine, which relates to the placer ”, enumera.

Here, this is, the fireplace is bifurcated and the people are separated in two groups, says Almada. In the first place, they are psychologically healthy, and in addition to the taste of these dense sensations of sports, but also that there are opportunities to provide in other ways of life.

And it’s the other group. Uno que, explica “presenta carencias de trasfondo y una merma del quadro psicologico po factor factors hereditarios o situacionales. This individual can generate a square of dependence, because of the importance of the uniqueness of the United States.

From the point of view of physics, the excellency of the world is a great study. In the literature specializes in English speaking the most common overtraining syndrome and within its effects he found more intense musculature and prolonged muscular habitats, disturbances in the cycles of sleep and tambourine alterations in the appetite.

Renata Almada suma input how many physical effects. “You can provide legions for extras, such as tendinitis, or death in the immune system. In women, they can have amenorrhea — the absence of menstrual periods — and other types of consequences of hormonal levels, such as osteoporosis and alimentary trastors. The men can not only include a libido. ”

It is impossible to notarize when you are a member of the account. Physically and mentally, there is a sense of self-sufficiency and anxiety that is a subset of animation through the medium of professional transpiration, the elevation of cardiac rhythm and muscle exigency. But for some reason, to pay for the extension, it is always equal.

Quizá porque uno dice: “ó cómo me va a hacer mal algo que hace tan bien? Ok, the last week is a tomato with a little more calm ”. They are what they say déjà vusuenan demasiado familiares.

Illustration: César Mejías

How do you know that a child can be addicted to an addiction? The sports psychologist says that it is a triad of factors, with social, psychological and physical consequences.

First of all, I can not only know the frequency of training activities with important activities to search for hours and places that are very popular. Secondly, when the absence of childbirth was generous, anxiety, depression, and the problems of the dream. Y tercero, cuando uno se ejercita a pesar de estar lesionado, extenuado o incluso enfermo.

Almada advierte que las consequencias a nivel psikológico de esto pueden llegar a ser “devastadoras”, pudiendo llevar a la persona a marginarse de su entorno, o que cuando está con gente (lo invada una invada una culpa i including s estado deporívo por no cump volume of diarrhea of ​​ejection ”. There is a problem of hierarchy, the identity of athletics is subordinated to the identity of personnel.

Hay personas inclu que sufren sidromes de abstinencia cuando no realizan ejercicio. “This is the physical and psychosocial manner,” says the specialist, “with sensations of obsession and obsessive thinking. It is also possible to produce more activity in the hippocampus, the thought of generating when people addicted to alcohol or cocaine is a time consuming ”.

El problema, o al menos parte de él, está en una creencia muy tatuada: “Seguro has escuchado o dicho qu el el deporte es mi terapia”, dice Almada. I can see you, I think. “There’s a semantic problem. Claro, el deporte genera bienestar, contributes to the correct functioning of the neurotransmitters, impact on the state of animation, including memory and entrepreneurship, has been able to regularly state anxious about depression, but… ”

(¿Porque siempre tiene que haber un pero ?, pienso mientras la escucho).

… Hay a risk, because you can enjoy a depressive or anxious picture of your anxiety running the weight. It is a palliative solution, at the moment a major is perceived, but it can be lost and searched again. Ahí se producu un círculo vicioso ”, dice. For those who are not talented, Almada enfatiza en que el deporte es sin duda “un potente aliado” de la salud mental, pero en ningún caso un sustituto de la terapiia o la ayuda profesional.

Ironically, a solution is a summary of the routine of ejection. But it is not aerobic or anaerobic. “The practice of deportation also requires a diary of self-determination,” said the psychologist.

Accept a plan of real and objective lenses and know the limits of our circulars — life style, life, physical state, health conditions, etc. ”. “En ese ejercicio de autoconocimiento está la llave para tener objetivos posibles que ayuden a mantener la motivación; I counteracted the frustration, the risk and the abandonment, ”he said.

Además sugige enfocar el cumplimiento del lensi en torno al processo y no tanto a los resultados. He was dismayed by the fact that he was the culprit in this, advierte, “pass the bill, because it provokes mental agitation”. To avoid, start “enter the crucial role of the holiday to lose the lenses”.

Finally, there is a very emotional call. “Hay que reconocer la adidción, entender las razones detra de una conducta compulsiva ya nombre de qué carencia trabaja. This event can be a sign of a trastor base that should be investigated with an idiotic treatment, ”he said. To comment, I met the bandana.

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