Hallan el Endurance, the mythical boat of the Shackleton Polar Explorer

Johannesburg, 9 March An investment expedition that took part in South Africa in February confirmed that it was cold and good at the rest of Endurance, the boat of the legendary polar explorer Anglo-Irishman Ernest Shackleton who was hunted in 1915. “Cien años después de la muerte de Shackleton, el Endurance fue hallado a una profundidad de 3.008 metros en el mar de Wedell (en el oceano Antártico)”, indicó este mércoles la expedition, bautizada como Endurance22, en un communicado. The remnants of the mythical barco fueron hallados, según el texto, “dentro del aú de buşqueda definida por el equipo expediciónario antes de su partida de Ciudad del Cabo” (surroeste de Sudáfrica), en una zona a unas 4 millas al sur la la posición that the captain of the ship, Frank Worsley, registered before the trip of Tuviera, which he abandoned, when he was beaten to death. “The Endurance expedition22 is close to the lens. We have a history of polarity with the Endurance discovery and complete with the search for the world’s most important job,” said John Shears, leader of the expedition. “We are tired of our good luck with the location and the number of endurance images. It is, of course, the best made of mayor of the city that cares that you have it. brilliant preservation “, something, by the way, Mensun Bound, director of Endurance Exploration22. He is also an expert, and in the end he was able to read the “Endurance” inscription in the shape of the board of the board. The discovery will only serve to “save” the history of the polar investment, it will also animate a new generation to inspire the “pioneer spirit, courage and strength” of those who visited Antarctica in the new world, said Bound. The Endurance22 team – a project organized and funded by The Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust (FMHT) – works from the southern African SA Agulhas II (property of the Ministry of the Environment of the Australian Nation), under the Order of Knowledge Captain Bengu, and the search for submarine hybrid vehicles. El pecio is protected as a Historical Place and a Monument near the Antarctic Treatise, following the search for a project in its communication, for which the investigators will be assured that he will be able to find a sound and film it in the day of the fire. . The expedition in which Endurance took part in 1914 to take care of the sea of ​​Weddell hasta el mar de Ross (ambos in the ocean of Antarctica), passing by Polo Sur. Tras el naufragio del “Endurance”, que se había quedado atrapado y dañado por el hielo con sus 28 tripulantes a solo 160 kílometros de la Antártida, Shackleton (1874-1922) dirigió a sus hombres por el hielo en botes salvavidas hasta la Isla Elefante , donde la gran mayoría sobrevivió meses alimentándose de focas y pingüinos. Shackleton says that Nadia is looking for searches, because she decided to go on the 22nd of her men waiting for the Elephant Island and part with the rest of the sailors in a bottle of salvaged rumbo in the islands of Georgias del Sur in an epic gesture in the search for help . It was 1,300 kilometers long, it was located in a balneal center, four months ago, a return trip to the island to see the views of the 22 companions who had been hired again. EFE ngp / lbg / cg (photo) (video)

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