Hallado tras 107 years old. Mayayo

SHACKLETON AND THE ENDURANCE: Hellado el pecio del legendario buque explorador antártico, hundido hace 107 años. Ernest Shackleton’s expedition passed the story as a sample of survival in the worst conditions.

Los 27 tripulantes, naufragados en pleno Círculo polar Antártico lograron sobrevivir, sin perder uno. So only hubo that lamentar la perdida del buque ENDURANCE, cuyos restos han sido hallados hoy en el fondo marino, magníficamente preservados.

Shackleton Endurance: State of the market. 2022. Photo. Endurance22


Legend of exploration.

MARCH 9, 2022: Hallado el pecio del Endurance,

107 years ago.

He informed me very well la expedition ENDURANCE22, por fin se located at the endurance supply, el barco de Sir Ernest Shackleton que no ha sido visto desde que fue aplastado por el hielo y se hundió en el Mar de Weddell en 1915. He passed by less than 100 years of Shackleton’s death and 107 years of hunting.

El Endurance found one of 3,008 meters in the Weddell sea. The search for the area of ​​the search was determined by the team of the expedition of the part of the City of Cabo, and approximately four miles from the position of the original register by Captain Worsley.

The ship is protected as a site and a historical monument in the virtue of the Antarctic Treaty, which guarantees that it will be examined and the film will be shipped, but it will not be damaged in any way.

It looks like a historical halo of first magnitude for the history of navigation in general, and for the great explorations of polarity in particular, we will be able to reply with your views.

shackleton endurance restos 2022

Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton

(15FEB 1874 – 5ENE 1922)

Shackleton has a polar explorer who can tell the story of his incompetence for the survival of the circumcised. Aunque, quizá debio haberlo hecho tambien por los grandes errores cometidos en la planificación previa de varios projectos en cuya dirección figuró.

Su primera experiencia en las regienes polares fue como tercer officien en la Expedición Discovery del Capitán Robert Falcon Scott, 1901-1904, de la cual fue enviado a casprano a casprano por motivov de salud.

Let’s take this great adventure of the day, because of the degradation, but we have realized the interpretation, creating as the conditions for the great misfortunes of the postmasters.

Sir Ernest Shackleton. Royal Geographic Society


Lessons not appreciated that causaron dos destastres.

Aquella pioneer Expedition Antártica Británica marco un hit in the history of polarized explorations. Curiously, in a conclusive manner, the catalog is like a rotating exit, from which you have to ask for the right limits to free the boat Discovery ya su tripulación del hielo.

Sin duda, la principal falla del projecto consistió en su incapacidad para hacer uso de mejores technicas y lograr así un eficiente viaje polar, esencialmente el manejo de esquis y perros.

A deficit of the British model of Antarctic expedition that persisted in the following British expeditions to Antarctica realized during the “heroic period”.

A mistake not corrected with the time of the causation of the new disasters: The death of the property Robert Scott tras pisar el Polo Sur and the Hundimiento del Endurance.

The “Discovery” by Robert Scott


El Capitán Robert Scott y otros cuatro valientes intentaron ser los primeros en llegar al Polo Sur, sin usar perros ni esquis. Norwegian Roald Amundsen’s wedding with him for a little more than a month, with all the salvage,

Without embargo, the group of Scott Murió intentanto regressar del polo en un final dramatica cuya ultima entrada en el diario de Scott está fechada el 29MAR 1912.

Cherry-Garrard accompanied the initial team to the ice platform of Ross and hosted the Beardmore Glacier, the toboggan that took off from the Antarctic moon to the platform. En el borde de la meseta polar, Scott le dijo que tendría que regresar hacia el norte.

On the way back to Polo, Scott was at the point of 82 ° 30 ′ S to the teams of three days before the announcement, announcing in the diary of February 27, 1912 an extreme entertainer on the content and absolute drama of fund.

“Naturally, we are always discussing the possibility of finding opportunities, where and when, etc. It’s a critical position. It is possible that we find a way to save the deposit, but there is a horrible element of duda.

Los perros que habrían sido nuestra salvación evidentemente han fallado. Meares (el musher) tuvo un mal viaje a casa, supongo. It’s a miserable revolt. “

De hecho Cherry-Garrard is staying in this team, which will not be able to penetrate in aquel moment most alá de One Ton Depot. Llegaron entonces, sin saberlo a tan solo 18 km de la tienda final, donde Scott y sus compañeros murieron congelados.

En 1912-1913, Cherry-Garrard y otros miembros de la expedition marcharon de nuevo al sur. This is the place to find store agreed that contains three of the unsecured ones.


Cherry-Garrard published in 1922 a mythical book “The Worst Journey in the World” On the other hand, it is logical to have terrible experience, to expand your actions and the decisions of the leader of the expedition. The book cierra con una meditación escrita sobre los temas del autosacrificio y el heroísmo.

Visto hoy, se trata de una apología clara de las redución tomadas por alguien tan directamente implicado en ellas que no logra distanciarse para asumir los errores en la planificación que ni el maás elevado heroísmo de los hombres implicados pudo revertir.

This is a lack of self-criticism in the water of the world, explicitly part of the second disaster in 1915, where the lovely Shackleton saved the day of his trip, weighing on the boat Endurance.


Shackleton conducted three British expeditions to Antarctica. He passed the story as one of the principal figures of the “Heroic Age of the Antarctic Exploration” and included a study as a reference to the gesture of teams.

And that, according to the dramas of planning and comedy logistics, is the team’s goal of producing the hunt for the most beautiful and very sensible people.

Trans renunciar a la Primera Expedition Discovery del Capitán Robert Falcon Scott, 1901-1904where to stay at the house for health reasons, regression in Antarctica in 1907 as the leader of the Nimrod Expedition.

Ernest Shackleton (izq) Robert Scott (center) and Edward Wilson. NOV1902

En enero de 1909, antes de la muerte de Scott, he and three companions realized a march hacia el sur. Fueron a latitud sur más lejana que nadie había alcanzado, a 88 ° 23 ′ S, a 97 millas geograficas (112 millas terrestres, 180 km) del Polo Sur.

Este fue, con mucho, el viaje más cercano al polo en la historia de la exploración hasta ese momento. Shackleton fue nombrado kaballero por Eduardo VII a su regreso a casa.

Shackleton Nimrod Expedtiion South. 1909


In 1912 it was launched with another expedition, on board the ENDURANCE book. The expedition included a rodeada on the road, the boat was built, the house was built and the house was built. This terrible condition makes 281 days of bordeaux waiting for the rock to break again. On the spot, the boat is often lazy on its feet.

On October 27, 1915, Endurance cedió al fin: Una nueva ola de presíón atravesó el hielo, levantando la popa del barco y arrancándo timón y quilla. El agua helada comenzó a inundarlo. But Shackleton and his trip you have been preparing for this moment, decembercaron all in time acamparon en el hielo.

Sin arredrarse Shackleton y sus hombres arrastraron sus botes salvavidas sobre muchas millas de nieve y hielo hasta llegar al mar. Zarparon en los botes salvavidas y finalmente llegaron a la Isla Elefante. Mintras, el resto del mundo que no tenía news suisas des de más de un año atrás, los daba ya por muertos a todos los effects.


A gesture without being equal to the border of “James Caird”

Without embargo, against all predictions of the trip to the full loggia subbrevivir. Include, if you want to open your account, in a historical gesture:

In April 1916, Shackleton and other four-year-old navigators of the Georgian sur Sur home. It is an incredible gesture, for your real estate.

Shackleton Endurance: Botadura del James Caird. Photo: RGS

Lo hicieron en uno de sus propios botes salvavidas, retratado arriba en el momento de la botadura para el viaje y bautizado como «James Caird». Remaron y navegaron sin desmayo, hasta arribar a una estación ballenera donde al fin lograron seguridad propia e initiar el rescate de todos los demás. It has completed a journey of 1300 kilometers on a long journey of 16 days for one of the most beautiful seas of the planet.

A true bribe for the navigation of all times, that he passed with justice to history. Finally, uon an expedition to recover all the rest of the relics that took place on the Elephant Island in August 1916.

Here you can see a summary of the latest expedition ENDURANCE on your own.


In 1921, Shackleton regressed from the new Antarctica with the intention to lead to a program of scientific activities. Antes de que la expedition pudiera comenzar este trabajo,

Shackleton killed an attacker in the heart of 5ENE1922. Su barco de aquel entonces, el «Quest», estaba amarrado en Georgia del Sur. Shackleton, for the sake of being the entertainer who enters all the polar regions that I love so much.



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