Good luck and always have the best in sports nutrition

The plan is to plan our alimony for the purpose of adapting to sports that we realize is common in the areas of alimony for the general public, the quails of this state of affairs for the deportees, who have different requirements for incoming requisitions. rest of the population.

By the way, it is necessary to differentiate between nutrition and health and nutrition nutrition.

Deportivo nutrítie tiene como objetivo mejorar el rendimiento deportivo a través de la alimenación, pudiendo comprometer en ocasiones en mayor o menor medida la salud del deportista (speaking always within the limits of ethics and health).

Chris Froome’s design in a holiday around the 2016 Tour

This is something that we have to have in mind, because of the shock of a shock in a prime moment, the search for the maximum yield in a sportsman, in the midst of nutrition, training in other procedures, but it is 100% salutable. It is possible to generate a series of compensations in our organism (in the case of nutrition and the potency of determinants of metabolic routes) that we are not optimistic about the health, but we are trying to get the most out of sports, which is our lens.

Thank you, the basis of sports nutrition is that we know how to save food. Here is the consumption of all types of food, fruit and vegetables, quality protein, healthy salts, processed foods, etc.

The rice cakes are very popular among cyclists

But you can understand the differences between them with the help of food and demonstration strategies in the area of ​​health. Pongamos algunos ejemplos:

  • El use of large amounts of simple carbohydrates (sweet). Algo que para la población general supone un problema debido al agudo incremento de la glucemia que produce, con los effectos perjudiciales para la salud que ello conlleva, in the context of a cyclical stage, we will be able to bring in a large amount of energy from the shape as fast and as possible as possible. This is a translation of a mayor.
  • Avoid fiber consumption. By all means, the number of beneficial effects that we have for our body is the consumption of dietary fiber, such as regulation of intestinal transit, maintenance of our intestinal microbiota, regular cholesterolemia, etc. but in the context of the hours of competition you can avoid the need to avoid paralyzing gastrointestinal problems during the competition. I want to translate it into a major mayor.
  • El consumption of large proportions of macronutrient determinants as it is the case of carbohydrates. This can be a problem in general and reduce the proportions of the rest of the macronutrients, it can also be a great color that accumulates in a form of grace that causes / obesity in the future. But in the case of a cyclist, he is the main source of energy to be glucose-free, he needs to be in need of enormous opportunities that are mainly supported by the consumption of carbohydrates, which does not consume a limited amount of income in return. you need to reclaim other energy substrates.
  • And finally, sports supplementation. Amada por input, odiada por otros. You can add a balance to the health and you will not use it properly or a competitive sale and you will use it correctly.

Because everything in nutrition is always “dependent”. Each food and nutritional strategy has its own context para lograr los objetivos que buscamos. It is always possible to recommend the most professional nutritionists to be able to cope with rigor.

Written by José Carlos Núñez LópezGraduated in Human Nutrition and Diet for UGR, Master Official in Nutrition Deportivo for UCAM and Deporista de Alto Rendimiento.

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