Gepe explica por qué el aumento de aforo en Fase 4 no es suficiente para los muzicos chilenos | Arts and Culture

The singer-songwriter will be present at the Grand Arena Monticello in front of Mexico City at the Vive Latino, which will be able to reclaim the foreign scenarios.

Este 12 de marzo, a dias del aumento de los aforos en Fase 4 y de los reclamos de los musicos chilenos para que esto se estienda al 100% (hoy el plan Paso a Paso permite 2 personanas po cada 1 metro quadrado en dicha etapa) , Good and Betty Cuevas coincides with the Grand Arena Monticello and the full repertoire of the local music cartel in vivo.

“Every day is part of it, with its music and music. The old people are confused, and I think it’s a combined show, but I have a lot of collaborations, ”said BioBioChile the singer-songwriter Sanmiguelino, who once again hosted La Ley with a cover of “Double Opuesto”.

Para Gepe se trata de un show especial, en el que podrá estrenar en vivo su nuevo sencillo, “Las 4:40”, pero también alistar lo que será su regreso al festival mexicano Vive Latino este mes y, con ello, a los shows international.

“Son concanttos bastante importantes”adelanta Gepe, who summed up the petition of the artists to augment the affair in the musical spectacles, for lejos, one of the most affected by the pandemic.

For Daniel Riverosname of the composer’s file, will be retorted to a key event in international language: “El Vive Latino is like the old times. Always what he said here, the public fluctuates between 100 million and 80 million people, which is not enough. We have different years that we do not know, that I am anxious and content ”.

“It was interesting, because I had something to do with the thick iguana and mandan a la chucha. Yo nunca lo he visto acá en Chile de manera tan clara ”, confiesa. “The two of us used to cut the light, varied the minutes, and they were waiting for me. It is a defiant, disinhibited situation. Además is super social, there is a place to share and find out with everyone “, describe.

In the neighborhood of San Francisco de Mostazal, it is very probable that no situation is limited, but it is possible to record the Latin American synergy of its repertoire: the ultimate sense, “Las 4:40”, but it is not a good guide at all. the name of the gang of Juan Luis Guerra, also a band of reminiscences of the Aztecs.

(P): La Sociedad Chilena de Autores e Intrerpretes Musicales (SCD) estigiendo volver a un aforo del 100% a raíz de la delicaça situation laboral de los muzicos. How do you define the actual situation of the game?

. It is not ideal, but it was nothing: many spectacular spectacles. The San Bernardo Folklore Festival has a good reputation. But in 90% of the cases, but I can take it all. We are 12 people and 16 people, between musicians, people who love our instruments and artists who want visuals.

Este verano, se supone, la cosa se iba a recuperar en términos de conciertos: we have 15 days, something like that, and we have a cayeron 12 of a day for other. And with all the entradas for sale. Con una ley pareja, por último, sería distinto, pero uno ve los malls, los estadios, el transporte, lo que la gente sabe, entonces es injusto, da rabia y mucho coraje. For the sake of their concerts, he has been on the agenda for April and May, which is now like the music and the feast of music.

(R): ¿Do you have expectations of the new governor of Gabriel Boric and his new Minister of Culture?

(R): I am sure that the new ministry of men will be able to preoccupy me with the bronze knights of the plazas and to put more enthusiasm in the artists of the music and the Theater, which he said he was so naked, quizás un poco más, que los musicos, que pueden trabajar por lo menos con más aforo. I am sure that the new government, and the new ministry, will take the situation back. The numbers of the pandemic are well known. I think the criteria are from the 11th of March.

(P): Este 2022 se cumplen 15 años de uno de tus discos más elogiados, “Hungría”. Are you ready for some kind of festival of respect?

(R): Y se cumplen 10 years of “GP”. They are discovering that I have a lot of food, and “Hungary” has been one of my favorites. It has a disco where it is, in a very good place, super lost. Venia de ‘Gepinto’ and no veniaa tocando con las mismas personas. Había incertidumbre y vertigo. I love that the public takes care of these discos, which are great, very nice profile.

(P): ¿Do you have a white polish from The Beach Boys from the days of the “Hungary” promotion?

(R): Por supuesto, lo tengo ahí. He wanted to mark the other day.


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