Encountered inactact ‘al’ Endurance ‘, el hunto de Shackleton en la Antártida en 1915

A scientific expedition has been found Endurancethe boat explored by the British explorer Ernest Shackleton. The embargo was carried out in 1915, exterminated by the marine church that blocked and hunted mar de Weddell. Shackleton and its triple conocida como Transatlantic Imperial Expeditionasperaba a ser la primera en atravesar por tierra la Antártida.

Cien años después de la muerte del explorador, la expedition científica Endurance22, ha dado con los restos del barco. Located on the Weddell sea in 3008 meters from the depths of the search area defined by the expedition team ahead of the City of Cabo, and approximately four miles from the position of Captain Frank Worsley hundimiento. The scientific mission is located in the waters of investing in the effects of climate change in the area and approve the technology and the response of scientific media to locate the fish.

“Our Lenses for Endurance22 will locate, inspect and film the rest of the ship, but also implement important investment investments and implement an exceptional diversion program”, said Donald Lamont, President of Falklands Maritime Heritage Trustthe organization that promoted the discovery.

El pecio encontrado esta protegido y no se puede tocar, por eso de momento, sólo se han tomado imágenes que prueban el gran hallazgo. “We are open to our good fortune to know the location and capture of Endurance images,” said Mensun Bound, director of Exploration Exploration. “It is, with a lot, the best naufragio de madera that he saw in my life. It is beautiful, well organized by the marine fund, intact and in a brilliant state of conservation. Included can be found in the “Endurance” arched in the pope, directly from the pope’s barracks. This is a hit in the history of the polar ”, said.

Casco del Endurance bajo el agua. Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust

Shackleton, mythical explorer

“People are looking for a great trip. Reduced salario. Cold penetrating. Largos months of complete obscurity. Constante peligro. Dudoso regress sano y salvo. Honor and recognition at the exit court ”. Este fue el anuncio que Ernest Shackleton publikó en la prensa para reclutar a la tripulación de su primera aventura en la carrera por la conquista del polo sur: la Expedición Nimrod (1907-1909). Take the example of the three expeditions that Shackleton realized in Antarctica. Aunque la gloria por la conquista del polo se la llevó Roald Amundsen en 1911, Shackleton fue uno de los aventureros más importantes de aquellos años.

Ernest Shackleton (born) joined Robert Falcon Scott (center) and Edward Wilson at the Antarctic in November 1902.
Ernest Shackleton (born) joined Robert Falcon Scott (center) and Edward Wilson at the Antarctic in November 1902.
El Endurance semi hundido en la bankquisa de hielo.
El Endurance semi hundido en la bankquisa de hielo.

La Nimrod was the prime minister of the Irish, a British flag bearer of the expedition battling the record of 97 miles of polo, which was the title of Sir. The second intention is to take the polo on the floor to be recommended. Viajaba en el Endurance pero el barco se vio atrapado en una banquisa de hielo que fue aplastando lentamente el casco hasta hundirlo. The permanence expedition in the end of the year. The Shackleton determination saved the 28 men of their expedition. Abandonaron la banquisa en los botes salvavidas hasta la isla Elefante, deshabitada. Una vez allí Shackelton y cinco de sus hombres se subieron de nuevo a un bote y navegaron 1.300 kilometros, durante 16 días, para buscar ayuda.

The explorer is now able to lay the pole on top of the queue, the third adventure of the cost of the life when he suffers an attack on the heart attack, one more, the iced continent. The personality and leadership of Shackleton is a studio house in the schools of business management.

“We are waiting for our discovery to involve the young and inspired by the pioneer spirit, the heart and the strength of the aquellos who navigate the Endurance of Antarctica. We will pay homage to the navigation skills of Captain Frank Worsley, the Captain of the Endurance, who will register the details of the inviolable days in our search to locate the rest of the ship, ”said Mensun Bound. The work and mission of Endurance22 is converted into a documentary with the Shackleton landlords and the scientists who agreed with the boat.

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