‘El Padrino’: Francis Ford Coppola uses a real horse head for 1 famous scene

El Padrino is celebrating his 50th birthday this month, and with each birthday he has a miraculous retrospective of the most missed moments and good luck. El Padrino you have a lot of iconic scenes, one of the cues is the scene in which a man lives with a head of horse-drawn cord in a boat. As the director Francis Ford Coppola, the production team did not go with rodeos and use a real cable head for this stage.

Poner una kabeza de kaballo en la cama de alguien es una formu unica de enviar un mensaje

En El Padrino, the scene of the cabaret of the knight’s eye when the Corleone family intents to play Jack Woltz (John Marley), a producer of the Hollywood movie, and Johnny Fontane (Al Martino) on paper. Tom Hagen (Robert Duvall), the abbot of Corleone, was sent to speak with Woltz. Hagen visited the establishment of Woltz durante la escena, donde Woltz muestra su preceado semental negro.

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