El Abierto Argentino de Polo y su importancia a nivel mundial

The last days of the year are the most awaited by the loves of polo and the most important teams in Argentina, which required all the years of retirement Triple Coronaone of the most attractive sports attractions in the world. Place of the festivities Ellerstina in Tortugas and the coronation of the Nativity in Hurlinghamya comenzó a disputarse la gran coronación, uno de los eventos más importantes del mundo: el Open Argentino de Polo.

In dialogue with Marketing Registrado, Lucas Adur, the CEO of the Polo Association Argentina, refer to the transcendence of Aberration in the whole world, detailing the inversions that are realized in the Campo Argentino de Polo in the last years and account of what is being treated Polo University.

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“Abierto Argentino de Polo is our main organ and the main active member of the Association of Argentina de Polo. By the way, this is not a sign that we will be able to play our other tournaments and tournaments that are part of the Triple Crown “, commented Adur.

“We have a super-perspective perspective in the region, which is the generation of polo and the level of families that live from this sport. Todas estas cosas son las que nos hacen poder decir con total seguridad que en Argentina está el mejor polo del mundo ”aggregate.

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In the line of the line, about the last event of the Triple Crown, he compared: “The openness of the Argentine of Polo is the moment in which we will be able to show everything and we will show our best king. Argentina está preparada i capacitada para hacer eventos de primer nivel mundial, que pueden llegar a compararse con los mejores eventos del mundo “.

El Abierto is the most important event in the world and Palermo is standing at the height of the last years y claramente, nos viene mostrando todos los años un poco más ”, cerró.

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“Pontualmente sobre el Campo de Polo, que en los últimos años se convirtió en una unátración no sólo para los que disfrutan o practican el deporte, explicó:”The act of activating the field of polo of Palermo los 365 days of the year we are obligated to carry our own all the property of the important state, in terms of content and infrastructure. We realize a work and an inversion very important in the region “.

And complete: “For the sake of being contaminated with the correct societies to lead the way. Our lens is that the fruit of the world of the late all year, but only the 30 days that endured the Argentine Open. The people who come to the region do not want to create surprises with what they find and the gastronomic properties of the level with contaminants, thanks to the chefs of the best national level. The pandemic helped us to find out what the Campo de Polo was a place very good for realizing free-range activities. The sponsors are our companion in this initiative ”.

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To finalize, the CEO of the AAP is referring to Polo University, a platform that has as much to educate and create relational opportunities in sports. “Polo University is an idea that potentiates the pandemic,” in a manner of acercarnos toda la gente que vive del polo y disfruta de este deporte “.

“We feel that we are trying to get rid of the idea of ​​homogenizing and homologating the Polish contests. In addition to her, the people can learn how to train the best girls and also to support what is the ecosystem of polo fields. The more than 3,500 inscriptions that Polo University can carry out courses and form part of the charles, ”he said.

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“On the grounds of the University of Polo, the Association of Argentina I want to create opportunities and form people who can live to see this sport. There are many families in Argentina who live here. Argentine petitioners are recognized by the level of the world for their professionalism. We look forward to seeing the people of this educational platform “

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