DS AUTOMOBILES, a year more accompanying the best polo of the world

DS AUTOMOBILES continúa demostrando su apoyo al mejor polo del mundo y, por primera vez, estu junto a RS Murus Sanctus Polo Team.

Leading by Facundo Sola, this line-up, along the DS 7 Crossback, December in Argentine weather with views on the surprise of the 128º Abierto Argentino de Palermo, the most important championship of the World Cup.

It is a very important holiday in Ellerstina, the champion of the Aborto de Tortugas, a few meters from the final of the Abirto de Hurlingham, which is 14-8 minutes ahead of La Natividad.

Y llega al Abierto Argentino en gran forma, como cabeza de serie de la Zona B, en la que hara su debut el 17 de novembre, frente a La Dolfina Brava o Alegría.

In principle, the world of polo and the world of DS AUTOMOBILES is based in the `Savoir Faire ‘, a collection of compliant values ​​that excel in excellence: audition, attention to detail, herencia (DS AUTOMOBILES) o tradition (Polo) that you want every time and every time you are unique and irrelevant, like every vehicle that is conceived by Marca as a work of art.

In the relationship between the generation between the player and the cable in each Chukker subyace la misma ambition that DS AUTOMOBILES propone en la concepción de sus vehículos para lograr sensaciones de conduction conduction.

In the year 2015 DS AUTOMOBILES emerge as a brand of luxury. Y en este 2021, se encuentra acompañando a un equipo que participa po segunda vez en la gran cita obligada del año para el polo mundial, RS MURUS SANCTUS POLO TEAM.

MURUS SANCTUS POLO TEAM is established in a tranche of French fiction that is the epic of the novel. His name “Murus Sanctus” signifies Muros Santificados in Latin.

And in 2020, the organization organized its debut at the Triple Corona Argentina, starting with the semifinal of the Open of Tortugas and the final of the Hurlingham Open.

In the open Argentine of Palermo, the team led by the spectacular form of La Dolfina, a team that has lost about 34 games, not even the last 7 years!

The most promoter is that the team was reformed for the Triple Crown 2021 with two of the best players in the world: Juan Martin Nero and Pablo Mac Donough, ambassadors of La Dolfina. Going to Facundo Sola, 9 by Rubén Sola (handball player), at the same time, the team left the words “RS” and Guillermo “Sapo” Cassette (s) with 10 handball goals, RS MURUS SANCTUS POLO TEAM tiene all list for salir a la cancha. A combination of great players, high quality cables and an infrastructure of first level international.

Gonzalo Cassina, Director of DS AUTOMOBILES Argentina, said: “We are continuing with DS AUTOMOBILES in the world of Polo for a sport that inspires passion, audition and distinction. In this opportunity, we are accompanying RS MURUS SANCTUS POLO TEAM together with DS 7 CROSSBACK during your participation in the 2021 season and with views on the surprise of the most important world championship: the Aberto Argentino de Palermo. DS AUTOMOBILES will bring the spirit of vanguard in a handful of people who will dispute the team this year. ”



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