Deportivo rapa de aportiva a ensayos clinikos: Fundador de Lululemon compromise $ 100 millones para encontrar la cura de FSHD | Communications | USA edition

Deportivo rape to clinical clinics: Lululemon sponsor compromises $ 100 million to meet FSHD treatment

Chip Wilson on a form of muscular dystrophy and search for significant innovators to meet a girl for misfortune and other people

VANCOUVER, Columbia Británica, March 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The most experienced companies in the world are generally willing to share as well as the lessons learned and the Moldovan resilience with a sense of business, without embarrassment para superar sus mayores desafíos: su salud.

Haciendo publica su propia historia, el Sr. Wilson, who was diagnosed with musculoskeletal dystrophy facioscapulohumeral type 2 (FSHD2) at the age of 32, announced compromise of $ 100 million and create a new experience, Solve FSHD, with the objective of finding a cure for FSHD for 2027, objectifying the cause of genetic predisposition to improving function and muscle growth.

“Solve FSHD to accelerate the development of pharmaceuticals and therapies with insufficient funds to detect muscular degeneration, increase muscle mass and improve the quality of life of people living with it,” said Wilson, who played 10 squash games. because I can’t take a racket about my head.

The 67-year-old, the company and father of five little varones, said that the superior part of his body is “very debilitating”. Sus piernas perdieron sustancialmente tejido muscular y Wilson prevé que en un futuro no muy lejano necesitará la ayuda de una silla de ruedas.

“I can walk, but I can be very focused and attentive, I can eat or eat. Sé que un día ya no podré caminar sólo “, dijo el empresario y filántropo de negocios canadiense. En la actualidad, no hay cura para la FSHD, un trastorno genetico con diversos sintomas, gravedad i progresion. Según Mayo Clinic, de General a meeting in the family, family and men.

“It is one of the muscular dystrophies and adults of mayor prevalence. The FSHD Solve investments now have to help validate biomarkers and develop new therapies that pay dividends more than anyone who wants to find an investigator who is looking for better FSHD therapies. These investments are based on the future of clinical clinics and serve as a family for all funds and additional investments “, added Dr. Jeffrey Statland, Professor of Neurology at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Dr. Statland conducts clinical capacity investigative in neuromuscular diseases, with main inflection in FSHD.

“Solve FSHD supports projects that normally do not cover funds, including bottle racks in the process and, by the way, accelerate the development of clinical clinics and innovative therapies.

Scientists, biotech and biopharmaceutical companies, specialists in muscular degeneration and other researchers who work in the field of muscular dystrophy similares are invited to come into contact with Solve FSHD. Solve FSHD search finance to invest in possible investment companies, businesses and medical interests in advance investments and related clinical relationships.

The FSHD resolver also wants to be in contact with people who have FSHD tips, which can help as a volunteer unites a registry of contacts for clinical clinics.

“The FSHD changes the life of people and everything that makes me very different,” said Wilson. “I prefer not to be observed, but I have to say my time and money to help with this important cause that takes me to heart. In this way, there is a reason to dream about the people affected by FSHD “.

Acerca de Solve FSHD
Solve FSHD finance innovations of investment and development of biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals that accelerate new treatments for muscular dystrophy facioscapulohumeral (FSHD). It is a program fully funded and created by the company and philanthropist Canadian Chip Wilson. The founder of Lululemon Athletica inc., The sports team inspired by yoga, has been living with FSHD during the last three decades of his life. El Sr. Wilson compromised $ 100 million of his money to create Solve FSHD and initiate funding for projects that support the organization’s mission: accelerate the investment of new therapies and find a cure for the 2027 Trastor.

Subsidies for the financing of subsidies are published on the web site of Solve FSHD –

For companies at the initial stage, communicated with Solve FSHD in [email protected].

If you have FSHD information and information about clinical clinics or participate in the FSHD registry, consult the FSHD Solve web site –

For media representatives or to solicit a media interview, communicate with:
Kamran Shaikh, Director de Cuenta
PR Associates
[email protected]

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