¿Conoces tu huella deportiva?

Suena extraño que una activativde que ha sido desarrollada por el ser humano para su bienestar no lo sea también para el planeta. Muchos de los deportes que practicamos son altamente contaminantes, generan huella de carbono y no son sostenibles ni con el medio ambiente ni la sociedad. Without embargo, each of us has more consciences and is a lot of sportsmen and multitudinal sports events that he encouraged to practice and promote a lifestyle compatible with the planet.

No solo se trata de un tema de instrumentation, -sabemos que manyos de los elementos y accesorios usados ​​en el deporte son elaborados con materiala altamente contaminantes como el plastico, el polyester y el nailon-.

Realize sports in closed gymnasiums, with machines that can be used to elaborate on the need for high energy consumption, which will indicate the urgency of an emergency exchange in the world with the stability of the planet.

There are some sports that can be used to save a lot of money, but we do not pay 100% and it is the case of motoring with the use of electric motors and cars, which is very efficient, which reduces the consumption of fuel. Football can be played by its efficient constructions in the stadiums. Como en el caso de Qatar 2022 el cual ha diseñado el primer estadio removable, transportable and reutilizable. Además de la mejora en la energy efficiency and the use of most amiable materials with the medium ambience.

En el olimpismo también se han hecho cosas interesantes como lo es la elaboración de medallas a partir del uso de metales recyclados.

However, the utilization of materials and the majority of practices in practice is not 100% substantial. The organization and planning of these sports events can be countered with an excellent communication strategy that generates competition between the spectators, and that a spectacle of this type can generate tonalities and tonalities.

I have a lot to say about how to migrate to the main sports, I want to know that I am not alone in the topic of materials, planning, logistics and services. When we take care of natural spaces, we should consider the respect of our missions, explore local routes that are very massive, which reduce disability, respect biodiversity, but care for the elements to despair of all men who want to pay attention to the idea. lleve sus huellas y se traiga magníficos recuerdos de su jornada deportiva sostenible. Respect the sentries that visit no other ecosystems.

It is important to consider that the practice of deporting to free air at the end of the landscape, which allows you to adequately manage the final disposition – always indispensable sea, contributes to the rational use of water and energy. Choose from reportable use of recyclable materials, natural and organic fiber bodies and also a part of the solution.

Cycling, running, plogging, teaching, senderism and martial arts are some of the sports that can be practiced. Record además como nos debemos comportar cuando assistos a un evento deportivo masivo es vital. Finally, our physical health is not with the health of the planet.


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