Comenzó el mejor torneo del mundo: el 128 Abierto Argentino de Polo

Adolfo Cambiaso playing a new Abierto Argentino de Polo. This opportunity with a new formation (PH: Wendy Falourd)

The fact that all the police officers are waiting for the end of the year, the final comment is the last of the week. The tower where everyone is waiting to be held is the most important part of the world and converts to “Coronados de gloria”. El 128 Abierto Argentino de Polo tuvo su comienzo en la cancha dos del Campo Argentino de Polo, with the entrance center La Dolfina Saudí y The Fish Creek Alegría.

But the expectation is still in the new team La Dolfina y sobre todo nuevamente la presencia de Adolfo Cambiaso in the tower more important than the world. The little public presence can be heard and the teams will be able to save the game. The one of the Cañuelas team is this opportunity to be accompanied by new friends: Francisco Elizalde, David Stirling and Diego Cavanagh.

It has an encyclopedia Alegría Fish Creek llegaba al Abierto luego de haber obtenido una plaza desde la clasificación y con la ilusión de poder ganarle a uno de los líderes a quedarse con el título. He made the score a comment with parity, the first partial final for 3-2 in favor of La Dolfina. But I quickly demonstrated the superiority of Cañuelas in the superiority and in the rest of the time the result was partly 9-3.

If you are in the game, you are superior to being in the marker, but you are with the strength of the game inside the game, which is true La Dolfina follow the marking of the goals and with the correlation of the minutes of the difference, it is more important and more difficult to repair. In the last minute of the game the team Change jugaba with the tranquility of having a marker more aborted and finalized with an 18-3 in your favorite.

La Ensenada advises an important victory in front of La Irenita in a party adjusted to the principle of fin (PH: Wendy Falourd)
La Ensenada advises an important victory in front of La Irenita in a party adjusted to the principle of fin (PH: Wendy Falourd)

With the result of the first part of the part Open Argentino de Polo ya sabido, La Ensenada y La Irenita take a trip to the canna of the Argentine Field of Polo. I have one “Palo a palo” from the beginning, to the end of the battle of Ensenada, I am impressed only by a goal. But to score the difference between the mayor and the final final on 16-11. This manner, finalized the first issue of 128 Abierto Argentino de Polo HSBC.

La Ensenada Brubank: Juan Britos (h) 9 (5 goals, two penalties and one corner), Alfredo Bigatti 8 (3), Juan M. Zubía 8 (7, three penalties) and Jerónimo del Carril 8 (1). Total: 33.

La Irenita PT: Santiago Loza 8 (2), Segundo Bocchino 7 (2) (Recibió una tarjeta amarilla en el septimo chukker), Ignacio Toccalino 8 (2) (Recibió una tarjeta amarilla en el quinto chukker) e Isidro Strada 8 (5, cuatro de penal ). Total: 31.

La Ensenada Brubank: 0-2, 2-5, 4-5, 6-6, 8-7, 12-8, 14-10 and 16-11.

Games: Gastón Lucero and Martín Aguerre. Referee: Matías Baibiene.

La Dolfina Saudi PT: Adolfo Cambiaso (h) 10 (10 goals, penalty shootout and corner kick), Francisco Elizalde 9 (1), David Stirling (h) 10 (3) and Diego Cavanagh 9 (4). Total: 38.

Fish Creek Alert: Juan Ruiz Guiñazú (h) 8, Clemente Zavaleta (n) 7, Joaquín Pittaluga 7 and Bautista Bayugar 8 (3, one penalty). Total: 30.

La Dolfina Saudi PT: 3-2, 5-2, 6-3, 9-3, 9-3, 12-3, 14-3 and 18-3.

Games: Martín Pascual and Rafael Silva. Arbitrator: Federico Martelli.

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