Carrasco Polo lost 33-15 in Los Cuervos

For the most beautiful part of the Super Uru de Clubs, Carrasco Polo demonstrated its authority before Los Cuervos at 33 and 15 at the Charrúa Stadium. The vigente rugby champion uruguayo is fully supported by everyone and demonstrates that he is one of the candidates for the title.

From the initial syllabus, the local fire is very effective in 22 rivals. Golpearon first with a try at the minute of the game by Santiago Gibernau and pushing in Los Cuervos this time arrives from Temprano. To this point, the most persistent visit to search for points and beds on the feet of Sebastián Janssen, but its complications in extreme defense. From the three opportunities that you have the Carrasco Polo close to the ingole against the opposite of the three, a pattern of high efficiency. We have a team that offers an unforgettable visit to visit the canals of the canal one and two, looking for the points of entry.

For the last minutes the local mantuvo with high efficiency in the red zone y eso lo ayudó a estar siemper por delante del conjunto de Los Cuervos. The visit for a moment is a sample of hopefulness with a try, but quickly the apagaron is light. This Carrasco Polo mantle is well suited in the Super Uru de Clubs.


CARRASCO POLO (33): 18. Agustín Pérez 2. Santiago Revilla 31. Reinaldo Piussi 19. Rodrigo Lamé 4. Lucas Piriz 24. Manuel Castro 6. Gonzalo Sotto 8. Santiago Hernández © 20. Alejo Piazza 10. Jeronimo Etcheverry 14. Santiago Gibernau 27. Patricio Inciarte 22. Joaquín Freitas 35. Tomás Bameule 15. Federico Berchesi.

CHANGES: ST 6 ‘Santiago Inciarte by Manuel Castro, 10’ Felipe Delgado by Jeronimo Etcheverry, 15 ‘Carlos Angulo by Agustín Pérez and Martín Ibarra by Rodrigo Lamé, 18’ Santiago Álvarez by Alejo Piazza, 25 ‘Ignacio Losso and Daniel Gutiérrez by San and Reinaldo Piussi, 30 ‘Alejo Parra by Patricio Inciarte.

ENTREPRENEUR: Juan Miguel Álvarez

LOS CUERVOS (15): 17. Joaquín Jaunsolo 2. Agustín Conserva 3. Francisco Berruti 4. Federico De Los Santos 5. Juan Cruz Codesal 6. Lucas Bianchi 7. Federico Dibueno 8. Martín Darracq 9. Juan Manuel Passadore 10. Martín Secco 11. Sebastián Janssen 12 Juan Martín Nieto © 13. Rodrigo Quintana 23. Juan Manuel Pandolei 15. Martín Pieroni.

CHANGES: ST 1 ‘Germán Kirgel by Agustín Conserva, 14’ Lucas Alvez by Francisco Berruti, 16 ‘Ignacio Pereira by Federico De Los Santos and Diego Galcerán by Juan Manuel, 23’ Carlos Kigel by Joaquín Jaunsolo, 25 ‘, 28’ Joaquín Freyer y Juan Martín Rippe by Federico Dibueno and Sebastián Janssen

ENTREPRENEUR: Alfredo Giuria

POINTS PRIMER TIME: 1 ‘try by Santiago Gibernau and Jeronimo Etcheverry (CP), 5’ penalty Sebastián Janssen (LC), 7 ‘try by Manuel Castro and Jeronimo Etcheverry (CP), 19’ try by Martín Secco and Sebastián Janssen (LC), 21 ‘try of Tomás Bameule and conversation of Jeronimo Etcheverry (CP).

POINTS SECOND TIME: 9 ‘try by Santiago Hernández and conversation by Jeronimo Etcheverry (CP), 18’ try by Federico Dibueno (LC), 28 ‘Try Daniel Gutiérrez (CP).

AMONESTATIONS: 39 ‘amarilla Tomás Bameule (CP).

CANCHA: Charrúa Stadium.

REFERENCE: Matías Esteban.


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