Cabbalos de supuesto líder de lavado de dinero eran usados ​​para terapias, fotos i competencias

The cables are discarded as part of the Phoenix case, they are used in the hacienda of this name, in Pérez Zeledón, in equity classes, equinotherapy, spectacle offers and photo sessions.

The hacienda, owned by an unscrupulous appellant Segura Angulo, who is a verdulero paso a poderoso hombre de negocios, tiene salon de eventos y aun adrecida en redes sociale como un centro ecuestre que vende caballos finos.

Take a look at these pussies to participate in November 2021 at the Copa de la Federación de Ecuestre Internacional (FEI), see photos posted by the hacienda.

The animals were incapacitated – together with many more beers for ¢ 6 million – the 22nd of February and the days of subastados.

The authorities of the Capital Legislation are waiting for the payment to be made. This money is one of the accounts of the Institute of Costa Rica on Drugs (ICD), which administers a million-dollar decision as part of this investment.

Segura Angulo is a judge of the Judicial Police as the leader of a gang dedicated to the great plague that has been discovered in the history of Costa Rica.

Entre los animales decomisados ​​hay una yegua de la raza Barock Pinto, otra de raza Gypsy y un caballo retinto español; their editions of the 5 years to the 10 years, according to the authorities.

From the variety of caballos that must be seen in the photos, only a quarter of a dozen children and children in the care of the white El Blanco, in Guápiles, from the March 22 March.

The Institut Costarricense about Drogas coordinates with specialists to know how many cabalites.

Dos fueron valorados con un precio base de ¢ 500 mil, monto a partir del cual se ofrecía por ellos en la subasta.

This game was subastaron dos, a horse caught for ¢ 1,850,000 y une yegu in ¢ 4,500,000 (¢ 6,350,000, total).

It has a caffeine with a base price of $ 3 million (¢ 1.9 million) and a white cake that has an initial price of $ 4 million (¢ 2.6 million); this podrian is subastados el proximo martes.

All this money was destroyed by mil 6 million dismissed by this band of operatives.

This plate is a component of dollars, colonies, 1,253 wristbands (electronics), electrodomestic and properties.

Este es el decomiso más grande en la historia judicial de país po asuntos de supuesta legitimación de capitales.

La plata le sera devuelta a Segura unicamente si al final de un eventual juicio es declarado inocente.

Olger Calvo, of the Ministry of Public Affairs, said that this organization did not decompose a single gram of drugs; but I can say that the authorities do not have the strength to pay the price of the narcotics crime, but this is an investment with which the organization is related.

I do not want to be treated as a Mexican group, among those of Juan Manuel Hernández, conocido como “el Güero” and married to the Golfo cartel (Segura fue la mano derecha de Hernández, against the authorities).

El Güero was in Costa Rica on July 5, 2012 and was born on April 5, 2013 in the 11th anniversary of the narco.

This year is sure to be a fruit and vegetable vendor in the center of Pérez Zeledón, but you can see a giant gyro and a great place to be one of the most commercial merchants in the area.

Segura y su esposa, de apellido Chacón, estan hoy entre los más buscados por el OIJ.

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