Argentino Abierto de polo: between influences, emotions, gestures and surprises, a moving tower

Entering an open space, with the skills of the most beautiful, with the influence of those who are now on the preliminary list of those who are surprised. It was the ingredient that failed the Triple Crown to reclaim the lost magic. Claro que nada seria lo mismo sin la emoción, sin los gestos, sin el recuerdo. The Argentine Championship Abierto de polo 2021, el que recuperó la gente en las tribunas, lejos está de conformarse con aquella victoria resonante de Chapaleufú sobre La Natividad, que acababa de ganar el Abierto de Hurlingham. And surely offering pearls that enaltecen. The protagonists. In variations. If you want to decide if you want to comment …

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Facundo Sola is a chico entrañable. A day is set in a previa production THE NATION of the Palermo Abbey with Attila, a Bulldog English who durante buen rato se transformo en “el personaje” de la mañana. In an annual event with other players from other teams, in the anteroom of the tournament, more important than the world for a photographic production, the strings are religiously the scene of the scene. Locuaz, divertido, obcurrente. A beautiful dream, on the inside and on the fire. The devil of “Ruben”, the father who dreamed of playing in the Triple Crown and the champion of Abierto. A well-behaved and factual type, together with its esposa, of a beautiful family that completes Delfina and Rosario. Facu tenia 16 when debuta dejar desde Moldes hasta la cancha 1 de Palermo para una note para la revista Polo Mundial de “revelaciones” junto con Nicolás Pieres y Cristian Magoo Laprida. El día anterior había fallecido su mejor amigo. Tenia motiva sobra sa faltar a faltar a la cita, pero no: hombre de ley, allí estaba.

Hace dos años, había terminado el partido contra La Natividad, en la cancha 2. Las Monjitas había ganado, pero Facu estuvo lejos de poder festejar. Ruben was very nervous with the parties. It arrives from a truck, providing the location. Your heart does not support. Tiempo más tarde, el heredero lo recordó en una note muy sentida. “Unía a la familia”, he said. I know that Ruben is staying from somewhere. Always.

The emotion of Facu Sola by his father

Facundo Sola y el recuerdo de su padre

Like the fire is myrrh. An exciting time, with a code that I have a lot of money for. Casi sin official parties, saltó a la cancha frente a La Dolfina Brava, un bravísimo rival por cierto que sólo entrego las banderas en el supplementario y casi saca del torneo a RS Murus Sanctus. RS is Ruben Sola. Always looking for Facundo. That no pudo evitar emotionarse con ese gol de oro que justo llegó un 1º de diciembre. Como en aquel 2019 en el que el destino le arrebató al papa. Las cosas, dicen, pasan por algo. Y rara vez son en vano. RS Murus Sanctus sigue en pie. Ruben lo sabe.

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Saturday 27 November. Hay brisa in Palermo. The question is repeated before each race in the area: “Y Hoy Cambiaso se queda afuera, no?”. A cada uno le respondimos: ‘La tiene difícil, pero por algo Fangio decía aquello de’ carreras son carreras y hay que correrlas’. Have a very magical magic of Adolfo Cambiaso and de La Dolfina in front of Ellerstina, con ventajas que llegaron hasta un 15-5 en el 6º chukker. A tactical and emotional plea that he wanted to move the map of the certificate. The multiple champion, with other training, but he has found the right point in the whole time and time to lose in front of La Ensenada. Established on the board of precipice, without polo and having a rival as a classic rival. Pocos fueron a la Catedral a ver otra cosa que un triunfo de la Z. Pero Cambiaso y Pelón Stirling tenían otros planes, que impulsaron a sus compañeros Francisco Elizalde y Alejandro Muzzio. Notable victoria y panorama abierto en la Zona A. Al punto de que La Dolfina puede depender de Ellerstina para clasificarse.

Adolfo Cambiaso and the health with Facundo Pieres

But history is different. Apenas terminó el partido, Facundo Pieres, que en el 5º chukker había mostrado su bronca en un insulto al aire sobre las tablas mientras cambiaba caballo, se accercó a Cambiaso y lo felicitó. “Jugaste un impressive party”, le dijo un crack al crack eterno, el de los 46 años y 17 Palermos ganados. Adolfito, serio, le deseó una pronta recuperación al hermano menor de Facundo, Nicolás, ausente este año tras el accidente sufrido en el Abierto de Hurlingham. And he repeated the message on TV, with an eloquent phrase: “Hello everyone”. A scene, in the middle of the canch, at the height of the greats. A notable actuation. A cavalier loser. A winner with sensibility. Gestures that you have more than a rival.

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Precisely Nico Pieres is located in the United States. Aquel 23 octubre, mientras jugaba contra La Dolfina Brava por la segunda fecha del Abierto de Hurlingham, Ellerstina se llevó un gran susto por el golpe sufrido en el segundo chukker por Nicolás. Rodó primero la yegua de un rival (Rodrigo Ribeiro de Andrade) y detrás, la del back de la Z, que cayó de frente contra el piso, en el predio de la AAP, en Pilar. After a night of observation, he led the high school and led the way, implementing medical consultations, accompanying the period of recommendation and the responsibility for political activity.

Nicolás Pieres, de Ellerstina, in search of a solution
Nicolás Pieres, de Ellerstina, in search of a solutionEllerstina

Treinta y siete dias después, Nico Pieres viajó a los Estados Unidos y evaluate a surgical intervention. It’s good health, but it’s a problem in the balls that can be sung. They are very beautiful in their life. The motive? The conductor in which he is a great midwife is more than normal, and he can play in the head or the whole repercussion of him, especially in the movement of his extremities, which is a perfect person. You have prejudiced goals that make you feel inactive for a while.

With 30 years, Nicolás, 10 of handicap and German menus of Facundo and Gonzalito, a search for a solution that continues to continue to be normal in a political career. It is a topic of constant conversation. Other notable player, champion of Palermo in 2012, who was released in 2020 at high altitude, consolidated in a position that is not his day, and that he knows that he has a lot to do with his career. That’s what everyone thinks. It is a general feeling for all good women.

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Just the year in which the Palermo Abbey lived in an atypical situation, as if to have a chance to go to the Pilar district to visit the cathedrals of the Cathedral, the final one, the tower and the emotions conform to a combo of a cinematic character. In the end, there is more prosperity than any forecast. With apparitions of young people who were surprised very much (Rufino Bensadón, Felipe Dabas, Bautista Bayugar, this is the most famous song, but released in recent years). And a special note for the guys who terminate the middle game of the 5th team, La Dolfina Brava, que tuvo a maltraer a dos de los cuatro candidatos al título en su zona. A La Natividad, hasta el 6º chukker. A RS Murus Sanctus, hasta llevarlo al supplementario.

Poroto Cambiaso y Tomás Panelo, dos figuras de La Dolfina Brava que dieron que hablar
Poroto Cambiaso y Tomás Panelo, dos figuras de La Dolfina Brava que dieron que hablarFabian Marelli – THE NATION

Poroto Cambiaso hace rato que viene levantando vuelo, a pesar de que acaba de cumplir 16. Era mirado de reojo. “It’s inflated”, “Play with the father but we don’t think you can play the old handicap”, “The very bad thing happened”. Phrases that solían escucharse hasta hace un par de meses nomás. The jury spoke on the couch. Sample su superación. Le tocó bancársela como 3. ¿Cometió errores? Come on in, take a look! But in the years, love and love, great experience, great experience and take care of your project: play with the father in what will be the purpose of your mentor (and with your advice: see the decisions to end the year). En el electrizante partido con RS Murus Sanctus lo hizo gritar varios goles a Adolfito. 100% Justified.

The other is Tomás Panelo. His 6 goals are as if they were “missing” with the two figures. With 21 years off in Inglaterra, with Polito Pieres, the Queen’s Cup and the final of the British Open. The best substitute that could be made elegant and a team for Palermo for scandal. Maduro, attentive to the canoe, resolute as you dream of the Triple Crown encyclopedia. El mayor hallazgo de 2021, sin dudas. And that’s a big surprise.

Castagnola jet in action
Castagnola jet in actionTHE NATION / Fabian Marelli

Palermo is so distinct that it has become known for its declarations. The cabins to the chicos and lanzados and los archicampeones. Con 19, Jeta Castagnola, a lot of old-fashioned hot peppers with a lot of personalities, as well as “La Natividad abrió los ojos” a partir de la derrota con Chapaleufú. “We can’t see if we can concentrate and lose.” A bathroom with a shower with a high guard. A song from the father of the father, Lolo Castagnola, that the turnips with carp paint paid a phrase: “Si te la creés, perdiste”.

Good hours, asoma Pablo Mac Donough, 11 times champion of Palermo and winner of four times of the Triple Crown. RS Murus Sanctus said that he had a lot of hard work and no bad results: “The only positive thing is that it is good. We recount the activities in the final. Con todas las cosas que vienen pasando en Palermo, te empieza a asustar. We are not hit to win. We have all the best. We have an important role in dominating (with La Natividad) and we are not playing well, we are desperate for freedom ”.

And yes, Palermo is so different that it is possible to talk about new teams in 2022 much more than to celebrate the tournament in 2021. A great year. Policies and emotions. Disabled from point to point.

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