Argentino Abierto de polo. A palermo de locos: by which to lose the candidates and the revolution of the poor men

One day in a place of indistinct. The most intriguing aflora houses with nature. “M Siempre juegan los mismos la final? ¿Don’t you want the public to see you in polo? ”.

La pregunta suele provenir de gente que no está consustanciada con este deporte, pero también de aquellos que saben perfectamente quién es Adolfo Cambiaso the women who are German Pieres. I don’t want to ask since 2005 La Dolfina and Ellerstina han acaparado las finales más importantes de la Triple Corona y del Abierto de Palermo, el torneo que desvela a todo polista, el que le cambia las sensaciones. The change of the year. And this is a question of questioning. It’s not bad, for sure.

La Ensenada, winner of the CASE Cup and his great triumph over La Dolfina: Del Carril, Zubía, Bigatti and Britos compare the podium with Marcus Cheistwer (President of CNH Industrial Argentina), Sergio Vera (Commercial Director of CASE IH Argentina) and Marcelo Anciaume (Gerente Comercial de CASE IH Argentina)

When the fines of 2020, during the 8th Argentine Championship followed in the open and at 9 ° and 10 years ago, the formation was formed by the excellence of La Dolfina (Cambiaso-Stirling-Mac Donough-Nero), one of the best teams of all los tiempos, se abrió el mapa del alto handicap y se empezó a paladear la temporada 2021. No solo para los seguidores del deporte: también puertas adentro. Vislumbrando cuatro candidatos (los dos de siempre, más RS Murus Sanctus y La Natividad). But the hope of an imaginary event was that Palermo resulted in a mutant, impregnable, tan loco de alguna manera. If you miss the polo in the last decades to be precise: imprevisibility. It is logical, because of the simple reason that the horse is 80 years old and that it is different that it has the highest quality and the best number of people in front of a strong opponent, the least important. In a field of polo, 275 meters long from 146 years ago, but close to the poles of the arena of “on the couch we are four against four and all we have feathers and brazos”. The theme of dogs. Dime que cantidad i calidad tienes y te diré hasta dónde podrás llegar. Salvo as a conjunct tenga a day black, claro. How sporadically can I succeed.

Festejan Juano Britos, Juan Martín Zubía, Jero del Carril and Alfredo Bigatti: La Ensenada provoked a tremendous impact in Palermo
Festejan Juano Britos, Juan Martín Zubía, Jero del Carril and Alfredo Bigatti: La Ensenada provoked a tremendous impact in PalermoSergio Llamera

It was different that the candidates, who are the best organization, were surprised by my other ostentatious, more enthusiastic and willing to push. During the decades, the most experienced players were able to explain the value of playing in the high handicap with the best examples of only receiving receivables, goleadas and alguna in a discredited manner. “It simply came to our notice then. Eso y sumar caballos ”, explicaban. You have a basic base of sports in high competence. And the balance of quality depends not only on the conditions and organization: also on the opportunities to play in better teams. For this, let’s show (and shine). I believe that he is here, everyone is alive. Y advutten se advierten para no bajar la guardia.

Juan Martín Zubía se le va a Adolfo Cambiaso: a jornada mágica para el 3 de La Ensenada y yerno del crack
Juan Martín Zubía se le va a Adolfo Cambiaso: a jornada mágica para el 3 de La Ensenada y yerno del crackSergio Llamera

That this is a match in Palermo 2021, which is literally a lot, it is like taking Formula 1 to meet the goals of Lewis Hamilton, with Mercedes, who won 6 of his 7 World Cups, and Max Verstappen, with its impressive Red Bull, is super-friendly with different circuit strengths. Is it possible? Relatively. But when it comes to success.

The Victory of Chapaleuf on La Natividad, hace una semana, fue el primer bombazo de Palermo, la señal de que esta temporada no hay margen para cuidar caballos o jugar a media maquina en determinados cruces: enfrente habrá un rival dispuesto a escribir “su gran historia”. This Saturday is the second cotton. La Dolfina is not guarded by the difference of La Natividad, you have a rival without debutants and you know your potential. You are chicos, three of them (Britos-Zubía-Del Carril), hubieran seguido juntos desde aquella fresca irrupción in 2018 and creciendo en organization, lo sucedió ayer quizá habría llegado antes. Jugaron el partido de su vida! The son of a bitch. And that’s what a Venetian can do to a cote (with Fish Creek Alegría) that he loves to live in animosity, also for the surprise of the derrota. I don’t know you. Enorme merito tuvo la reacción del grupo, que cuenta en los palenques con la sabiduría de otro de los hermanos Heguy que reparten enseñanzas en la funcion de coach: Nachi, el recordado batallador de Chapaleufú II.

La euphoria de los chicos de Chapaleufú: dieron el primer golpe en Palermo 2021 ante La Natividad
La euphoria de los chicos de Chapaleufú: dieron el primer golpe en Palermo 2021 ante La NatividadLA NACION / Sergio Llamera

La Dolfina pudo quedar casi fuera de la final ayer mismo, pero Adolfo Cambiaso evitó el 13-10 de manera increíble cuando faltaban dos minutos del último chukker, estirándose en el instante en que el ataque de su yerno Juan Martín Zubía tenía destino de gol. This difference of three (more) supports the term with its illusions. You can give it a go, even if you want to give a round rotation in your return. Rotunda.

Because it is inside the high handicap also. The Dolphin has a processor. They have numbers that are clear: there are 38 handicap goals. They have history, from there. Seeing Adolfo Cambiaso, who with 46 years can have more of the best, but I never lost the glory of gloria and I was alone in my ability to live. But La Dolfina did not find the function of imagining his individualities. I remember the memory and the story to find the new libretto. This is not easy: many teams with good numbers of propios naufragaron en el intento por no lograr el assemblamento deseado. Enjoy a change in the city, something that you don’t have to try to experiment in other times, between other things you have a natural back, which is also extraordinary (Nero). Y ahora está contra la espada y la pared. I can’t go back. A situation like the one that lives a year ago with the death of Murus Sanctus and the main resolution with a front chair at La Natividad. But I don’t have that team, which I click on the next part of the memory game. This version of La Dolfina is located in the style of a convent. And the only thing that matters is the balance. Vaya desafío! One more.

Hilario Ulloa defends the boch ante Alegría Fish Creek: Ellerstina ganó sus dos partidos
Hilario Ulloa defends the boch ante Alegría Fish Creek: Ellerstina ganó sus dos partidosSergio Llamera – LA NACION

En verenda de enfrente, casi todas son sonrisas. Ellerstina March Company, luego de dos victoria holgadas, sin mosquearse. But he knows how to solve the problem Nicolás Pieres now that you will win the two games of the best of the zone, you will be able to define yourself in the final year. La Ensenada envalentonado y La Dolfina urgido para no despedirse antes de timpo son dos tests en los que en los que deberá dar la talla. A sale is as follows: you know that you can’t trust a party to avoid the risk of being transformed into another candidate for the sake of impregnability.

The other great thing that March is a problem is the new one RS Murus Sanctus, con dos aplastantes victorias sobre Alegría y Chapaleufú. Al igual que Ellerstina, sin el equipo completo por la baja de Facundo Sola. It also resolves its compromises without problems. Se vienen las probebas más duras, por cierto, con La Natividad y La Dolfina Brava, pero por lo pronto, luego de lesiones y algunos tropiezos en los torneos previos, empieza a sampler una mejor fisonomía. They have experience, organization and illusions. I know what happens. It is expected that we will be able to get more out of it, but we will be able to do it, but the adaptation is sensible.

Do you like Palermo in the country? Impossible that: they have a place that is called “where it comes from”, said the country. Una sana locura entrega chapitulos memorables, chicos que se suman al listado de nuevas joyas del polo argentino, como Rufino Bensadón y Felipe Dabas. Hasta se permite rarezas, como tener que jugar partidos en Pilar porque las canchas de Palermo no soportan el travín de partidos. Y una particularidad silenciosa, también sana: después de mucho tiempo no se habla de los referís. Something good going on.

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