Andy Polo: pese a denuncias, Universitario ficha a jugador que la MLS expulsó por violencia contra la madre de sus hijos

Andy Polo turned to the creme clothes on the outskirts of Portland Timbers.

Andy Polo take a look at the news in Peru. The last thing you can do in the port of the media is to aggravate the aggression on the part of the mother of his children. This is confirmed by the fact that it is part of the village University of Sports y esto ha generado opiniones negativas en contra del club ‘merengue “.

Everyone commented on the Andy Polo show, listening to the views of Magaly TV La Firme to denounce aggression. “He wanted to quit the cellar. I don’t care what his hips are here, I eat the cable, I pull the piss, everything goes from my hips ”account Genesis Alarcón.

After that, so much as Major League Soccer like your club, Portland Timbers tomó medidas drasticas en el caso. The 27-year-old footballer has been betting on the league and decided against the ‘green’ goal.

“With the immediate effect, Polo have been suspended from the league and separated from all team activities. La MLS is realizing an investment about the content and is constantly communicating with the Timbers and the Association of Juvenile Defenders of the MLS in the process ”, can be read in the communication emitted by the day of the accusations.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Andy Polo also announced the median of his social networks at the moment. “Speaking is communicated, I want to celebrate the club and all the people involved in this topic. Every time you communicate in communication, you have to try to save, you are now a public sermon at the national level, and I have no idea and no money to create more morbid about the topic and not to talk about my personal life.”.

For other people, I think so “I would like to know that this process is all about the legal life and I wish you well in the evening that I do not want to comment with respect for the mother of my mother-in-law. in a canal of spectacles for the respect that is guarded by women and mainly by the mother of my children ”.


At the end of the year of the book, Universitario se en en necesidad de ver el mercado tras la lesion de Luis Urruti. The uruguayo suffocated a ligament rotation in the uterus in the anterior part Deportivo Municipal and shit on your next month.

Tras ello, surgió el nombre de Andy Polo, que se encontraba sin club y tiene una identifikación con el quadro ‘crema’. To take care of, Álvaro Gutiérrez dio el visto bueno para sumar al extremo a la plantilla y afrontar la League 1 2022.

Separate information RPP News on digital platform, the player has accepted the offer of the club. “It’s the University of Andy Polo. El club le hizo llegar propuesta y hace minutos el delantero aceptó los termini ”señaló el citado medio.

Assimism, Gustavo Peralta, periodical of ESPN Peru, knows more details. “Andy Polo accepted the conditions of the University. The ‘cream’ frame, which should continue with the fictional process, should be formalized in all documents and when it comes to selling in Lima the national extreme ”.

This form, the integral part of the selection of Peruvian regression in Ate después de su paso por el mezzano mexicano y estadounidense. In the last time with the ‘merengue’ line, it was in 33 parts and even four goals.


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